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Monday, January 24, 2011

No Dates These Past Two Weeks!

I checked the calendar today and I found out it was already January 24!  Well, nothing alarming with that, it's just that, I haven't really gone out on a date these past few weeks, since the New Year!  Ever since I became single last year, I did try to develop a healthy attitude towards meeting new guys and it was fun for a time (ok, through most of the second half of 2010!), but suddenly this year, I am now starting to coccoon again, which really is not good!  I have been trying to self-analyze this bizzare behavior of mine and these are the reasons I came out with -

1.  I am tired (of the scene maybe).  I think all that partying last Christmas and smooching and flirting and humping really made me exhausted.  The truth is, twentysomething guys can really exhaust you physically!  In a good way of course!  Or maybe I just want a change of scene.  Or maybe I need someone who can talk like me and whose needs are like mine.

2.  I'm having my period! Yeah, like a woman!  There's just no one out there that currently interests me, I'm like facing a brick wall!  Ok, yes, there's two guys but they're both straight and unless I give them Ativan, we will just remain friends, and you know what a drag it is to be just friends.  "Marami na akong friends!"

3.  I am worried about something.  Partly true.  I've known all along that my libido matches my ability to make money.  I am a stockbroker, a money man, a man who loves money, a man who kneels both at the altar of God and the almighty dollar, and when that thing starts to trickle, all libido flies out the window.  Oh well, I hope not for long.  It's not like I'm going to be destitute but to someone used to the good life, there is nothing else!

Oh well, I hope this doesn't stay this way for the next four weeks, otherwise, I may have to slap myself silly and say to myself, "Snap out of it."  Also, it's going to be my birthday soon so I don't want to feel too frigid on that day, or cold!

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