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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Fitness First Diary: January 3

Well, after that long Christmas and New Years holiday, I decided today to jumpstart my fitness program again, this time returning to, what I think, was my successful program from the last quarter of last year. My Monday schedule was brutal, and still is, starting off with Body Jam, then Body Combat, then rounding it off with Body Balance.  Today was a bit difficult since my body was not really in tip top shape but I plodded on, and I still gave more with every move in the exercises.  Interestingly, after that grueling 3 hour exercise, I did not find my body to be too sore!  Oh well, I think my body has already adjusted a bit.  However, tomorrow, I won't be doing a three-set exercise again.  I'll just do weights.

Now, let's see how I can fix my diet so I can finally find some results. I weighed in today at 203 lbs.  My goal is to bring it down to 201 pounds next week.  Let's see, if my diet cooperates!

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