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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seeing Fitness First Branches Around the World

One reason I have been loyal to Fitness First all these years is because they allow a local member here, to use their member clubs abroad!  That alone, was a good selling point for me, since at that time, Vic and I were just prancing all over the world - and this set up, where I can work out anywhere in the world, was just too tempting to pass!

I remember joining Fitness First this exact day eight years ago, and as soon as I learned that we could use their member clubs abroad, I did not hesitate to get an international passport and see how the other clubs operated! 

Of course, Hong Kong was the first place I went to - and I promptly fell in love with the GX exercises, especially Body Jam!  And of course, being a Step addict in Manila, I was happy to see that they also had Step classes in different clubs abroad - so it was a joy for me to see other people from other races love the same thing that I did! 

Bangkok, Singapore and KL were next.  Bangkok had a fantastic Step and Hi-lo teacher whose moves were so unique and so clever that I would always always attend her class when I was in Bangkok!  I would even time my visits to Bangkok, to coincide with the schedule of her classes there!  Singapore was ok, but not very interesting.  Kuala Lumpur was very interesting because it was the first time I saw women doing exercises with head scarves and long sleeved shirts!! Fully covered!!  In time I got used to it, of course!  And there were many Indians too - or maybe, Malaysians of Indian descent!

Then came the Paris, London and Manchester visits, which were a bit of a disappointment since the clubs were smaller although the yoga classes and the Body Pump class which I attended were ok.

Shanghai is the last on the list and it was a very plush club set in a very plush mall.  It was a very interesting club for salacious reasons but I'm not going into that here.  I did attend a very good Step class teacher there and I really enjoyed his class too!

Oh well, those were the days of my gallivanting around the world just to see their local Fitness First clubs.  However, for me, the best clubs are still here!  Surely, there's no place like home!

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