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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Movie Review: La La Lovin' La La Land!

I still remember very well that cute and funny scene in the movie Crazy Stupid Love where Emma Stone's character dares Ryan Gosling's character to take off his shirt - and her naughty reaction upon seeing his six-pack abs!

Well, there's so much more of that great chemistry between the two in the musical La La Land, which I think should be headed for Oscar gold. I think it's time again to give the Best Picture award to a musical. It's been more than a decade since Chicago won.

Anyhow, I was surprised by the almost sold out screening I went to tonight. I guess the local distributors made great timing by releasing it the day after it swept the Golden Globes - and I have learned now that Ryan is so famous pala here because of The Notebook (I haven't seen the movie yet). I know him more from his more serious work in Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl and Blue Valentine.

When I first heard of this movie's buzz a few month's ago, I thought it would be a bit of a hard sell here because it's a musical - and it plays a lot of jazz music - which is difficult to sell to most people. I would know, I've been inviting people to watch jazz shows and I never get a yes! But happily, even the young son of my friend enjoyed the movie!

This is a heartbreaking love story and the last two songs with the accompanying scenes could bring you to tears - so bring a tissue. I love the soundtrack especially the piano piece that Ryan keeps on playing throughout the movie.

And, like an ABS-CBN telenovela, this movie imparts a positive message which I'm sure will make you leave the theater smiling and more inspired.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

RIP Carrie Fisher: The Writer

Carrie Fisher died today and she plays an interesting part in my life because when I was in college, she released this novel, Postcards from the Edge, and although it was fiction, the lead character, mirrored Carrie's own personal struggles.
I told myself then, that if I do write my memoir in the far future (I think I was only 19 then), I wanted it to be as brutally frank as this one - thus the need for it to be fictionalized.
Maybe her death is a sign that I should start writing the first forty years of my crazy life.
Anyhow, the movie version was released in 1990 and I'm sure Carrie was so over the moon because the greatest actress of this generation, Meryl Streep, played the lead role. That was Meryl's 9th Oscar nomination. It was like Meryl Streep playing her!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Reminiscing Miss Universe 2005 in Lieu of Miss Universe 2017 in Manila

Watching the Miss Universe live is, I'm sure, one of the top five things one can find in any gay man's bucket list - aminin!
Anyhow, I was still in college when they held the 1994 Miss Universe here and although Vic wanted to get tickets to watch the 2017 edition here in MOA, I wasn't too enthusiastic because the ticket prices were too steep - pandagdag na rin yun sa tuition ng mga bata.
Luckily for me, the Miss Universe did travel to Bangkok, Thailand in 2005, and as soon as I heard about it, I immediately bought tickets to watch it. Ewan ko ba, pag-MOA ang venue, napakamahal talaga ng tickets, and I don't remember spending an arm and a leg just to watch that year's show.
At that time, it was already easy to buy tickets through Thaiticketmaster and I was already familiar with the venue, having watched many concerts there - ang Impact Arena kasi ang parang Araneta Coliseum ng Bangkok.
Yun lang, malayo sya sa center of the city, so everytime we watch there, we have to hire car service kasi di ko alam umuwi na magcocommute - and well, Mama and I were dressed to the nines.
I learned then that there were many pageant watchers locally pala - the only famous one I know was Mr. Ben Chan, and as always it was easy to get a picture with him, but he's not talkative.
Yun lang, I cannot find our pictures from the event anymore. These are the only ones I can find. Na-Ondoy na siguro ang iba huhu
As for the show, the atmosphere was electrifying - sya nga ang Olympics ng mga bekis - grabe ang flag-waving! I also remember that the winner, Miss Canada's Natalie Glebova was already a big favorite among the audience because the crowd will always shout with approval everytime she came out.
So my theory was, you'd already know who the winner would be just by judging how the crowd reacts, especially when they are just down to the top 10 and so on and so forth. Let's see if that happens here in MOA.
I flew into Bangkok just a day before the event so I had no idea who the Thai crowd was rooting for and I did not know who the candidates were. I remember cutting some clippings from the local papers the days before and after the event.
The show was at 9AM to coincide with the primetime viewing of Americans kaya I remember 7AM pa lang bihis na ako kasi the venue was an hour's drive from our hotel and I remember , marami kang toll booth na dadaanan with big voluminous hair!
After the show, Mama was so brave to go near the stage for photo ops, and we did get some pics as some of the candidates were sweet enough to pose for the audience. What I remember was that they were all incredibly tall! Parang mga higanteng Barbies!
Actually, maraming events ang for sale, the Pre-Pageant presentation, the National costume show, etc., but I decided to buy lang the main event kasi one whole month ang events and I don't live there naman. Kaya dito, I was surprised why they are not selling tickets to the pre-pageant judging events, etc. - sa main event lang.
So sinong manunuod sa pre-pageant presentation event where the top 15 finalists will be chosen? By invitation lang? Andaya naman. Yun actually ang mas importante na show e kasi dun nakasalalay ang fate ni Maxine natin if she is going to rampa sa main event.

Chinito Cutie: Jerome Tan

I just watched 'How To Be Yours' in Cinema One and one actor I noticed was Jerome Tan, a tall, handsome chinito guy who was friends in the movie with the characters of Janus del Prado and Gerald Anderson. 

He photographs well onscreen but may need more acting lessons so that he can come of more 'natural' in his dialogue and movements, especially that he had veterans Janus and Gerald in many of his scenes.

But I like him, he's cute!

Miriam College Lower School Fair Pictures - Enjoying the Rides