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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stephen Amell: Modern Day Sexy Vigilante in Arrow

I don't know why Hung where Stephen Amell appears in was never shown in the local HBO!  Maybe they found it too risque for Asian viewers.  Anyhow, I saw him today in the episode of Arrow, this interesting new series about some sort of Robin Hood.  I haven't fully understood the story yet but it's one of the new shows I think I'll be watching these next few weeks.  Just check out this guy's abs!  Too bad he doesn't get to be shirtless much in Arrow.
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Jay Ryan: The Beast Is A Beauty of A Man

Even with that made-up scar on his face, Jay Ryan or Jay Bunyan, is still gorgeous!  Playing the beast in the TV show, The Beauty and the Beast, this actor from New Zealand is surely making many women (and gay men) watch this TV show of his.  I haven't really sunk my teeth into what the story is all about yet though since both he and the girl playing the beauty here are really gorgeous!  By the way, this TV show is set in contemporary times - so don't expect any teacups to be singing soon!
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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Inside Story to the Filming of Fatal Attraction My Favorite Show the Week

The inside story to the 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction starring Michael Douglas and  Glenn Close is my most favorite show this week.  The episode detailed the casting and the assignment of the director duties of this landmark film.  It was pretty interesting to watch it since it is one of my favorite movies of all time.
Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending June 28, 2013 -
#1 Bio - Inside Story Fatal Attraction

#2 Star Sports - Roger Federer vs. Sergiy Stakhovsky

#3 Star Sports - Laura Robson vs. Maria Kirilenko

#4 Solar Sports - Elena Vesnina vs. Jamie Hampton - windy final

#5 Star Sports - Maria Sharapova vs. Michelle Larcher De Brito

#6 AXN - The Apprentice Asia - Nash eliminated

#7 MTV Asia - The LA Complex

#8 GMA-7 - My Husband's Lover - nagreunite na ang mag-ina

#9 Star Sports - Jelena Jankovic vs. Vesna Dolonc

#10 CI - Model Killers - hot na negro

Monday, June 24, 2013

Close Encounters With Steroid Use

One of the PTs in the gym that I go to tried to sell me these injectable stuff that is being described in the article below.  He said the thing is going to melt all my fat away and make my muscles look more defined!  I have always been wary of these things since I prefer the 'natural' way of losing weight and forming muscles.  I don't even drink protein drinks because I'm scared of what all these things will do to my kidney!  Anyway, after reading the article below, I'm glad I just politely said yes to the PT, even though he was uber hot!

Don’t get ‘shot’ in the gym

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jonathan Patrick Moore Makes The LA Complex Sizzle More

Jonathan Patrick Moore is one of the hotter dudes in MTV's The LA Complex.  He's one of the reasons why I love watching that show.  In the last episode that I saw, his character was fighting with the ex- of his current girlfriend and I keep getting gay vibes from it, with a fantasy on my head that it was the ex- of his current girlfriend making out with him!  Because in the series, they were always fighting and arguing and even had a scuffle.  Sexy hot!!

Kristin Kreuk: The Beauty is a Real Belle

While I was watching the TV show The Beauty and the Beast, I was surprised how feisty the beauty in that TV show was!  And well, she's also as gorgeous as the beast in it!  Turns out, her name is Kristin Kreuk, and although I still have to figure out yet what the story is of this show, in the episode I watched, the beauty has already expressed her love for, well, the beast.  What seemed to me a thriller in the beginning, is turning out to have a love story behind it!
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Movie Review: Brad Pitt Saves Humanity in World War Z

Some of my friends who have read the novel World War Z say that the movie version deviated too much from the book so much so that the movie version just looked like a vehicle where Brad Pitt puts on his Hollywood A-list credentials as a hero who saves humanity from the zombies.  The movie was directed by Marc Forster who is more well-known for character-driven stories so this big action movie may not fit what he can do best.  I do like the big action sequences where the zombies are running around and everyone is in  a state of panic.  But the CGI makes it a bit unreal and the human beings all look like ants scampering around.  But one does get to feel a sense of panic though and the movie has enough suspenseful moments to make it interesting.  I did enjoy it although it made me think maybe reading the book would be more interesting since it would give enough time and space to 'humanize' all the main characters, especially the one being played byBrad Pitt.

Friday, June 21, 2013

National Geographic's Taboo My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

I was just channel surfing today when I chanced upon this fascinating TV show in National Geographic called Taboo and this week they featured a show called Private Passions and it's about these odd couples who have really strange and quirky habits which makes them look as a really odd couple.  It was very fascinating and could be subject for a movie!

Here are my ten favorite shows for the week ending June 21, 2013 -

#1 NatGeo - Taboo - Private Passions

#2 MTV Asia - The LA Complex - threesome 2 girls one boy

#3 Bio - Celebrity Ghost Stories - "I'm a witch"

#4 HBO - Veep - birthday party for daughter

#5 HBO - While You Were Sleeping

#6 HBO - Super 8

#7 Diva Universal - Law and Order - kid rapes 4 kids

#8  AXN - Amazing Race 21- Indonesia 

#9 Diva Universal - Law and Order - embryo stolen

#10 CI - American Greed - Suicide is Painless

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marco Morales on a Downward Spiral

Too bad hot indie actor, Marco Morales, has gone on a downward spiral, and finally he was caught today after trying to skip another motel and not paying it.  It's a mystery how this guy went down this route!  Well, he was daring to do all that frontals but Coco Martin also did that but he didn't implode like Marco did.  Makes you wonder if he's on anything!  Such a pity.....

Three Things I Liked About The Cold Light of Day

#1  The setting - Since I can speak rudimentary Spanish, I enjoy movies that are set in a Spanish-speaking country.  Since we arrived a bit late for the movie, I did not know that the setting was in Spain. I only learned about it when the clerk in the store said 'De nada' after Henry Cavill said 'Gracias'

#2 Henry Cavill - He had several shirtless scenes here and he looks hot! Yum yum!

#3 Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver - it was great to see two 80s icons in this movie!  They had pivotal roles so they weren't just part of the scenery

Otherwise, this movie was just lightweight fare and did not leave me in a state of suspense for any minute.
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30 Minutes or Less: An Almost Idiotic Comedy Caper

This is a crime caper you've probably seen before in a TV movie or at least, different versions of it with several degrees of seriousness.  30 Minutes or Less, though, is a comedy, so you take everything here less seriously and since even the villains here are goofy, you won't have to worry much about someone's head getting blown off or something violent like that.  There are bomb explosions though - on a cute Teddy bear - and someone gets shot - accidentally that is - so overall, if you're just looking for a light kind of comedy caper - this one's for you!

I like Jesse Eisenberg here - he's so cute and fresh and agitated and sweaty - all at the same time.  Even Danny McBride as one of his nemesis is idiotically fun to watch!  Anyway, watching in a moviehouse might cost too much so a DVD watch would be fine.  Perfect for a lazy Saturday night with nothing much to do!

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Tyrone Giordano: Hot Deaf Actor

I was watching the movie The Family Stone today in Star Movies and one of the actors there was Ty Giordano, who is a deaf actor and his role here is even more challenging, because he's gay.  He does talk in the movie and has this very compelling scene where Sarah Jessica Parker kinda disses his gay-ness.  He's in a very fantastic cast though that includes Oscar winner Diane Keaton!
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127 Hours: Visually Stunning and Surreal

Boyle Franco RalstonMAIN Aron Ralston Interview   The Man Whos Real Life Story Danny Boyles Upcoming Movie 127 Hours Is Based On

I am not surprised that the Oscar voters chose this film as one of the best of 2010!  It is visually stunning and the soundtrack is fantastic!  Action in half of the movie just happens in one place but I never got bored or felt claustrophobic about it.  Simon Beaufoy and Danny Boyle are very skillfull storytellers and I'm sure the book version of this would be more serious and plodding, but this movie is definitely not. It just moves the story along and allows the viewers like me to reach a denouement and realization in the end.  Finding out how Aron Ralston moves from being this kind of person to another type of person is fasinating to watch.  That scene where he kept saying, 'This rock was waiting for me my whole life, the moment I started life on earth'.....really shook me.  It made me reflect on my own life too.

Anyhow, I didn't know that the last 10 minutes of the movie was going to be bloody! I was really squirming in my seat.  I did try to cover my eyes with the towel I brought, but it made things worse since I could hear James Franco and my imagination was giving me all these gory images!

Well, that part of the story is probably the most provoking but also the most liberating, at least for Aron Ralston.  His will to live under such very difficult circumstances is incredible!  He certainly lived life dangerously but at least he is living it under his own terms.
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11-11-11 Not a Scary Ride

Well, the movie has an interesting premise although why the date 11-11-11 would be something sinister is something I did not understand.  Actually, there is nothing much scary about the movie.  I did not feel any form of suspense or dread at any point of the movie!  There is a twist in the end but it does not leave you feeling scared at all!  What's beautiful here though is that it's set in Barcelona and there are some lines spoken in Spanish so it allowed me to practice my own limited knowledge of the language.  Otherwise, if you're a horror buff, just skip this, you'll just be pissed!

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Andra Fuller: One Hot Brotha in The LA Complex

Another one of my favorite characters in The LA Complex is Andra Fuller.  He's this tall, dark and stocky brotha who's, well, gay, but can't be out since he's supposed to be this rap jock!  Too bad I haven't really followed his story pretty well and it does get bad since he tries to commit suicide.  His latest story now is with his Dad and his side of the story has gotten a bit serious compared with the others.

Cute and Hot Kyle Chandler

I enjoyed watching Kyle Chandler when he was still in Early Edition.  Maybe I should buy that show on Apple TV and watch reruns of it when I'm free.  Kyle was still cute in that show.  I saw him on Super 8 today and he was still Daddy cute in a mature way.  Too bad Friday Night Lights didn't turn out to be a big TV show but at least it was a hit with the critics.  Maybe, I should also watch that show on Apple TV.

Movie Review: Super 8 Feels Like A Rehash

Finally I saw Super 8 today at HBO.  I did not bother to watch it during its theatrical release since it got crowded out since it was released during the busy summer movie season.  However, it's a very cute movie and I enjoyed the first half of it until it turned bizarre.  Actually, it felt like a movie about Steven Spielberg when he was still a kid.  I enjoyed the dynamics of their young group including the very cute girl.  Well, the story starts to go downhill and Spielberg-esque when the 'creatures' appear - it's like you entered into another movie that you've already seen before.  Too bad, the first part was cute and promising.