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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vin Abrenica

It's not unusual for a younger sibling to follow his or her more successful sibling into our local showbiz so when Vin Abrenica expressed his intention to follow in the footsteps of his more famous brother, Aljur, many just wished him luck - and for him to do it in a reality TV show competition, shows that he's dead serious about it and may also want to prove a point or two - which is well and good.  Anyhow, in the end, it's what he eventually does that matters - not really how he finishes in the reality TV show.  Incidentally, he won Best Actor in last night's crowning ceremony of sorts!
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Meet the Barricade Boys iof Les Miserables: Aaron Tveit

My gal pals have been talking about the handsome boys of the barricade in that crucial scene of the movie Les Miserables - so I decided to check out each one of them, and find out more about these boys!

First on the list is Aaron Tveit who the web says, played the role of James Franco's boyfriend in a movie, whose title I still have to find out.  Lucky devil!  He looks hotter though when his hair was not THAT curly.
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Mark Phillip Neumann

Cuties are becoming dime a dozen in local showbiz but we still never know who's going to make it big later in their careers or not, so it's always interesting to feature some of the newer ones vying to win the talent search of this channel or that.  

One of the ones being marketed by Channel 5 is Mark Phillip Neumann.
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Jason and Amy: My Favorite Pair for Amazing Race 23

It's only the third leg of the Amazing Race 23 but the team of Jason and Amy is currently my favorite.  Jason is hot hot hot!!!  Especially when he took his shirt off in one of the tasks! Tres sexy!!

Norway Leg of Amazing Race 23: My Favorite TV Show This Week

The Norway leg of the Amazing Race 23 is my most favorite show this week. The tasks were pretty physical and it involves fish!!  Ewwwwww!  Anyway, here are my favorite shows this week.  I just arrived from Brunei this week that's why I wasn't able to watch that many shows.

#1 AXN - Amazing Race - Norway - fish

#2 Universal - Law & Order UK - mother kills son

#3 Bio - Celebrity Ghost Stories - Hogan, Dad of Ben Stiller

#4 Bio - My Haunted House - Frenchwoman's house

#5 Cinema One - This Guy's In Love With You Mare

#6 CI - Real Crime - Almost Perfect - Ron identity Rolex watch

#7 CI - Trace Elements - make up

#8 HBO - Jeff, Who Lives At Home

#9 CI - Christina murder, black neighbor

Friday, October 25, 2013

Brunei Royal Regalia Museum

The Brunei Royal Regalia Museum was our first order of our tour around Bandar Seri Begawan. It houses all the stuff that was used when Sultan Bolkiah ascended the throne in 1968. The most fascinating object in the museum is the huge chariot which carried His Highness through the streets of BSB. It's very long, about 30 feet and it has an engine! Even then, about 100 men in resplendent black and red regalia are seen pulling the chariot!

The museum also had photos of President Ramos and his wife Ming, to celebrate the silver anniversary of the sultan. The museum also houses all the gifts given by foreign heads of state and members of the royalty worldwide. I asked them why they did not invite the Sultan of Sulu or Jolo. They said they were not recognized by the Philippine government, so they won't also recognize them

Appreciating Islamic Architecture Thru Brunei's Mosques

Islamic architecture at its best can be seen in two of Brunei's most important and most imposing mosques - the Saifuddien Mosque and the Bolkiah Mosque! They already look impressive by day, they even look more magnificent at night. From a distance you feel like you're watching a scene from the Arabian Nights!! Kulang na lang, may flying carpet with Aladdin on it! We weren't able to go inside the mosques since it was Friday and that's their main prayer day (like Sunday for Christians). 
However, we were allowed to enter the grounds and we had to talk in whispers since we could hear the prayers going on inside. They had expansive gardens around them, and one of them even had some sort of moat around it with a vinta-like boat attached to it. Our host told us that the imam used to read from the boat before. The prayers are broadcasted through a loud speaker so you can actually hear the sing-song rhythm when they read the Qu'ran. The Brunei government spared no expense in building these mosques since they are amazing edifices of their expression of faith. We did have some questions for our host regarding his religion but I won't discuss it here. Religion is never a good topic to discuss online. I felt privileged though to get that close to these houses of faith since I've never even entered a mosque in the Philippines!

A Luxurious Weekend Stay at the Empire Hotel and Country Club

A vacation in Brunei would be incomplete without a stay at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, the most luxurious resort in the country!!! It was a dream come true for us to stay there since I've been wanting to stay there for the longest time, but just never had the chance! It used to be a project of one of the members of the royal family but it went pfft and the sultan opted to convert it to what it is now. 
It is a much bigger version of Shangri-la Hotel Mactan including a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Our host surprised us by booking us two nights in the hotel!! We were ecstatic with joy! The property and its facilities spell luxury with a capital letter L and I really had a great time using what I can among the resorts activities - used the Fitness Center, swam in the indoor pool, jogged around the complex and had a dip in their jacuzzi! I also looooovvvveee their bathroom!! I wish I could convert one of our bathrooms in the house to look it! This is the perfect place to unwind for the weekend!