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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rediscovering How Hot Rob James-Collier Is of Downton Abbey!

I stopped watching Downton Abbey not because the I didn't like the show. It's just that it was one of the things that I and my ex enjoyed watching together, so that after the first season, I just had to tune out of the show just to be able to move on.

In fact, he gave me the complete first season of the show and it was one of the TV shows we watched together while eating chips on his bed.

Anyway, last night, I was going through one of my bauls, and found the DVD he gave me of the first season, along with the next three seasons of the show!

I decided to play the first season and it was love at first sight once again! I forgot how gwapo Rob James Collier is!! And how acerbic Maggie Smith was! Oh god, the many lines we'd share with each other showing how b****y Maggie's character was! Wonderful memories!

Oh well, I will slowly watch the first season again along with the next three seasons, and hopefully, find a copy of the 5th and 6th season.

I wish Holy Week na para matapos ko lahat ng seasons!

Chinese Film Festival at the Shangri-la Mall

To all my cineaste friends here in Facebook, the Chinese Film Festival will open today at the Shangri-la Mall.
They have included some comedies so sana maka-timing man lang ako, kahit isa.
Admission is free!

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Painting With Such Attention to Details

While eating at this resto at the BBC, Mama and I noticed this beautiful painting on the wall behind our backs.
The attention to details is amazing!
The painter meticulously used the paint and carved them to look like grains, leaves or as golden ornaments for the lady in the background.

The Best Spanish Sardines in My Cookbook!

Well, I can't cook but I have been searching for the perfect Spanish sardines that could recreate the flavor that I got when I eat their Spaghetti a la Romana in Cibo - one reason why Iove eating there.
Mama and I think we have found the right one!
This one matches the spiciness of the one in Cibo. And it's really delicious! We discovered this in another local restaurant.
However, it's almost always out of stock!
I think many other people discovered the secret way ahead of us!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Book Review: In the Company of Cheerful Ladies

I've been shying away from reading heavy stuff for now because I don't want to add stress to my already stressful existence by reading something very serious or heavy. In times like this, one of my go-to authors has been Alexander McCall Smith.

This Zimbabwe-born Scottish author has created a female detective protagonist that would make Africans proud. He has written a set of novels, all set in Botswana, all about the adventures of Mma Precious Ramotswe, a traditionally built African woman who solves detective cases for her clients in Gaborone.

Because of this series of novels, Botswana is one of the countries I would love to visit in the future. I think it's one of the more stable African countries economically and politically. It does not boast of any impressive natural structures but just verifying things that have been written about the country would be adventure enough for me.

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, Precious finally gets to put a dot into her tempestuous relationship with her very first lover, the wife-beater Note Mokoti. Her assistant, Mma Makutsi, finally finds a husband as well.

A lot of wonderful and crazy things also happen in the story, all reflecting the unique way of life in Gaborone, Botswana - like tracking a van through a desert, or finding out that there are illegal drinking places there as well, and that ballroom dancing is a popular way to meet your next mate!

And that like anywhere in the world, there is prejudice against people who are not locals, like South Africans or Zambians or even the native peoples of the Kalahari Desert!

I have been drawn to reading his books, especially those that are set in Botswana, because the life depicted there is so organic and so different from the urban haze and maelstrom that is Metro Manila.

Yes, I can feel the extreme heat that the book describes, and I'm a bit wary of encountering wild animals like leopards and poisonous snakes. But it's one of those rare novels that feature a place that is not commonly featured by other authors. Only someone who actually grew up there or have lived there, will have the confidence to write about the place and its people and all their unique nuances.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lemuel Pelayo: Discovered This Guy in A Local TV Show

I don't watch local TV much but once in a while I chance upon a program which has an interesting story.  The main actor in this show was Lemuel Pelayo.  He's so cute and hot noh! It's the first time I saw him in a TV show.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Freestyle Dancers who Dance from the Heart!

These guys and gals are pretty freakin' great dancers! They were doing the best freestyle I've seen in any dance club I have been anywhere in the world.
Talagang, they totally lose themselves in the music!  Wish I had their heart when I do freestyle for my G-Force classes!

Cool to Meet Up with Andre Paras

Andre's Dad used to by my 'classmate' in CMT (Citizen's Military Training) in UP a very long time ago.
I think his Dad was a junior already and I was still a freshman and I guess his Dad did not do his CMT in his first 2 years (which was the norm then), since why would he be with us?
Andre though was pretty charming and talkative. It just happened that one of the people in the group I was dancing with knew him well and he joined us.
We were dancing kasi in the center of the dance floor really down there, so it was not hard to miss us.

Tel Aviv Party Weekend #2 at the Revel at the Palace

First time at Revel. Ultra hip crowd. Intimate ambiance. Great music. Friendly people.

Tel Aviv Party Weekend #1 at the Palace Pool Club

I love Israel. Israelis in the house. Love the laidback atmosphere. Love the idea of wearing shorts to a pool party.

Attending A Star Wars Themed Children's Party

Naki-Star Wars na rin ang lola mo! I'm sure this won't be the last Star-Wars themed children's party I'll be attending this year.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Cute Boys at the Palace Pool Club

There were a lot of cute boys in the party last night! Some of them were pretty friendly and didn't mind having a wefie!
It was easier to approach the white bekis though because I've had so much practice with them. It also helped that they had such interesting jobs and lives!
As for the cute hetero Pinoys, I could really use a pretty, sexy girl na madiskarte, as a wing girl, next time! Di ba Charina Pinez Errea?
With others, I just had to content myself with stolen shots.

The Fun Pretty Girls at The Palace Pool Club

Whenever I party and wherever it may be in the world, it's always the girls who come to me. It's either I look like a fag hag or I look harmless.
Sayang, andami pa namang cute boys around.
Anyhow, these girls were pretty fun to have around though. I even had to wear the "I love Israel shirt" for solidarity and for the photo op!