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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Big Fan of Peking Garden Restaurant!

It's always a guilty pleasure among my Francophone friends to eat at Peking Garden Restaurant here in Greenbelt, well, to eat their famous Peking duck - which really is something you should do, since it really is delicious!  When we arrived there tonight, the place was full and initially, we were asked to wait for about 20 minutes since even the vacant tables had reservations.  Anyhow, with a twist of luck, someone canceled and we got their table!  Hurrah!  I was already really famished anyway so I really needed for us to get a table, pronto!

Well, we ordered duck, of course, and some broccoli, fried noodles and some lamb.  Everything was delicious!  I didn't even notice that the rice I ordered did not arrive yet, since I was able to eat everything sans the rice!  As usual, we had great conversation, good food, so what else is there to ask for?  The service was a bit sloppy though but it was a busy night so that can be forgiven.  Also the delicious food more than made up for all the missing orders.

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