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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Am Most Thankful For Today: Being Able to Watch Pitbull's Concert

I love watching concerts but they don't come cheap.  Last year, I spent almost 150K on concerts alone!  This year, I may have spent half of that amount but I haven't accounted for it yet.  Maybe I should, so I can really see the true picture.  Anyhow, I am thankful today that I got the chance to watch Pitbull's concert which was really a dance show, since we were practically dancing to each of his songs!  I've decided to get cheaper tickets nowadays so as to decrease the amount I spend for this luho, but still, it racks up to so much since I watch almost every show that comes to town!

My Look for the Pitbull Concert

Well, I have actually featured this yellow Ralph Lauren shirt before but since it was in my queue of clothes for the week, I chose to wear it to the concert tonight, because I like its vibrant color, especially that it was to be a great dance party!  

The pants that I wear here is always the pair I wear during concerts since it hides my camera.  Sometimes, the guards can be real assholes and prevent us from bringing concerts inside, so I normally hide it in a pocket on the side.

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The Bright and Vibrant Colors of Christmas at the Araneta Center

When we drove into the Araneta Center in Cubao tonight, we were met by these very beautiful figures all lighted in brilliant colours. It was like a scene straight from Little Mermaid! Anyhow, after the Pitbull concert, we decided to take pictures of them!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I Am Most Thankful For Today: November 29, 2011

What I am most thankful for today is my gym membership.  It's quite expensive at more than US$60 per month but I like it because, like today, I did three hours of cardio - from Body Balance, to Body Jam, to Body Combat!  I really enjoyed doing all three GX exercises and I'm quite happy that my 40-year old body is still holding up to the punishment.

My Look: November 29, 2011

Because of the warm weather, I wore another athletic shirt today, this time, one of my own (Fabe Clothing) from an earlier collections that I made - all Philippine-made, mind you! The cap though is from G.O.D. in Hong Kong, one of Vic's favorite stores.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

What I Am Most Thankful for Today - November 28, 2011

I've always wanted to have a mini-concert during my birthday but I couldn't quite find the singer to do the job for me.  Anyhow, my friend, Ryan volunteered to do it a few days ago and it got me quite excited since he'll be doing all ten or twelve songs - a full set actually!  So today, I decided to bring him to a karaoke place so I can find out if he had the voice for it or not.  And he has!  So, well, I am thankful to have him as a friend since now, someone is going to sing the songs I want to do for my birthday!  How cool is that!

My Look: November 28, 2011

Today, I decided to wear my comfortable red Adidas shirt whose design I replicated using other fabrics.  It has been with me for ages and it's quite comfy!  As for this tattered denim Sanuk sandals, well, Vic gave this to me since he didn't like it. I do!  It's quite comfortable and it's low maintenance - slip in, slip out - perfect for our tropical weather!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remembering My Working Student Days

I had to work while I was in university since the allowance Mama gave me was not enough - and there were also tuition fee worries to be dealt with - so it was a no-brainer that I had to work while studying.  

Well, I became a tutor of Math, English and Physics to many students mainly from the International School of Manila (ISM) and Brent IS.  It felt good since I was earning fine and I was also continuously using my mathematical and English skills. Also, I had to present all these things in a very clear and concise way so that my tutees would understand.

I tutored for almost three years and the only thing that I did not experience was a social life in college.  But anyhow, since I was in a college I did not like, and studying a course I wasn't interested in, that really didn't matter at all.

Fatal Attraction: One of My Ten Favorite Movies From the 80s

Fatal Attraction is probably the most terrifying non-horror movie Hollywood has ever released! I watched this movie in college already since when it was shown one year later here in the Philippines. Movie distribution in the 80s was not like what it is today. Glenn Close should've won an Oscar for this role but well, she may get it next year though, in Albert Nobbs. Her famous line, "I don't want to be ignored", surely did chills down the spines of many an errant husband.

Getting Inspired To Write

I found this interesting quip from Spanish writer Ruben Abella about who to write for. He said, "I don't think about them (the readers).  I have to write for an audience of one: me.  Fortunately, if my obsessions match with other people's, then good.  But I can't think about who is reading or not reading."

Well, that's exactly how I feel when I write.  I have to please myself first.  Whoever reads it is just secondary.  

Well, the article I read also delved into what language to write in since most Filipinos can actually write in Filipino or English.  However, like most educated Filipinos, I would prefer to write in English since I feel I could express myself better in that language, foreign as it may be to me, being a Filipino.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What I Am Most Thankful For Today, November 27, 2011

Starting today, I am planning on writing three daily articles, one, on what I am wearing for the day, so that it would force me to make an effort on how I look - second, on my daily resolution, so it would force me to change, at least minutely, habits or things I feel hamper my growth as a person.  Finally, I want to start a daily gratitude journal to make me realize the good things that I have, because sometimes, I do forget how lucky I am!

Well, for today, I'm thankful for my gift of writing.  It has always come easily for me to express myself through writing.  Now that I blog on different topics daily, the pressure to come up and express myself is getting stronger, so I'm really thankful that I can just put in words what I really feel about things. 

My Goals for the Week: November 27, 2011


It's Sunday, November 27, 2011, and I am setting my goals for this week.  I want to continuously improve myself and enjoy my life so I decided to do this on a weekly basis.  

1.  Change my workout by lifting weights 4 times a week, doing a whole body workout for 50 minutes, then doing 5 minutes for the warm up and 5 minutes for the core exercises.  I will also do the core exercises right after warming up and not after the whole work out.

2.  Start the first five shirts for my collection.
3.  Attend mass daily again as my Christmas gift to Jesus.

4.   Buy fruit so I won't have to eat sweets at night.  

5.   Start on the script this week since I don't have weekday Spanish classes anymore.

6.   Edit and continue with my book of essays.

7.  Read one hour (assign days for magazines and books) before I work at night.