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Monday, January 27, 2014

Markki Tanned!

Ohhhh!! Markki Stroem posted this tanned pic of his a few days back I think!! OMG!! Isn't he hot hot hot??

My Hennessy Weekend Party Pics!!

I just miss partying!! But had a great time with some of my friends at the Hennessy party over the weekend at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura!  The drinks were free!! And they were all yummy!!! I did not get too intoxicated though, thank God!  But the music was great and the company was fun fun fun!!

Partying With Hennessy!

Thanks for my good friend Raffy, I was able to score some tickets to one of Hennessy's ongoing parties here in Manila - this time at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura!  I really enjoyed the party's vibe and the DJs that performed!  And well, I got to drink 6 big glasses of Hennessy cognac with different flavors though the ones I loved the most was apple and cherry and iced tea!!  

Sana I get invited to the next Hennessy party haha!  They're the perfect drink to go with the perfect night out!!

Finally, Oli and Me!

I've always had a crush on this guy for the longest time and since he's based in Singapore, chances of meeting him here in Manila are quite slim. So, it was such a treat last night to finally meet him in a great Hennessy party at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura. Oli looks more mature na and a bit heftier but still lean and sexy and talkative!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Michelle Monaghan: Supportive and Feisty in 'Machine Gun Preacher'

Michelle Monaghan is one of my favorite actresses.  I last saw her in Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal, a movie which I enjoyed very much!  She plays the supportive and feisty wife of Gerard Butler here and you really root for her since she's basically the anchor in the life of her husband - who is out there trying to save the world.  It's a good role for Michelle and shows her tough side.

An Episode of The Family That Slays Together: My Most Favorite TV Show of the Week

This intriguing crime TV show, The Family that Slays Together is my most favorite TV show this week.  This particular episode I saw featured a mother and son tandem who killed the wife of the son, the mother of their two children.  What is shocking in this episode is that they killed the wife in front of the kids!

Here are my ten favorite shows for the week ending January 24, 2014 -

#1 CI - The Family That Slays Together - Mom and son

#2 beTV - Sweet Home Alabama - Dad talks to three hunks

#3 Nat Geo - Locked Up Abroad - Son of Saddam
#4 Fox Sports - Sharapova vs. Cibulkova
#5 Fox Sports - Cibulkova vs. Radwanska

#6 Star Sports - Nara vs. Jankovic

#7 Fox Sports - Radwanska vs. Muguruza
#8 CI - Evil Up Close - Nightstalker - black guy killing the elderly

#9 CI - Killer Kids - Lost Boys and Family Heirloom

#10 PBO - Bawal na Halik - Jay Manalo HIV+

Friday, January 17, 2014

Segurista My Most Favorite TV Fare of the Week

It's the first week of the Australian Open and my top 10 favorite shows this week are peppered with tennis matches.  Nothing memorable though.  Interestingly, it's an old 90s movie from Tikoy Aguiluz which becomes my most favorite show of the week.  I thought Segurista was just a run-of-the-mill movie.  It's actually very very good!  One of the best Pinoy movies I have ever seen!

Anyway, here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending January 17, 2014 -

#1  PBO - Segurista
#2 Fox Sports - Ana Ivanovic vs. Samantha Stosur

#3 Fox Sports - Li Na vs. Lucie Safarova

#4 2nd Avenue - Parenthood - bratty kids

#5 Cinema One - Ang Babaeng Putik

#6 2nd Avenue - Modern Family - same date. money hidden

#7 Fox Sports - Maria Sharapova vs. Karin Knapp

#8 2nd Avenue - Web Therapy - thin women

#9 Fox Sports - Mona Barthel vs. Luksika Kumkhum

#10 Fox Sports - Victoria Azarenka vs. Johanna Larsson

Woody Harrelson Does An Interesting Turn in 'The Hunger Games'

Among the interesting A-list actors in 'The Hunger Games' is Woody Harrelson who plays the role of Haymitch, the guy who trains and preps up Peeta and Katniss.  Woody does an interesting turn here and sports a different hairdo - at least, not something that we are used to.  He also attacks his role by being alternatingly obnoxious and supportive - cleverly hiding how much he really cares for his wards. 
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Drooling Over Gilles Marini of Brothers and Sisters!

Gilles Marini plays the fiance of Rachel Griffith's character in my favorite soap Brothers and Sisters.  Too bad the show was canceled after Season 5.  I will definitely miss the Walker family.  Too bad too that Gilles only appeared during this season.  He's definitely H-O-T!

The Bear in Jeremy Davidson

Kitty Walker, played by Calista Flockhart is one of my favorite characters in the now-defunct show, Brothers and Sisters.  During their last season, she had a relationship with Jeremy Davidson, this bear of a guy who was shirtless in many scenes, as his character was being introduced.  It was great for the characters to leave him be so, since for a mature guy - he just looks real great - like that hunky carpenter he was supposedly essaying. 

In Stitches Over Woody Allen's 'Love and Death'

Dianne Keaton is one of my favorite actresses and in her interview with local journalist Ruben Nepales, she mentions this movie, Love and Death, which she did in 1975.  I decided to check the trailer of the movie on Youtube and I was really in stitches!  It's probably one of the funniest movies Woody has ever done!  It has physical comedy and the dialogue is just hilarious!  This movie was done before the Oscar-winning Annie Hall.

John Spainhour: Century Superbod Winner 2012

Like the tuna that they are promoting, these guys running for the title of Century Superbod of 2012 are good to eat!  Anyway, this year's winner is John Spainhour who at first glance, doesn't really look Filipino.  I don't know why they would pick someone who looks like a foreigner.  I guess he was the only one in the field who could actually speak English well.  But heck, with bodies like that, these guys don't even have to speak!
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Focus on Thai Veteran Actress: Mai Charoenpura

In the Thai horror movie Still: Taai Hong, Mai Charoenpura is the one that stands out from the rest, although she is relatively, the 'oldest' among the cast, at 42 years old. She is hilarious - to say the least!  She plays an out-of-luck hooker here and she plays the comedic part to the hilt.  She appears in both the first and last segment, although her story in the first segment has no denouement.

Hot Thai Actor: Akara "Golf" Amarttayakul

Akara Amarttayakul was one of the actors in the first segment of Still: Taai Hong, a Thai horror movie.  He looks far better in his pics here rather than the movie, but that's understandable, since he actually plays a dead person there - who still doesn't know he's dead!  Yeah, that idea has been done before, LOL!

Anyway, Akara or Golf" is hot and he has a tub scene in the movie where the lady ghost gives him a you-know-what!  Wish it was me giving it to him!

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Hot Thai Actress: Supaksorn Chaimongkol

One of the actresses in the Thai horror movie Still Taai Hong is Supaksorn, Chaimongkol.  She appears in the second segment of this horror movie, playing the role of the inquisitive apartment dweller, who discovers something sinister in their building's water tank!  Just better watch the movie to find out what she discovered!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hot Olympic Diver: Tom Daley

The Olympic Games are just around the corner and one of the events I would love to watch is men's diving!  I chanced upon one of the medal hopefuls from the host country.  He's such a cute kid and his name is Tom Daley!  I'm sure millions of eyes will be glued at him while he does all those difficult diving stunts.  A wardrobe malfunction is most welcome with him, JUST KIDDING!

My Five Favorite Meryl Streep Performances

Well, finally I've seen Meryl Streep's Oscar-winning performance in The Iron Lady, her third Oscar and her second Best Actress award.  With her mind-boggling 17 Oscar acting nominations and 3 wins, I decided to come up with five of my most favorite performances of this screen legend.  It was VERY DIFFICULT to do since she was just superb in most of her performances but I decided to just pick five to make it the really CHOICE CUTS!

Well, here they are - my five most favorite Meryl Streep performances -

#5  Death Become Her

She wasn't nominated for an Oscar for this movie but I really found her funny here - and at that time - the special effects in this movie were groundbreaking! And with two good actresses in the helm - Meryl and fellow Oscar winner, Goldie Hawn, this movie was quite a treat!  Meryl rarely did comedy but when she did, she was really funny in it!

#4 A Cry In The Dark

She played Lindsey Chamberlain here, an unpopular character at that time since she was a mother who lost her kid to a dingo.  Better watch the movie and see how Meryl just attacks the role.

#3  Out of Africa

I was a teenager when this movie came out and I was mesmerized by Meryl's accent and the delicate nature of her character - and how sweeping the vistas of Africa were in this movie.  She, as Karen Blixen, and Africa here were just majestic.

#2  Sophie's Choice

I saw this movie as a college student already.  When this was released, betamax was the equipment used to show home movies and we didn't have it at home.  Also, the movie was never shown in our weekly Sunday theatre.  She was really amazing here!  Everybody remember's that Solomonic scene!

#1  Kramer vs. Kramer

This movie won her her first Oscar and of course, the hearts of millions of her fans.  She was just devastatingly good here - her no apologies portrayal of her character actually endeared her to many - and when I saw it as a college student already - I realized that women did have the right to find themselves first before they get lost in their roles as wives and mothers.

Male Model Spotlight: Jay Hector

Well, another male model guilty pleasure, Jay Hector!