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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rédaction Français du Jour: Les autres sont nous-mêmes

Si c'est vrai qu'on est ici a aider les autres, qu'est-ce que les autres faisant ici?

Les autres ici pouvait signifier nous-mêmes aussi.  Il y a un aspect interchangeable dans la définition des autres ici.  Simplement, c'est une rue à double sens.  Nous avons besoin tous aide à un moment dans nos vies.  Donc, c'est important que nous aidons les autres dans leur temps d'aide afin que quand c'est notre tour a demander pour aide, les autres aiderait nous aussi. 

Mi Diario en Español - Marso 31, 2011

*  Again, all the tenses are in the present because that's still where we are now.

Soy ocupado hoy!  Asigno las tareas de mis escritores.  Recojo mi amiga Mabel de City Hall y vemos a FF The Block a assistir a la clase HipHop de Clark.  Clark aúna las dos rutinas.  Hacen las dos rutinas antes.  Hay unos pasos de baile cuáles olvido pero me gusta la rutina y la canción  de Jennifer Lopez no es mal tambien.  Decido a assistir a Body Combat tambien desde Jury es un bien instructor.

Veo Dexter por la primero tiempo esta noche!  Me gusta! Ahora, quiero a ver todos los ciclos!  Medium es siguiente y la historia es bien tambien!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mulling on Doing a Fish and Vegetables Diet

I read this interesting article by Bum Tenorio in the Philippine Star yesterday where he stated that he had to go pesca-vegetarian (he eats only fish, shellfish and vegetables) so that his BP would normalize.  I don't know my BP though but what I know is during my last doctor check-up, the doctor said I was borderline hypertensive.  I love eating meat and I eat it everyday.  However, since I crossed over to the wrong side of 40, I was thinking of being moderate already with my meat intake.  Maybe go pesca-vegetarian three times a week, to balance out all that meat intake.  I think I'll consciously do that this week. Anyway, that would also help me lose weight!  Let's see how it goes....

What Fresh Graduates Should Have - From the Point of View of An Employer...

It's that season again here in the Philippines where another half a million young Filipinos finish college and trudge upon the employment line looking for that dream first job!  And like any employer, we cast our nets again this time hoping to be able to catch that 'perfect' fresh graduate who we think would be successful in our company, for the long haul.  So I got to thinking, what are the traits that I usually look for when I hire people and I came up with this list -

1.  Di siya mayabang.  You'd be surprised at how many applicants come across as 'know-it-all' or 'trying-hard-to-please'.  I prefer applicants with a quiet dignity in them, someone who is clear with what he has accomplished in school and knows the details of those achievements.  You say you were 'Best in Thesis' but you cannot detail to me the methodology you used - something's wrong with that picture!

2.  Trainability -  I always look for this.  I don't care if you're laude laude or president of the La Salle European Union Youth Organization or Miss PLM - I need someone who I think we can train.  I really prefer fresh graduates because they can still be molded according to our corporate culture.  I need someone I can train to work like how we do it in the company.  If I feel this person is too rigid or wants to please to much or is not clear with his past accomplishments, then he did not do much in college and may not be trainable at all.

3. Respectful, polite and courteous.  We are in the service industry so I need them to have these qualities even under duress. Otherwise, it's not a fit.

4.  Smart and resourceful.  It's difficult to work with someone who is not resourceful and who has no initiative.  That's why we hire fresh graduates because they bring in something new into how they do things and we pick on those ideas if we feel it can work for everyone.  Being smart is also important since our work needs some intelligence since it involves processing of information. 

Fresh graduates always complain that they have no working experience.  Just be clear with what you have achieved in college, whether academic or extra curricular. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Theatre Review: Atlantis' Production's Next to Normal is Gut-Wrenching and Superbly Performed

The themes of the musical Next to Normal are quite dark and depressing and frankly, it is a subject which is a bit alien to me right now - although, I was also there in that place about twenty years ago - so watching it was a bit difficult. 

However, the performances were all superb and topnotch, I could even daresay that we are much better than the ones who originated the roles (but don't tell the Broadway producers!)  Jett Pangan and his voice is a true gift from God!  (I am not worthy, I am not worthy!!)  I was in the front seat and I could see how he sings very effortlessly and he acts along with it too.  He has a poignant scene in the very end (with the equally fabulous Felix Rivera) and this is the first time that two men in a scene - almost made me cry!! I was just really holding back because I was in front and I was too embarrassed but a lone tear did roll down my right eye!  It's a very emotional scene because the transition from focusing on Menchu Lauchengco's character to Jett's was too drastic and sudden for me and that scene was really moving!

Menchu does most of the emotional scenes here so I think she should be very tired after every performance.  She didn't hold back today.  She's such a joy to watch since you can see the emotions etched on her own face as she's trying to grapple with the maelstrom of feelings that someone coping with depression feels.

Bea Garcia is cute and she has a wonderful voice.  She plays Natalie, the daughter, trying to cope with her Mom's depression.  She's definitely one of the best young actresses in theater that I've seen lately.  And she can act too!

I did review Felix's performance in my other blog - and so with Markki!  Just go to

Well, we all have been to a dark place at least at one point in our lives.  What we see in this musical are people coping with a loss so tragic, we wouldn't want to wish it on our enemies.  It does end positively though - for what is life without hope to extinguish the darkness!

Mi Diario en Español - Marso 26, 2011

*  El tiempo es en el presente porque estoy en nivel dos solamente, perdone.

*  Despues hablando con Alberto esta noche, decido a escribir un diario cotidiano para que puedo a practicar que un poquito español ya lo sé.

Vic, Laura y Dylan vuelven de Boracay esta tarde.  Laura quiere todavía a nader asi que mañana nadamos en Antipolo.  Miro un musical se llama 'Next To Normal".  Me el encanta!  Los actores son muy bien!  Esta noche celebramos 'The Earth Hour'.  Estoy en MOA donde ellos apagan las luces.  El lugar son tan oscuro! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dissing the Boss in Public!

I was quietly eating my dinner at KFC tonight when the group of guys in front of me were talking loudly about how much they hated their boss!  There were six guys all in all and each of them had something bad to say about their boss.  I could hear their complaints since their table was quite near to me and I could only smile quietly at what they were saying.

I too worked for a boss before and all I could say to those guys is - they have to put up with their boss or just look for another job!  If they have no choice but to stay in their current work, they can change their paradigm, and instead of being antagonistic with their boss, what they could do is kiss his ass!! Find his weakness.  Every person has a weakness or something that he likes a lot.  Find out what makes him happy. And give it to him!!  That way, the boss will look at you in a better light and not put you too much on the spotlight. 

Anyway, no boss stays in his or her position for a very long time. They eventually move higher in the organization or transfer to another company. So while he or she's still there, try to be on their good side. 

I Prefer Being Friends With the Ex

I was in the spa yesterday and I bumped into an ex from the 1990s.  We conveniently ignored each other.  However, next week, I am flying to HK to celebrate the birthday of my latest ex!  Such different reactions to two different ex's! 

The interesting thing is, I am friends with more of my ex's than those who I just ignore when I see them.  I think it depends on how we broke up.  If the break up was filled with acrinomy, then I never want to talk with that person again.  But if the break-up was less acrimonious, then the possibility of us being friends again is higher. 

Also, I do like to maintain the friendship since these guys are really people I like in the first place!  We have many similarities and we like the same things - so there's no reason to maintain the friendship.  Of course, it does not happen immediately since it takes time to heal the wounds.  But heal it does and some of my ex's are now good friends again.  We just try never to cross that line anymore from friendship to love - it just makes things more complicated.

It's Time to Get That Beach Body!

You always know it's summer here in the Philippines because the gyms are overflowing with people, especially the guys who hog most of the weights area, and the ladies in the GX room, frantically trying to shape their bodies for their scheduled trips to Boracay and all the other beautiful beaches here in this country.  Nothing wrong with that!  

There's always some pressure to look good especially that the Philippines has so many beaches and so many reasons to flaunt that beach body.  You can even check the posts in Facebook.  Everyone just wants to have that beach body for that perfect photo op.  

Oh well, nothing that some discipline and moderate eating cannot solve!  And of course, that much needed work out to burn the unwanted fats.  See you in the beach!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Week I Will....

Well, I got into the mood of writing down what I wanted to do this week, so here it is.  I am writing in third person because it is like someone is telling me what to do.....

1.  Watch your diet.  Avoid Coke and softdrinks when you eat outside.  Just ask for water always.  I have noticed many people just drink water, even in restaurants.  Also, just bring your water jug wherever you go, like you used to, even to movies so you can cut down on buying sweetened drinks.

2.  Follow Daily Working Schedule so you can finish the book by December and have enough essays for your French blog.

3.  Pay for all tickets in cash so that you won't use your card.  You need the card for your August trip with Mabel.

4.  Vary your workout schedule. Return to Greenhills on Mondays and add Hip Hop and Attack on Tuesdays.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Feast at the Chef's Table

Our good friends Wendy and Andy treated us to dinner at the Chef's Table Saturday night and the food was divine!  It's actually just Filipino food with a twist.  I am not really a food connoisseur. I just love eating! 

And eating I did - a lot! Well, I still could not get off my mind the laing, which they served as a pasta!  Yum yum! We even had two servings of it! And I just munched my way through it!

Then, the buffalo wings was also great!  We had two servings of it too!  The timpla was just spicy enough and the chicken was really crispy and meaty too!

We had so much food on the table that night, I was just sampling here and there!  I did like the liempo too!  The meat was tender and I like the timpla.

We all had the dalandan fizz to drink but don't be surprised with its color. It's dark brown - like canal water. But it tastes good!

Well, the dinner came with good conversation and lots of stories so we were all really full when we left the place!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Murder With A Funny Twist in '39 Steps'

This is the first Repertory play I've seen in a long, long time!  And I had a great time watching it!  I'm a big fan of Hitchcock's films but this doesn't veer into anything terrifying, instead it's so full of laughs - you'd be in awe at how these actors (especially Rem Zamora and Juliene Mendoza) segue into the different roles they play in this two-hour play.  You'd have to see it to enjoy it - I daresay they bring versatility to a higher standard!  Michael Williams and Liza Infante are both good too! 

Another thing that impressed me was the way they used the props! It's maybe because I haven't seen any play for years, I am now in awe at they resourcefulness theater people have in utilizing the barest of props and make us believe it's the real thing!  It just made watching this play even more enjoyable to watch!  For example, four chairs which serve as a backdrop in a political rally, turns into a car!  Or a 'train' can first be seen through the front and then in the next scene, is scene from the side!  Just make watching the play pretty interesting!

Another observation in some of the plays I've seen these past two weeks - I mean Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah - they now include the audience INTO the play!  For example, in the rally scene in Zsa Zsa, the 'crowd' went into the audience to rally them to join and support Zsa Zsa.  In this play, the actual chases occur where the audience is!  They even passed through my row!!  And during the political rally scene where people had to clap, one of the actors tapped me in the shoulder and urged me to clap - and I did of course! Another reason why watching plays now is more engaging!

Well, I am definitely looking forward to the next Rep play! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The PPO Elevates Verdi's Requiem!

The backdrop of the Japan tsunami last week and the impending nuclear meltdown there served to be the perfect offering of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) to the people of Japan, who are suffering so greatly now. 

I actually did say a short prayer during the performance, since Verdi's Requiem is actually a funeral mass which the great composer dedicated to one of Italy's best writers - Manzoni.  The performance was sublime and beautiful - flawless even, in my own amateur standards. The choir was fantastic - their voices booming across the CCP theater!  The soloists, two foreign sopranos and two Filipino tenors injected drama to this masterpiece.  Since I was just two rows from the stage, I could really hear the sound of their bass and their soprano notes and it was such a joy to hear.

Raul Sunico, who is now the president of the CCP, made a moving speech, offering it to the people of Japan.  Actually, the event also celebrated the 150th year of the unification of the Republic of Italy but I think it was also proper, considering the material performed, that it be offered to Japan.  Anyhow, Giuseppi Verdi is Italian so it was three countries celebrating sublime music tonight!

Olivier Ochanine: The Conductor of the PPO Looks Like A Rock Star!

I am so stupid!  I have been watching the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) at the Cultural Center of the Philippines for years now, but last year, I don't know why I stopped watching.  I think I missed a lot of good shows since I met the conductor of the PPO tonight, and I was shocked!  I was expecting a stern looking older guy, but the guy I saw looked like a freaking rock star!  You should see the muscles in his back when he conducts!  It's markedly defined and it shows through his snug conductor's uniform! 

I just read an article now from the Philippine Star that he was hired by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra April of last year!! So I missed so many shows which he conducted, INCLUDING one of my favorites - Samuel Barbers' Adagio for Strings!!  Anyway, it's never too late, and tonight, I got to see him conduct the PPO to Verdi's Monumental Requiem - an ambitious piece to take on - considering that it's about an 80 minute piece of work with no rest, and involved four soloists and a huge choir!  And the music was sad - it's a funeral mass after all.

Anyhow, he's a very theatrical conductor and you could really see him urge even the singers to do their best.  I am now looking forward to seeing more of him in the PPOs next shows.  There's only one left though, this season and I'm looking forward to it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

FABE Accessories: My Favorite Bib Necklace in this Collection

I actually haven't had the time to check all the pictures of our last fashion show but I found this picture of my favorite bib necklace in this FABE accessories collection!  I love this piece! I wore it to several of my parties last December and my friends were raving about it.  By the way, the model is Marco Bautista and I asked his permission if I could use his picture in this short blog. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Theatre Review: Care Divas - An Earnest Look at A Unique Kind of OFWs

Last Sunday, I brought Mama to watch the second to the last show of PETA's Care Divas, which some of my friends from the CCP has been telling me about. It's funny that I didn't know about this play, since the PETA theater is just a five-minute drive from the house! And I pass it almost everyday!

Anyway, Mama and I enjoyed the show very much! Mama could easily have been one of the divas in this play! Yun lang, wiz me pics kasi ako ang photographer, and we had to muscle in with many other fans who wanted their pics taken with the divas! I actually wanted to have a picture with the sole young guy in the cast, bwahaha! Oh well, missed opportunity.

The musical is very well-written and very well-performed and it's based on a very interesting premise. Five Filipino trannies who couldn't be themselves in the Philippines decide to work in Israel as caregivers, and there, the Israeli society accepts them as they are - trannies working as caregivers! There's some semblance of truth to that. Here in the Philippines, trannies are only accepted if they work in comedy bars. I haven't heard of any tranny working as a nurse. At least, it's not widespread.

Anyway, apparently in Israel, it's not a problem with them. As the musical wears on, they sing about their travails as OFWs there, the constant badgering from home for more money, the constant hide-and-seek with the immigration police for the illegals in their group - and the tragic love affair between one of them and an Arab illegal worker, and their dream to be performers in a big bar in Tel Aviv - which they realize but not in the way they wanted! Such heavy themes really, but it is made lighter and palateable since these divas make them funny and light-hearted!

There's even a scene where the mother chastises her son for supporting the Palestinian settlers!! Reminds me of that ship which the Israelis bombed because it was helping Palestinians! The debate rages even inside their own society!

Well, that Sunday morning was just pure fun and although I can wax another essay on my opinions about Israel and Palestine, I have a feeling their conflict will never end. Not in my lifetime, I think. There's just too much hatred still. However, Care Divas exuded understanding, love and concern and a better understanding of how trannies want to live their lives as themselves and become productive members of our society. We all want that, don't we, with or without that thick mascara and false eyelashes!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Theatre Review: Breakups and Breakdowns' Is Joel Trinidad's Confessional

Definitely one of the more talented actors in our local theatre scene, it is not surprising that Joel has come up with a musical so personal, it was like watching excerpts of his real lovelife on stage.  I watched Breakups and Breakdowns last weekend and I wished I could've watched it during the busy Valentine's season.  It would've provided the perfect atmosphere to a musical that shows both extremes of experiencing love.  The joy of finding the perfect person and the sadness that goes with having to break up with that perfect person.

In the musical, there are two characters whom we can classify as players, the male version, Derek (Reuben Uy), and the female version, Sandy (or Alex), played by Emerita Alcid.  In real life, we also have those slutty friends who become live magnets for disaster on weekends that we go out.  They are the hottest people we know but since they want to be desired so much, they just practically sleep with anyone who falls on their lap!  In the musical though, these two supposedly slutty people are actually the ones who find love and each other, and have the more stable relationship among the two pairs. 

The more tepid couple of Joel and his love interest (Carla Guevara-Laforteza) is actually the one that breaks up then makes up then breaks up then makes up once again.  I guess even in the ending, they just decide to become friends, which really sucks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Showcasing the FABE Accessories: Set 1

One of the stuff strutted in the last FABE LOVE Fashion Show were the FABE Accessories, all handcrafted by the designer Joy Fabe. 

This particular bib necklace was personally designed for me by Mama.  It was inspired by the necklace worn by the Bathing Ape owner in a Nylon magazine cover.

This bib necklace costs PhP2,000 and you make an order through

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Presentation of Filipino Food in Mesa

crispy pata
fish fillet
beautiful lamps in the resto's interiors
the lamp on top of our table
buttered seashells
buttered scallops, yum yum!
their delicious laing - two versions of it!
We decided on eating in a new restaurant tonight and this time, we chose the newly-opened Mesa restaurant in Morato.  The resto specializes in Filipino food and the presentation of the food is quite unique.  It does help that the food is delicious as well!  My favorite is the laing, which I normally don't eat! But their laing here is quite mild so I had no problems eating it.  I also loved their crispy pata which was really malaman!  The fish fillet was also delicious, especially that they have the perfect sauce for it!  The buttered seashells and scallops were also delicious!

Laura's First School Play!

Laura played her first role today in Miriam Child Study Center's annual school play entitled 'Isang Alamat'. She played a pineapple. She was so adorable in her costume and Ken did a wonderful job in making her make-up beautiful. We were lucky to be seated just in front of her at her side of the stage, and we were able to wave and cheer her on. She also waved back at us! She basically danced to the music, along with all her classmates from the First Step classes. The students wore different costumes and the whole production was fabulous! We don't have any video of it though, or pictures, since it was prohibited to take those inside, so all the pictures you have here are those taken behind the scenes!

Discovering the Yumminess of Dezaato Pan

Vic discovered another new bakery called Dezaato Pan, which you can find along Morato Avenue in Quezon City, just in front of McDonald's.  It's actually in the building where my dentist is!  We took pictures first of this cake before we sliced it since it looked so deliciously and exquisitely made.  In reality, it is not so sweet, but it should be perfect for those who don't want their cakes too sweet.  It is still delicious though, and there is a thin gelatin on the top which separates the chocolate under.

Vic also bought a box of bread from here, and they're a bit similar to Bread Talk but I think, more delicious!  I am not much of a fan of Bread Talk too since I find their bread too expensive since my bread taste is too simple.  But anyhow, I will eat whatever is available in the house, fancy bread or not!

Book Review: Charlaine Harris' Living Dead in Dallas

I just finished the second installment of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels - Living Dead in Dallas - and I still believe that the True Blood adaptation is more powerful and more interesting.  However, the second season of that series drew out too long on the maenad, but at least, Lafayette continued to live and have an interesting life in the TV series than in the book.  The TV series made several changes from the book version, which I think, made the series more interesting.  Lafayette not dying is one.  Then, that old vampire, Godric, became more interesting in the TV series because he became a savior.  In the book, he wanted his suicide to be used as some spectacle by that anti-vampire group!  Also, the maenad survives in the book, but dies in the TV series, since she's a really bad girl in it.  In the book, she is just as bad, but is allowed to live.

Anyhow, I am still looking forward to the third chapter of the book, as we go deeper into the lives of the other vampires, and the coming out of the werewolves!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Daily Expenses: March 7, 2011

Today, I spent a little for entertainment since I watched a movie. I did give in to my food cravings so it contributed to the increased amount.  Here are my expenses today -

1.  food - 300 pesos (US$6.93) - two brownies and two pizzas. The pizzas sucked though since it was not fresh.  I should not buy from Yellow Cab on weekdays since their pizzas are not fresh.

2.  movie - 200 pesos (US$4.62)  - Cinema 7 in Trinoma is now that expensive!

3.  Internet - 88 pesos (US$2.04)

                  588 pesos (US$13.59)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Four Ways I Fight Boredom When Working Out

Yes, exercising in the gym can get boring and there are days when I just don't find the motivation to go, especially if the branch I plan to go has no Body Jam classes.  But still, with the steep monthly gym fee of 3,000 pesos (US$69.35) a month, I have no choice but to use my gym privileges wisely.  So, on my 'off days', this is what I do to fight the boredom -

1.  The Group Exercises routine at Fitness First usually stay the same for a month, so what I do, I just limit a particular exercise to at most, twice a week.  That means doing Body Jam and Body Combat only twice a week so that I won't get bored with the routines.

2.  I 'emote' in gay parlance when I do the group exercises!  Even though the steps stay the same, I pretend that I'm doing it for the first time, or I find novel ways of doing it so that I won't get bored doing the same thing again and again!

3.  I try to go to another branch just to break my stupor. For example, now that I have Spanish classes in Taft, I go to FF Robinson's Manila and attend their Step classes, which other branches don't have. 

4.  I try another teacher.  Sometimes, being overly familiar with a teacher can bore me, so I try another one.  For example, if I attend the same yoga teacher again and again, I get bored with her style, so for at least a week in a month, I switch to another teacher in another branch, so that I would see how another person does it.  And in yoga, although you do the same poses, each teacher has his or her own way of helping their students attain the poses to the best of their abilities.

My Weekly Food Cravings!

This article was inspired by that essay Adel Tamano wrote on comfort food.  In my case, I divided my articles into two.  Foods I want to eat while watching a movie and this one - my weekly food cravings! Since no one cooks at home and since my mother was not really a cook, I am not really choosy with food and not very particular with presentation or taste.  I will just eat whatever is served to me.  Anyhow, I do like to eat, and every week, I try to go to these places just to please my taste buds.  Mind you, it's nothing pricey, since like most ordinary Joe's, I live on a budget.  But in any case, pricey or not, with food, it's the taste that matters!

1.  Yang Chow with egg and pork siomai

I have friends who don't eat in Chow King because they think it's a bastardized version of Chinese cooking, but I don't care.  I like their Yang Chow with egg and pork siomai!  So every week, after I get my massage, I would drop by their Morato branch and order the same set of meal.  Every week!  There's something about smelling the hot rice and pairing it with the pork that makes my stomach content.  It's not the food for a king but I like it!

2.  Pasta a la Romana - Cibo

On days where I have something extra, I drop by Cibo and get me some Pasta A La Romana.  It's simply pasta with Spanish sardines.  I know my cook could do this but instead of just wasting time copying the taste, I just drop by the resto and have me some of this!  I've been eating this for ten years now and the taste has not changed.  Cibo is very consistent with these things!

3.  KFC's brownies

It's funny but I go to KFC not to buy chicken (which I do sometimes) but to get some of their brownies!  Since Mrs. Fields's brownies can be expensive at times, I opt for KFC's version and satisfy my sweet tooth!

My Favorite Foods To Eat While Watching A Movie!

I don't like the popcorn of Taters and Muscle Beach.  They're pretty expensive and generic ad every time I buy one, I feel cheated because it's just not worth the expensive price!  Because of it, I had to discover other foods to eat when I watch a movie in Trinoma (which is the usual moviegoing place I go since it's near the house).  Well, here are my alternative choices to popcorn -

1.  Rocky Mountain brownie and the Peanut Butter brownie of Mrs. Fields

I buy these everytime I watch a movie in Trinoma.  I used to buy both at 75 pesos (US$1.73) each but now that I'm dieting, I just allow myself one serving of brownie for every movie.  I try to alternate it.  This brownie this week, that brownie next week.  Very hard to do!

2.  Two slices of Manhattan Meatlovers Pizza of Yellow Cab

Usually, when I haven't had dinner or breakfast yet, and I have to watch a movie na, I usually buy two slices of this pizza and it's always tasty!  Always!  I noticed though that if I buy on weekends, the slices are more fresh, compared to buying the slices during weekdays.  I guess the turnover of slices is faster on weekends so they have to keep baking! 

3.  Steak N' Cheese Sandwich of NYFD

I used to not like this place but since there were no other choices, I just had to buy from it (which can be very irritating when I watch movies in Greenbelt 3).  However, last year, I was really hungry and needed a heavy meal for the movie, and I asked the girl what she could recommend.  She said this one.  And voila! Finally, I found something I liked about this place!  Although in the picture it looks very generous, it's not THAT generous but it's very tasty and you could actually taste that leafy green vegetable in it!  So now, everytime, I need to eat heavy for a film, this sandwich is what I buy, especially if I'm watching in Eastwood!  And the meal comes with the French fries.  The fries are ok but it's the dips which are fantastic!  I usually just tell the girl to choose for me and they're always giving me good pickings!  I just let them choose because with so many choices, it confuses my mind and I'm not really into eating fries.
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