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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Weekly Resolutions: Give Bigger Tips to People Who Give Me Service

When I travel to London or Paris, the waiters there really insist that you give them a good tip - even if the service sucks big time! So if my dinner was 70 pounds, I'd have to leave something like 7 pounds (that was around 1050 pesos at that time) as tip!  Imagine that!  And these Polish waiters don't even smile at you.  They are stern and cold and bored! 

So that got me thinking tonight to change my attitude towards tipping, at least here in Manila.  It used to be that I tipped bigger, years ago, since when I converted my tips abroad to my tips here, what I was giving here, was really a pittance.  But unfortunately, since I started living here again, my old Filipino attitude of tipping came back - meaning, I just give 20 pesos tops, even for a good meal!  I even just give one peso to the car watch boys or 5 pesos when I feel good. 

Shameful, isn't it?

Oh well, maybe, I increase the amount a little bit.  Life is still hard for me now, but I think these small people - like waiters, car watch boys, security guards, receive even lesser than me.  I did try living on a minimum wage allowance for days yet there were days that I had to spend more!  Other days, I just did not eat.  (Of course, I exaggerate.   Our food budget is separate from my personal budget.) I ate, but not outside anymore. I ate in the house.

Well, let's see how far I could go with this new resolution.  I really hope I can change my stingy attitude a bit. 

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