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Sunday, July 29, 2012

26 Places On My Bucket List

Well, I decided to make this list so that I could plan where I would love to go in the next two years.  I crossed out places that needed visas since I am too busy right now to apply for any of them and the only visa I have is a US visa, so I've decided to just focus the next four years on traveling to the US, so that I won't have to reapply anymore, since everyone knows how difficult it is to get one.

I also included in the list, countries who do not require us to get visas, most of them ASEAN members and some countries in South and Central America.

Anyway, as of today, here are the places that I have to save for after October of this year, so that I can visit them next year.

#1 Las Vegas- we are having our 25th high school reunion here July or August next year so I have to save for this since this is really a go!

#2 San Francisco - I am planning to go here next year for my birthday but I'm not sure if I can save money for it.  If I do get a good Christmas bonus, ALL OF IT will go to this trip and I might have to give simple gifts to everyone this Christmas!

Both those trips are going to cost me more or less, 100K each so this gives me almost no room to maneuver for other trips but I have ranked the rest just in case I get a little extra money - or they give good deals!

One way to save is not to watch concerts anymore haha or just buy the cheapest ticket!

#3  Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taiwan - a cheaper alternative to a US trip on my birthday - if I really don't reach the budget

#4 Washington DC - it's actually this city or Sanfo, since a cousin of mine lives here in DC and I'm hoping she could give me a good price on a hotel.

#5 Lima, Peru - this trip goes hand in hand with either the San Francisco or the Las Vegas trip!

#6 Brasilia - if I couldn't go to Lima, Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is the next option

Ditto for #7 to 9.  These places will go hand-in-hand with a Sanfo trip, most likely

#10 Mayon Volcano

#11 Pagudpud, Vigan

#12 Jakarta, Indonesia

#13 Jogjakarta, Indonesia

#15 Baler

#16 Luang Prabang, Laos

#17 Sagada

#18 Batanes

#19 New York

#20 Miami

#21 Boston

#22 Catanduanes

#23 Marinduque

#24 Brunei

#25 Hanoi

#26 Dumaguete

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Curious to Try Delta Going to Japan

Well, Sunday newspapers are always full of advertorials but sometimes, these articles help, especially the ones on travel.  I just read in Philippines Star today that Delta Airlines offers Business Class Elite tickets from Manila to Nagoya, Japan for only US$695 plus plus...  That's a pretty cool fare considering that the bed is 180 degrees!  Got me curious since I love going to Japan and doing so through Business Class would be great - and I've never been to Nagoya - so that's definitely one of the trips I'm planning for next year!
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A Peek Into Saltimbanco

My brother Vic is a big fan of Cirque de Soleil and one of their shows, Saltimbanco is coming here to Manila.  Unfortunately, I'm not really into these kinds of shows so don't expect me to be lining up for tickets.  Anyhow, I'm sure many other Filipinos are into this kind of show.  Vic said that the ones he saw in Las Vegas were pretty awesome!

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Touched in All the Wrong Places at New York Spa

I've had to limit my massages to just once or twice a month nowadays since I've been saving up for two foreign trips, so I have been to New York Spa only once last month.  Not that I noticed it but the day I went, I just had to since my body was practically begging for it!

Unfortunately, my suki, Gener, wasn't there but even then, I decided to forge on since I was really freakin' tired.  I now forgot the name of the masseur I got, not sure if it was Ruben or Efren.  But anyhow, the masseur did give me the normal massage but when it already came to the thigh area, I was surprised to feel that he was touching me in 'that' way!  His hands were really close to my junior - which kinda threw me off since ALL of the previous masseurs I got in this spa, NEVER touched me there.  They were, basically, professional guys just giving a tired gay man a nice rub down.

BUT the masseur I got that time, whose name, I say again, escapes me now, went even further.  I daresay he was pretty skillfull.  He basically did not touch but just brushed and brushed and brushed along that area - and you very well know what all THAT brushing cand do!  Anyway, I didn't know if I wanted to be pissed - because who gets pissed when touched that way, but I just shrugged it off and pretended not to notice it.  Anyway, after being brushed five times with no reaction from me made him realize I wasn't really into that thing.

I think he's really gay because when he got to my chest area, I did feel him pinching my nipples TWICe, which I again threw me off.  Here I was, trying to get a nice massage and relaxing, and here's my masseur molesting me.  It was a bit irritating because it was not really want I wanted.  Yes, I am gay, and I enjoy these things - BUT with the right partner - AND in the right conditions.   

Oh well, I decided to just give him a 20 peso tip just to show him I was not amused at all with what he did but I did not report him anymore because he might lose his job and maybe the other clients of NY Spa want THAT kind of massage!  As for me, next time, I just stick to Gener or Alex or Alvin.  At least their hands don't go astray!

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I Want New Bling-Bling!

While I was dressing up for my BFFs birthday dinner last Friday, I noticed that I am already running out of bling blings to wear!  I opted for the gold chain we bought at Jo in Greenbelt 3 and the Swarovski Phantom of the Opera which Vic gave to me on a Bangkok trip.  It truly complemented the black Philosophy shirt I was wearing!  I love the softness of the Philosophy shirt - t'was perfect!

Oh well, on my next shopping trips, bling bling will be one of my priorities!  Preferably the really chunky ones!
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For Those Who Want to Safari

I've always wanted to go to Africa but the idea of going on a safari does not really excite me. I would just rather stay in an African city and find my fun there.  However, since I read an article about Filipinos going on a safari, I decided to just write this information down so that Filipinos who would love to try going on a safari can try these guys out.

The name of the agency is Asia to Africa Safaris and they have an office at the 3/F Lapanday Center, 2263 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati and they can be reached at 8172728.  They are basically safari specialists so, if that's your thing, why not contact them.

As for me, if I do go to Kenya, most likely I'd just stay in Nairobi and see what's there.  
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Me Likey Ryan Lochte

I just watched Ryan Lochte win the Olympic gold medal in the 400m individual medley! Man, he's hot! I mean, I'm sure Phelps was a god in the last two Olympics but looks wise, he's not that hot.  But Ryan, ohhh lala, would love to see him swim, and swim and swim these Olympic games! They said he's entered in several events so that's good!
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Leryn Franco: Sexy Olympian

Well, it's a given that Olympians should be fit but one look at Leryn Franco and wow, she's more than fit!  Got me to thinking, she would've been better off in a Miss Universe contest rather than the tough world of Olympic athletics.  But since she's Paraguay's entry for javelin throw - she must be world class since just to be in an Olympic event means a lot of pre-Olympic elimination rounds!

Leryn does accept the fact though that although she may not figure in the upper echelons of women's javelin's throw, her being in the Olympics has already opened a lot of doors for her - and that's a good way of making a buck from one's Olympic experience!
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Four Reasons I'm Lovin' Girls!

Another TV show that I love watching these days is HBO's Girls.  I just discovered it by accident as it came after another one of their nice new shows, Enlightened every Monday night here in Manila

Here are four reasons why I'm lovin' their show -

#1   It's great that they featured virtually new actresses in this show since if they casted well-known actresses, we might have a preconception about their unique characters.

#2 The witty script!  With Judd Apatow guiding the show, we're not surprised about all that youth angst and issues

#3 All the hot boys!  With girls being the center of the show - hot horny young boys are not far behind!  And there's usually a new one every few episodes - so tune in!

#4 All that sex talk and all that sex shown onscreen!  Nothing like watching two attractive young people doing it!  Unfortunately though, even HBO is censored here in the Philippines so just check out the DVD or download copy if you want the 'complete' version.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More of Aubergine's Delicious Desserts

Cheese Platter - array of imported cheeses with fresh grapes, roasted walnuts, bread and grissini sticks - 950 pesos (US$22.62)

This is one of my favorite cheeses - the ones which stink to high heavens!

Look at that cheese melting! 

Chocolate pyramid - Belgian chocolate and vanilla mousse with passion fruit ganache - 360 pesos (US$8.62)

I just had to taste the cheese plate of Aubergine, moi being a fan of French cheese.  As expected, the blue cheese which stinks was served and it was even my most favorite of all!  I was really full eating everything as Vic and Wilson weren't really into the cheeses like I was.

I also sample the other desserts in the chocolate plate but they weren't as delicious as the ones I featured in the other article.  However, presentation-wise, both were impressive, especially the pyramid and the cone!
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