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Friday, May 25, 2012

Lady Gaga T-shirts for Laura and Dylan

We bought three t-shirts during the Lady Gaga concert.  They were expensive at 1100 pesos each (US$25).  We  also got a banner which resembled those marijuana like posters from Jamaica.  I still have to wear my shirt though since I had it washed first.  It smelled like it came from the factory.

Philippine Fashion Week 2012: Guapo ang Male Models, Chaka ang Female Models

After seeing the womenswear collection of some Dubai-based designers, my friend said that the female models were chaka and that the only model he liked was actually seating down - yup that was Sarah Meier - and she still looks hot! Wawa naman friend ko and all the heterosexual males sa audience. Well, on the other hand, the fairies and queens and roses , I'm sure, busog ang mga mata at puson! There was just a lot of male eye candy last night. If si Mama lang kasama ko, I would've had pictures with all of them. Masarap kasama si Mama that way e, makwela! Nevertheless, I just chose my two favorites among the sea of goodlooking men, and it was Hideo Muraoka of F&H and a young model from Holland. As for the clothes, naku, check niyo na lang online, may website ang PFW 2012. I'm sure will have lots of photos of them. Basta ako, ayun, just enjoying all the candy boys around! Off to dreamland na ako!

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PFW 2012: Victor Reading

We caught Victor Basa at the entrance of SMX MOA with his posse and gf Divine Lee. I actually liked him when he was still an active celebrity but just never got the chance to meet him in person. He looks much much better in person, even this photo does not do him justice. Translation: type ko siya! (Yes, I've heard the rumors!) He even asked about my tie ('or scarf?', he said). Kasi type ko siya, nablangko na ang utak ko, at di ko na maalala sagot ko, kainis!! Bat ba ganun noh?

PFW 2012: Hideo - Chunky Like Your Favorite Tuna!

It was a toss-up between Aljur Abrenica and Hideo Muraoka but we decided on the latter since we can sometimes see Aljur in Trinoma during the last full show.  Now, back to Hideo.  Seeing his HUGE almost naked body in an F&H billboard in Guadalupe before always made me want to reach out for the lollipop in my carseat drawer - makes you really want to suck on something!

PFW 2012: My Favorite Male Model of THAT Night

Hello everyone, meet my new boyfriend!!! 'Chos lang' In a sea of about 30 goodlooking male models, he was my favorite - and he's not even tall! Ewan ko ba, tumatanda na yata akong paurong - ganitong guys na ang type ko, to think marami naman kaninang matangkad na hunks in their 20s - signs na ba of a midlife crisis? He's actually very nice. Yun lang, he called me 'Sir'. 'Tito' na lang, ok? Tapos dinayalogue ko na ang chorus ng "Call Me Maybe" -- ooohhhh kaya niyo yun??

PFW 2012 BTS: Hamming It Up Like A Real Model

With all the models just pouting and looking serious, we hammed it up after the shows and pretended to be models ourselves - no smiling please!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bench Better Check Out this Hot Andrew Christian Underwear Ad!

I chanced upon this incredibly provocative underwear ad of Andrew Christian!  I don't think this ad will pass the very conservative standards here in the Philippines but I'm sure Bench can come up with a more staid version of this.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Good News: Malawi President Plans To Legalize Homosexuality

It's about time Malawi brings itself out of the Middle Ages and into the 21st century!  Why celebrate hate when love is a much better option.  Their newly-elected president, Joyce Banda is on the forefront of that decision.

Malawi President Plans To Legalize Homosexuality

Why Cigarette Prices Should be Tripled

Papa died of lung cancer at the young age of 49, and although Mama said it might be due to his work in the mines, I've seen Papa smoking ever since I understood what it was - so he has been inhaling all those poison into his body since he was a young man.

That's why I'm a staunch supporter for things that would compel people to stop smoking! So after reading this article, I not only support the move that cigarette prices be increased by 5 pesos each, I suggest they be priced three times their current price!  The article says some eye-opening facts and by increasing the price by that much, more of the poor will have reason enough to cut this unhealthy habit.  After all, they are the ones prone to suffer more when the effects of this habit kicks in as one grows older.

The biggest loser

Diet Talk: Control Your Blood Sugar

I'm actually eating oatmeal for breakfast now, just like what this article says, and frankly, I can feel the changes in my body.  I can't go into details because it's too embarrassing but all I can say is all the benefits are true!  Also, I've incorporated drinking calamansi sans water, just the concentrate - and I haven't had problems with colds and coughs - ever since I started doing it!  I guess Vitamin C is really important to our immune system.

Finally, I've asked my cook to include malunggay to our diet since I've read it's healthy for our body.  Ditto for broccoli!

Control your blood sugar (Conclusion)

Bravo to Miss Talackova!

Just being able to compete in the actual Miss Universe-Canada tilt should've been prize enough for Miss Talackova, but she made it as far as Top 12, so good for her!   Of course, she's not gay but a real woman now and her experiences differ a bit from that of a gay man like me.  But even then, she still exercised her right to be properly recognized and have the opportunity to join events that should have been open for her regardless if she was operada or not.  Kudos to the Miss Universe tilt for their support of the transgender community.  Frankly, I don't think Miss Talackova's experience would open the floodgates since there is actually a competition for transgenders.  I guess she just wanted to make a point - and I'm glad the people behind Miss Universe Canada showed the way.

Transgender beauty loses in Miss U tilt

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hiro Magalona: Another Tasty Twinkie

There are several young Magalonas in local showbiz already, with Elmo being the most popular, for the meantime.  Hiro Magalona is a cousin of Elmo's and a looker as well, tall and cute!  I saw him in German Moreno's Walang Tulugan last Saturday and he really stood out because of his height.  He's also in a local program called Tween Hearts.

Lauri Kalima: Finnish Track Hottie

Finnish 100 meter track star Lauri Kalima, not only runs like a cheetah, he's built like delicious muscular cheese you'd love to take a bite from!  You know all that's solid muscle!  I don't know though how good a runner he is but with a body like that, he can have a career as a model as well!