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Friday, December 27, 2013

My Favorite TV Channels for 2013

I can't believe that this is the last week of 2013 already!  Imagine that!  52 weeks have already passed us by! Anyhow, here are my ten favorite TV channels for 2013 -

#1 HBO - 311 pts 

#2 CI - 269 pts 

#3 Bio - 222 pts 

#4 AXN - 216 pts 

#5 beTV - 175 pts
#6 TV5 Monde - 158 pts 

#7 Nat Geo -116 pts

#8 Star Sports - 107 pts 

#9 Diva Universal - 100 pts 

#10 GMA-7 - 92 pts 

Cinema One - 73 pts 

History - 69 pts 

Jack City - 59 pts 

PBO - 55 pts

Diva - 43 pts 

TLC - 33 pts.

ABS-CBN - 27 pts

MTV Asia - 27 pts 

Star World - 26 pts 

ETC - 23 pts 

BBC -23 pts 

Solar Sports - 22 pts 

Red - 20 pts 

Discovery - 17 pts

Fox Channel - 16 pts 
Solar News Channel - 15 pts 

Fox Family Movies - 13 pts  

TCM - 12 pts 

Studio 23 - 10 pts 

Jack TV - 10 pts 

Velvet - 10 pts 

GMA News TV - 10 pts 

2nd Avenue - 8 pts 

Universal - 8 pts

Animal Planet - 8 pts 

Balls - 7 pts    

CNN - 6 pts 

TV Espanol - 3 pts 

CNBC - 2 pts
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I Killed My BFF Episode My Most Favorite TV Show of the Week

An intriguing episode of I Killed My BFF about a deaf mute from Guam who ends up killing two of his fellow deaf mute classmates in a Washington DC college for deaf mutes, is my most favorite TV show for the week.

This is the last week of my TV ratings this year.

Here are my ten favorite shows for the week ending December 27, 2013. 

#1 CI - I Killed My BFF - deaf mutes murdered

#2 CI - Killer Kids - Mattie 8 years old

#3 CI - Evil Twins - Tim and Tod

#4 Solar News Channel - Future Earth

#5 Diva Universal - The Good Wife  - gay men hate crime

#6 TV5Monde - Grand Patissier

#7 Bio - Monsieur Dior

#8 Diva Universal - Law and Order SVU - escort girl dead

#9  Cinema One - Pulis, Pulis sa Ilalim ng Tulay

#10  CI - Crusader for Death - Breivik

Uber-Delicious Bubblegum Ice Cream

I am now a big fan of bubblegum ice cream!  It's just sooooo delicious!

Jessica Szohr: Dusky Beauty in 'Piranha'

Jessica Szohr was the dusky beauty who was the love interest of Steven R McQueen's character in the horror flick, Piranha.  I learned later on she appears also in Gossip Girl, a show I've heard a lot from but not really seen.  She looks a bit mature though in her pictures right now, not quite the innocent ingenue she looked in the movie. 

The Delectable Food in Vikings

There is no set course meal in Vikings North EDSA but these following pictures show my choices of food today as I feasted on their delicious buffet!  Fantastic meal especially the bubblegum ice cream!

Henry Cavill: Continues Hot Streak in 'The Cold Light of Day'

Henry Cavill can be found everywhere nowadays.  I just saw him a few months ago gorgeously photographed in The Immortals.  Yesterday, I saw him in The Cold Light of Day, trying to solve the puzzling kidnapping of his family, while they were on holiday in Spain.  He's still as hot as ever even in this tepid spy movie.  Thank God the director asked him to be shirtless in some scenes.  Definitely a sight for sore eyes!

Matthew Terry: CK Hottie

My friend Wil is in Seoul today attending the CK Underwear fashion show and after party.  How cool is that!!  He said CK's current underwear model, Matthew Terry was one of the models he worked with.  Lucky devil!  He looks hot but not quite my type.

Zhang Zilin: China's Miss World Beauty

Zhang Zilin was one of the models my friend Wil worked with tonight in the CK party and fashion show in Seoul.  She's not popular in the Philippines, well, most Miss World winners aren't.  However, she's quite a stunner and that she's working as a model for top brands like Giorgio Armani, is not surprising at all.

Veronica Echegui: Spanish Beauty in 'The Cold Light of Day'

Veronica Echegui only appears in the middle of the movie The Cold Light of Day.  She plays a pivotal role which changes the complexities of the movie. She does some heroic things though and with it, some stunts like jumping off buildings and racing in cars, which is pretty cool!

Michael Shanks: The Hunky 'Pastor's Wife'

I was channel surfing today and I chanced upon this movie in Diva Universal, The Pastor's Wife.  It's a story about spousal abuse which led to the pastor's wife, shooting the pastor!  And that hunky pastor was played by Michael Shanks!  I couldn't find any shirtless pics of him though, pity, pity, pity - but he did have a shirtless scene in the movie and yum yum he was!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Brent Van Zant: Steamy Underwear Model

It's hard not to feel hot and horny when you look at these pictures of Brent Van Zant.  He's a popular underwear model who has appeared in different publications like Men's Health and DNA. 
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Movie Review: Kimmy Dora Prequel Long and Convoluted

I think the people behind Kimmy Dora decided to suit the latest Kimmy Dora Prequel to suit the audiences that usually troop to MMFF movies - please the people with IQs of the least common denominator.  To think that it was a full house audience in Trinoma where I watched yet the laughs were few and far between unlike the earlier Kimmy Dora's which were really full laugh trips, especially the first one.  Also, this one is a bit long and convoluted at more than 2 hours!  

Anyway, if you want just dull fun for a boring afternoon, this movie can still make you laugh a bit, but it's now just a shade of the original version.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

JC de Vera is Back!

It's great to see JC de Vera back in circulation once again, at least among the hot guys of local showbiz.  He's my gym mate and I've seen him up close in the sauna and he has a really nice body!  Sana sunod-sunod na ito kasi he's not getting younger anymore.....

Dance With Me Robin Windsor

Robin Windsor is definitely hot, hot, hot!  I wouldn't mind dancing with him all night!

Too Much Information Boy Alex Reid

If you troll around with Alex Reid, you might get shocked with what you read about what he had done before in his life!  Sometimes, less talk is much better! Right, Alex?

Jake Quickenden: Another Hot X Factor

Jake Quickenden of the X-Factor definitely has the x-factor, don't you think?  He's really hot, hot, hot!

Markki Stroem Picture of the Day

I just love Markki Stroem!  Here he is today with Carla Humphries during the MMFF parade.  He has such a bright smile, don't you think?

Brent Corrigan After Shower