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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Sign the Pre-Nup!

I'm watching a local movie right now and one of the main characters in the movie asks her boyfriend to sign the prenup agreement that her parents have come up with.  The boyfriend freaks out and breaks up with her - and she calls off the wedding!  This movie was set in the early 90s so I understand the dramatic reaction.  However, nowadays, I don't think this should be an issue.  The truth is, people just do this to protect themselves.  No one can really be sure nowadays.  What's important is both of you are earning enough to support all your caprichos.  And if you really love each other, the prenup should be no big deal.  Your ego should be able to handle that. Wag na ipairal ang pride.

Boy Abunda: 2013 Ladlad Party List Congressional Candidate?

I don't know why it took so long for the people behind Ladlad to think of this?  Boy Abunda is probably the most high profile and openly gay personality in the Philippines today, and for him to represent the local gay community in the Congress would be a very good idea!  At least with him, you're sure that he could bring to the fore, issues that affect the marginalized gay community here in the Philippines.

This Week I Will.....

I have been spending needlessly again these past few weeks, which really irritates me.  So anyhow, this coming week, this are some of the things I want to do.

1.  My CDS to listen to and DVDs to watch are piling up again!  So I should stop buying CDs for a while till I listen to all of them or write about them.  So no CDs or DVDs till I watch everything that I have bought!!  Ditto for books!  I bought another batch last weekend, now they're piling once again!  Whew!! Bad, bad habits are so hard to break!

2.  I have been buying foreign brands again for my toiletries!  I should revert back to buying local products, especially for soap, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.  Support local industries everytime you buy something.

3.  Even for eating out, I have always gone to KFC so I should instead go to a local fastfood or go to the fast food court area and patronize local restos.

4.  Concentrate more on goals especially when making schedules.  Prioritize Ivy League assignments first, then library clients, then blogs, then Spanish, then French, then book, then leisure reading.  Don't prioritize movie watching.  You can always catch them on cable later. 

5.  I plan to go to the dentist this week to have my jacket done on my tooth.  That would cost me 10K but it's tough to have a sore tooth!

6.  Prioritize French Open this week.  Listen to XLR8 CD to prepare for their show on Thursday. 

7.  I plan to add swimming to my weekly fitness repertoire this week.  I have to keep my body guessing.

Well, it's a long list this week, I hope I can follow them to the letter.

Mi Diario en Español - el 28 de Mayo

Ahora que hemos comenzado estudiar los verbos pretérito, puedo ahora los usar en mi diario! Hurra!  Entonces, los voy a usar a narrar que me pasé hoy.

Me desperté a las once y oí misa a mediodia, entonces, fui a Robinson's Galleria para ver dos peliculas alternativo, Tubero y M2M Eyeball.  Tubero fue mejor que M2M.  El actor papel principal fue de macho y tuvo del rostro cuerpo!  En M2M, la mayoria de ellos fueron feo - y la iluminación fue muy malo no puede ver el acto!  

Despues eso, vi a FF ABS-CBN para hacer ejercicio y ver el French Open a la tele.  Azarenka, Vinci, Chan y Sharapova jugaron.

Me quedé a casa esta noche a ver mas partidos de tenis. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

I've Forgotten How Much Fun a Teacher with a Doctorate Can Be!

Well, in UP, most of the teachers you'll have in your major subjects will most likely have a doctorate, so I was lucky to have some teachers who had achieved that distinguished degree.  I am saying this because our Spanish teacher now has a doctorate also in Spanish, and the way he explains things is so crystal clear - it's amazing!  More than that, he includes historical and cultural references to the lesson, it's easy to appreciate it and not get bogged down by the incessant conjugating one has to do when learning a language!  I remember one of my Math teachers in UP and she also had a doctorate degree and her explanations are crystal clear, like my teacher now.  What I mean is they can explain difficult things in a simple way and can clearly delineate concepts which seem to overlap into one another.  Well, I will enjoy this experience as much as I can and learn as much from this teacher.

Conjugo Los Verbos Pretérito

Finalmente, hemos comenzado conjugar los verbos pretérito hoy!  He sido esperar para este desde qué quiero lo usar en mi diario.  No es facil porque tenemos que memorizar los tipos de los verbos.  Entonces es muy importante que practico todos los dias para una hora. 
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Movie Review of Taksi Cab: Another Gay Point of View from a Taksi Cab Driver

Well, the expected poverty scenes are there.  I guess that's what First World viewers want to see so they're there so that the film will be watched in international festivals.  Incidentally, the movie has English subtitles.  But to Filipinos like me who know so well firsthand that the scenes in the movie actually happen in real life, there is not much interest.  Why pay 160 pesos to watch something that I could just watch for free?

Anyhow, there are some eye candy in this movie but I have to check on their names since most are new to me.  The sex scenes though are not well executed so don't expect to be tittilated too much.

However, this is still the best gay indie movie I've seen this year. At least here, I cared for some of the characters, even for just a little bit. 

Qué He Hecho Este Fin De Semana

Note to reader: I am using either preterito perfecto or the present tense here.  We have not yet discussed the past tense so pardon the melange in tense.

Este fin de semana, he visto la pelicula Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides con mi amiga Rica.  La pelicula es bien.  Me gusta particularmente las sirenas en esta pelicula porque ellas parecen bellas pero fieras!

Comemos en Five Cows donde presento Rica a sus Asian salad.  Piensa es delicioso tambien.  Le gusta!

Sabado, mi amiga Nelly enseña la clase Body Jam.  Despues, hablamos un rato.  Voy a Robinson's Galleria para ver la pelicula Taksi Cab.  Tambien escribo un capitulo por mi libro y estudio un poquito espanol y leo un poquito frances.

Hoy, asisto la misa con Mama y Laura.  Despues vamos a Trinoma.  Laura y Dylan juegan en el patio de recreo.  Vic, Mama y yo dar un paseo.  Vic compra un zapatos único. Me gusta la ropa en Mundo, una tienda dentro de Crossings.

Hoy es el dia primero de French Open.  Quiero ver muchos partidos de tenis en la proximo dos semanas.

Friday, May 20, 2011

'Capote' the movie, inspires me to write once again

I watched the movie 'Capote' again today and I could not help but be inspired again to continue on the book I was writing on.  Of course, Truman Capote's talents as a writer are way more superior than mine but how he does his research for his book 'In Cold Blood', in this movie, is pretty riveting to watch.  How he seduces and makes those criminals feel like they were his friends is fascinating to watch since you see a guy who would do anything to get the story that he wants.  Part deceit and betrayal but really, Truman was just serving the people who deserved to know what really happened that dreadful night.  So now, I go back to my laptop and type some more.

Urian 2011 Best Supporting Actor: Joem Bascon

Joem Bascon won the Urian 2011 Best Supporting Actor award for the movie Noy.  I actually haven't seen the movie though.  Anyhow, the sexy and goodlooking actor gamely posed for photos during the awards show.  It was easy to approach him and ask for the requisite photo.  This award should boost the stock of Joem, who in my opinion, is one of the more hunk looking actors in his generation.  I do hope he gets more meaty roles in the future, since like Sid, he certainly has the talent for it.
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Urian Best Actor 2011: Sid Lucero

It was great to see Sid Lucero win the Urian 2011 Best Actor Award tonight because I actually saw the movie which he won for - Muli.  I was actually jealous of him because he had love scenes with Cogie Domingo and Arnold Reyes!  And I think the win was well-deserved.  It was actually a very understated performance but also very vulnerable and thankfully, did not fit into the gay stereotypes which a lesser actor would've done to the role.  Congratulations Sid!

Well, it was easy to ask for a photo op with him.  He's very nice and approachable.  This was actually one of my favorite photos of that night.
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This Week I Will: Getting My Daily Dose of God

I don't really call myself religious but one of the things I decided on doing after Holy Week was to attend mass again everyday.  Because I can actually do it.  I have arranged my life in such a way that I can do the things I want to do and still work at the same time.  One of the realizations I learned during the Holy Week was that I love God and one way I can do that is to spend time with Him, even for at least one hour a day.  And so the day after Easter Sunday, I just did that!  And I haven't stopped ever since. 

I have even taken it to a higher level now.  I actually read the First Reading and the Gospel of the day already.  I actually bring a Bible to church now and read it along with the readers and the priest.  It gives me a better understanding of the readings of the day, instead of just being a passive listener. It actuall feels good to devote time to God everyday.  Allows me time to talk to Him and tell Him my concerns and of course, to praise Him and ask for forgiveness as well.

Another Bomb of a Car Chase in Fast and Furious 5

What's Fast and Furious without its trademark car chases!  Since it's a movie based on cars, it is not surprising to see several of the most harrowing and inventive car chases you've seen in any Hollywood movie.  You'd got to hand it to the director and the editor for keeping all these car chases interesting. 

In this installment of this movie franchise, the main characters are now in Rio de Janeiro, running away from the law of the US.  Even then, the US law enforcement officers are still hot on their heels, this time, the role of the lead law enforcement officer is played by The Rock, Dwayne Johnson - this time, he really looks like a hulk! 

Well, I love the car chases in this movie. Even those running scenes in the favela are nicely done, very tight, very interesting.  There's also so much firepower here although the violence is gratuitious and not really shocking.  As always, the bad guys are wiped out more easily than those fighting for the lead stars.

The final car scene though is a slam bang fest!  I think it's the first time I've seen a movie use this type of car chase.  I guess it's possible in real life since the writers should have studied that the idea should work in real life.  The good guys win here, quite easily, but the bad guys also make it hard for them.  You'll see in the movie how they challenging their job is.

Just sit back and enjoy this caper!  It's fun, it's fast and it's furious!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smooching at the 34th Gawad Urian Awards

Thanks to Hiphop and Body Jam dance mate, Jam Gutierrez, I was able to attend my first local movie awards ceremony - the 34th Gawad Urian Awards - and along with fellow gym mates, Irene, JP and JR - we all trekked to Marriott Hotel at Newport City last night to join in the fun!

Well, I don't have many photos from my own camera since the batteries ran out just into the second award! Dyahe! Good think Irene brought a niftier and nicer camera so we all had nice pics with all the winners and some of the Manunuris till after all the awards were given. Pa-tag ng pics ha!!

The Marriott Hotel here is actually just like the Marriott Hotels worldwide so nothing interesting there. What makes it interesting I guess is that there's a casino inside. Well, if you've seen the Macau casinos, it looks similar to the one here. I could even say that the mall and the hotel actually look like the Venetian - and you don't have to go to Macau anymore.

There weren't many A-list celebrities since 99% of the nominees were independent films. What's sad though is I haven't even seen 90% of those movies! These movies really need a good PR firm - something with the force of nature character of Harvey Weinstein! This guy has been championing independent movies in the US for years! We need someone like him so Filipinos will go out and watch these movies. Anyway, the truth is, most movies critics like, the general audience usually ignore. It's true here, it's true in the US.

As for celebrity comments, I was amazed at how fit Cesar Montano looked! He was my gym mate more than a decade ago and he even looks better now!! He's now my new role model - physique wise! He's actually older than me and to look like that at maybe 43 or 45, wow! That's how I want to look like! His cohost, Ai Ai de las Alas, was a lot of fun as a host! She's a natural comic! And like a good comedienne, she can come up with a funny line on cue - which really impressed me! Movie scenes can be rehearsed but to be funny in a live show! Now, that's a different story. I just wished Butch Francisco, the third co-host just shut his trap. He was trying to make jokes but they weren't funny and nobody was laughing. But when Ai-ai and Buboy jabbed with each other, the laughter just came naturally to the audience. That's why Butch, just leave the hosting to the pros. I guess that's why you hired them in the first place - because they can do a better job.

Interestingly, Coco Martin is like an ice king when you ask pictures from him or talk to him. Maybe he's not really smart or could converse well with people since he was so stiff or aloof. Baka he really needs a script to cue him on what to say to people. If someone says to you "Congratulations" ano turo ng kindergarten teacher, say "Thank you" and smile. Hay naku, wag ipakita ang walang breeding, please lang!! Unlike Sid Lucero, who was very playful and chatty and Joem Bascon, who was very cordial and receptive. Even the very busy Cherry Pie Picache gave a sweet smile kahit her son was just beside her. Oh well, some celebrities shouldn't give us that 'Justin Bieber-like' BS. We could as easily let them drop off our radars if we want to and tingnan natin saan sila pupulutin. Anyhow, the only celebrities I wanted a pic with and I didn't have one were Cogie Domingo who, I guess left after he lost in the Best Supporting Actor category, and Jodi Sta. Maria, who looked beautiful last night. Sayang, I should've just stood outside when the show was going on para I can make harang on those I like.

Well, the awards were paced fine so there really were no boring moments. The venue was very beautiful and Jam, you can say to your boss that everything was very well-organized! And thank the security for not being too strict, otherwise, wala tayong pics sa stage!!!

There was a minor mishap with two awards but nothing that a good TV editor couldn't splice here and there. Good thing the show wasn't live, otherwise, the people watching on TV would've seen the blooper. Naku, sa ibang blogger niyo na lang yan hanapin ang inside story nun. People make mistakes so it was no big deal for me. Hindi siya "Take it, take it" ha! Yun, malala talaga!!

Congratulations to all those films who won! Bravo sa mga Bisaya nga nanominate ug nakadaog!! Daghan kaayo mo gabii, you make me so proud!! Ipadayon ang paghimo ug mga sine nga Bisaya!

Finally, another funny inside story last night was one of the guys I went out years ago turned out to be the son of the producer of this award-winning movie!! We were eyeing each other last night but I was too shy to say hi since I forgot his name!! The world I move in amuses me sometimes because I remember when I met him, I didn't think of him as someone who had ties to the film industry. I don't think he even talked about it. So seeing him onstage tonight thanking people for the award his Dad got, was really funny. When he went up the stage, I said to myself "Kilala ko yun a - oh my God, he's the son of the producer!"

Yun lang. Till the next event!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Movie Review: Secrets and Crushes in 'Something Borrowed'

I watched this movie today with Mama and I enjoyed it a lot!  I thought it was just one of those run-of-the-mills rom coms but it's not!  There are characters here whom we can all relate to.  There was even a scene here where John Krasinski bares his heart out and tears fell down my face. That scene and another one where Ginnifer does the same thing.  Hmmmm........and they looked so vulnerable in those scenes, loved it!  It did help that Colin Egglesfield was shirtless from time to time. Made the viewing more horny-teresting! 

As for who ends with who, well, watch this movie and enjoy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stevie Nicks - "Secret Love" Official Music Video

OMG! Has it been ten years since your "Trouble in Shangri-la" album? How time flies! I love the new song Stevie - you are, as always a gem of a singer and a musician! I can't wait to download your new album. And I can't believe you're 63 already! You look great in the video - and your voice - as distinctive as ever! Thanks for all wonderful music through all these years! I fell in love with your music in I Can't Wait in 1985. It's been a 26-year old love affair - and your music still sounds great as ever. Bravo!!

Movie Review: Priest and It's Ugly Vampires

I really enjoyed this movie - although Paul Bettany here, who is playing the priest, is indistinguishable from his angel character in Legion and his monk role in Angels and Demons.  I do remember him from the movie Wimbledon, where he played a tennis player - but since that film was not a hit, he had to remake his career, and now, for brooding priest-type roles, he's the guy to go to.

Back to the movie.  The story is told through graphic drawings in the first part of the movie, so you pretty well know what's going to happen.  It has some scary moments though but not enough to jolt you and most are pretty predictable.  I was able to go through this because I always love vampire movies - especially when they're vicious - and they're really ugly here. 

Just enjoy the ride you're going to get in this movie!  There's nothing much new here that hasn't yet been told before in other vampire movies.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Acidic Vitriol from the Pulpit

I attend mass everyday and these past few days, the priests saying the mass have become very aggressive and very vitriolic in their attacks against the RH Bill.  Usually, it would not bother me since they are just doing their jobs and airing their side, we are a democratic country after all. What bothers me is that they've been attacking things and people who are not related at all to that controversial bill.

Last Sunday, this supposedly healing priest said that the Japanese deserved the tsunami!  I was horrified to hear it and wanted to walk out (I actually did, I took Laura for a walk during his sermon!).  He said, God punished Japan because they were not producing children and that God directed the tsunami to that place where there were many old people.  He said God would not let a tsunami happen here in the Philippines because there are many children.  He also attacked the Japanese custom of hara-kiri and said God was punishing them because of that suicidal act!  Whew!  I was really ashamed of what he was saying.  And I don't see why he had to do it since the RH Bill had nothing to do with the tsunami in Japan!

Then yesterday, the priest began attacking homosexuals.  They did not use the word 'gay' - they pointed out homosexuals, who to them, are endangering the family!  Say what again Father?  Do you know how many gay people actually singlehandedly support their families and their extended families?  You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that.

I just wish sometimes they'd stick to the topic and the issues of the RH Bill instead of attacking people who are not related to it. 

Alarmed by Snuff Videos of Kittens

A few days ago, some of my animal lover friends posted some horrifying videos in their FB accounts of kittens being crushed to death!  I actually didn't bother to watch anymore since I know I would puke watching it! 

What bothers me though is that this is actually happening in the Philippines, where some white foreigners are hiring and paying local female prostitutes to do the dastardly deed!  I've read in a book about serial killers that these people start with killing animals first, and that they soon progress to killing actual people - and what alarms me is that these guys who are paying these women will progress to snuffing the women soon enough.  The snuff films of kittens might lead to snuff films of actual Filipina prostitutes! 

I just fervently hope I'm talking about stuff usually found in Hollywood serial killer movies, but these white guys who are vacationing here may have serial killer tendencies - and wreck havoc in our society.  Unlike in the West, local prostitutes still have family ties so I'm sure someone will look for them when they disappear.  Also, serial killer profiles don't exist in our society since we are not as individualistic and isolationist as Western societies.  Our killers are usually the passionate types who do it for revenge - or for power tripping.

Anyhow, I just hope these snuff films of kittens don't lead to that.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Want to be On Top of the World: Staying at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

I have never stayed in a hotel at a floor higher than 100.  The highest floor I remember I was assigned to was around the 33rd floor of the Marriot Hotel in Shanghai.  So anyhow, although the view from there was impressive, it would be nothing compared to something three times that high - at 100++. 

I read this article that the Ritz Carlton has opened in HK, and one of its major marketing points is its impressive location, at floors higher than a hundred, and overlooking HONG KONG ISLAND!! Yes guys, they are in the Kowloon side, so you can see the fantastic HK island view from it.

Now, that's something I want to experience. It is a bit pricey though but well, sometimes, splurging to experience how it is to be that high up in the air is something I'd love to experience, very soon!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Movie Review: Complicated Love in 'Ombre'

Ok, I admit I didn't quite follow the story here, as I inadvertently fell asleep in the middle of the movie.  That happened just right after those two cute guys, in the picture above, made out!  Not the one with the braces mind you. 

Well, the love story in the movie is circituous and complicated.  But as all movies end, the two guys who are meant to be with each other, eventually find each other.  I won't go into all the details as I would just leave it to you to find out by watching this one.  There aren't that many nude scenes though, and I think it's only Lander, the boyfriend of the two cute guys, who does penis exposure. 

The guy with the braces though provides all the laughs.  Interestingly, this movie has good dialogue.  I mean, it really shows how gay men speak.   It's young love, true love - bi-style - and with bi- I mean what Filipino gay men describe themselves as.....I guess being labeled 'gay' frightens them!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fitness Talk For Guys In their Forties

I bumped into an old friend in the gym today, and our chat eventually bordered on how we've been trying to desperately keep the fat off.  And I just told him simply, that it's impossible, and the best we can do is just work out regularly, watch what we eat, and just let nature take its course.  Being forty is not the same as being in our twenties anymore.  And then he gave a big sigh of relief.  He actually still had the body he had when he was younger.  He just added a little mass here and there, usually brought about by aging, but to me, he still looked great.  Not 20's great, but 40's great! 

He said though that there was no use competing with all the other beautiful younger guys in the gym with their easy to sculpt bodies.  Oh yeah, I told him.  We had our time, this is their time, I said with a smile!  And anyway, I told him, being forty has not actually decreased the attraction from 20 year old guys.   It has even doubled, which is weird, I told him.  When I was in my 30's, even late 30's, I didn't get that much attention from them.  But now, I can easily get a date if I wanted to be bad.  Must be my money, I joked!

Things That Drive Me Crazy When Driving in Manila

Well, ok, I don't really drive myself everytime since I actually have a driver that does that for me.  However, there are days when I have to do that, like tonight, and it always reminds me how other drivers stay sane, driving everyday in Manila traffic.

Just tonight, I had to deal with buses which block up to four lanes of EDSA to get passengers.  This especially gets crazy after 9PM, when the MMDA guys have already gone home.  Since I went to the gym in SM North EDSA, these buses clog the bus stop near the SM City Annex and also that MRT stop near JASMS.  You'd think there was traffic after that but you realize that the buses just gets all the lanes leaving just one lane for the other cars!

Also, it always stupefies me why some drivers don't use their signal lights!  Tonight, a Mercedes Benz beside me did not signal to the right, so I thought it was also going straight like me.  However, when it reached the EDSA Quezon Avenue extension, it suddenly turned right!  I could've hit it!  As to why they don't signal just shows how stupid they are. It's quite irritating!

Anyhow, that's only two for today but that would be enough to exasperate any tired driver just wanting to go home.

Mi Diario Español: Mayo 5, 2011

(Note: To those who can understand Spanish, I am writing this in either preterito perfecto and in the present tense since I haven't reached the level yet where we are being taught how to conjugate in the past tense.  That should be in my next level.  I am just doing this so I can practice my conjugations. At the end of the entry, I am writing in future tense using the ir a formulation.  Read on!)

Hoy me he levanto tarde porque me he acuesto a las 6 por la mañana.  Me he faltado la misa hoy porque es nuestro el dia hip hop con Mabel.  El proximo tiempo, voy a dormir temprano para puedo levantarse a las onse antes la misa a medianoche.

Me tenido muchos trabajo.  Pido los e-mails de mis clientes.  He recogido Mabel a las cinco.  Ella ha penido una foto de mi y ella actualiza mi informacion en Comelec.  Hasta me fijado mi firma.

En nuestro clase de hip hop, los pasos de baile de Clark son un poquito difícil.  No puedo los sigo.  Hago ejercicio hasta a las nueve.  Mi enamoramiento, JM, esta alli.  Ello asiste a clase de Body Combat.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Looking Forward to the Day When Two Guys Can Just Kiss in Public

I was watching the video of Marsha Ambrosius' new song "Far Away", and I was shocked and happy to see that through her song, she is spreading the message of tolerance.  I won't be giving the story of her video away.  I will let you just check it out on Youtube.

Anyway, it reminded me of how careful Alberto and I always have to be when we see each other.  I mean, for straight people, they can just easily give their wife, husband, lover, mistress, kabit, one night stand, or whoever - a kiss on the cheek or on the lips, to say hello, or goodbye - and no one would care or take notice or take offense. 

But if two guys start kissing each other that way - all hell could break loose - and the heavens will open and swallow those two poor guys who just love each other and bring them straight to hell!!

Alberto and I always kiss when we meet but sometimes, when his officemates are there, he just gives me the eye and we just give each other a hug.  One night, after dinner, I remember, I was about to say goodbye to him and I was about to kiss him, and we realized we were in a taxi queue, so we just hugged each other instead.  Sigh! I wish I could just give him a kiss on the lips anytime I want.  And I don't mean those torrid French kisses.  Just a peck on the lips would do - like mwah!  Giving a kiss to say hello or goodbye are things straight people take for granted because they can do it without censure or shame or angry looks from people nearby. 

Anyhow, I still do kiss Alberto in public if I feel no one is watching.  But I'm looking forward to the day that I can do just that without fearing the wrath of intolerant people around me.

Movies I'm Looking Forward to During the US Summer Box-Office Season #1

Every year, usually around this time, I stay away from the local cineplexes as they release, one after the other, the big US box-office summer movies. I don't really go for action movies, unless it has a complex story to it or it's about a world war or it has Matt Damon or George Clooney.

Anyhow, I did watch Thor because my friends wanted to watch it. It's a kids movie. Of course! It's Marvel comics. But still not to my taste.

I did find a movie which I am eagerly looking forward to. It's by Woody Allen. It's entitled Midnight in Paris. Looks very interesting! Hope it reaches the Philippines though....

Feeling The Pinch

I know I live a charmed life albeit a comfortable one but as I told Alberto, I'm also feeling the pinch, brought about by this continuous increase in fuel prices.  Alberto told me though that it's the same everywhere and people are just going to have to adjust to the rising prices.  The pinch is really felt most in my daily gas rations.  I normally just put 300 pesos - about US$7 into my tank everyday and nowadays, that is not even enough!  And I don't even go far.  I just stay within a 10 kilometer radius - except for Spanish class days which are just twice a week.  My favorite brownies in Mrs. Fields also cost more now.  They increased their prices by almost 10%!  Movies have now reached 200 pesos a pop!  Still cheap here though because in HK, the movies I watch reach almost 500 pesos.

Well, I just try to be frugal to the best of my ability and not spend when it's not really needed.  That way, I can still watch the concerts or shows that I like.

Movie Review: Thor - Nordic Mythology with Spectacular Special Effects

When the credits rolled in and the name of Kenneth Branagh came up as director of the film, I was not surprised.  There was enough Greek-style mythological drama on screen (although Thor is obviously Nordic mythology) that could rival any opera or betrayals on a grand scale.  Branagh, who is more known for directing Shakespeare productions has injected a story into this hulk of a movie and it's the classic interplay of son betraying fathers and fathers condemning son to oblivion and a sibling rivalry to rival any Judy Ann teleserye.  Add to that some funny moments in the script, playful flirtation between Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman's characters and a splendid kingdom in the sky made even more grand because of the dazzling special effects - and you have a hero that welcomes the US summer box-office season.  As my cousin said, he was watching it because it had the buzz.  Normally, I stay away from summer box office movies, but I realized, life is too short not to have some fun once in a while.  I actually left the theater feeling like a 13-year old boy who's had his video game fix. Zap this, hammer that, zing this, whack that!!  Just enjoy the ride! 

By the way, my cousin said the 3D version gave him a big headache!  The 2D version was already dazzling in itself, God forbid what flies into your nose if you watch the 3D version.  Really, Hollywood just wants your money.  Stick to the 2D.

Mi Diario Español: Mayo 3, 2011

Hoy, me he despierto tarde y he perdido la misa a las dose.  He ido al banco para puedo depositar el sueldo de Cher pero su número de cuenta esta equivocado.  Entonces, tengo que la mandar un mensaje de texto.  Me dice que el número es correcto pero el terminal no lo aceptar.  Me da el número de cuenta de su madre.  Voy lo a depositar mañana.

He jugado con Laura en la tarde.  Hemos asistido la misa a la seis.  Laura es educado.  Despues esa, he ido a FF para asistir a lanzamiento de los nuevos estrenos.