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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Five Hunks That Currently Rock My World

This list is so overdue since I was supposed to release them last month before 2011 closed.  But anyway, better late than never!

Here are the top five guys that rocked my world in 2011 (in no particular order, actually) -

1.  Alden Richards - Well, I've been hearing about him for sometime now and I only saw him for the first time in the movie, The Road, and that was the first time I saw him act! And well, he can carry a role, although his cute looks could sometimes get in the way - (I mean, seriously, if a serial killer was that cute, he would kill a lot of gay men - God forbid that becomes a reality!)  But back to Alden, if he just plays his cards well, I seriously think he can have a career!  Because I'll be watching all his movies bwahaha!

2.  Markki Stroem - talk about being struck by lightning!  Markki is one of those guys who look infinitely much better in person!! Seriously!! And he's tall!! Well, about an inch or two taller than me - but still, taller than most matinee idols we have now!  I saw him personally after he did the musical Next to Normal - and mind you - he's really nice in person - or maybe because it was the theater crowd and actors can't afford to act snobbish - but well, he was really nice since I asked for several pics with him!!  I mean, gosh, if you pay 1600 pesos for a ticket - and I had to pay for two persons since someone has to take my picture - you'd be better be nice to me and give me my photo ops!!  But well, I do hope they give him more projects - movies or plays or concerts - because I'll be a glad consumer!!  And I'm sure I'm not the only gay man who likes him!

3.  Paulo Avelino - I know, I know, Paulo's looks could just be one of my classmates before in UP who studied in Xavier, or Ateneo or La Salle GH, but he has that shy, winsome smile that kinda makes a gay man look twice.  And he's a hardworker!  Of all the five guys in my list today, he's the one with the most projects!  I saw him first in Aswang, and then in Ang Sayaw Ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa, and when I was watching TV, he was in this fantaserye in Channel 2!  He's all over the place!  I guess, a wise gay manager and producer saw his potential - and I'm glad you did mare, whoever you are - Paulo's a keeper - and I will continue to support his projects - although I missed his Regal movie, busy kasi last Christmas....

4.  Rocco Nacino - at first glance, Rocco may not merit a second look from me, but when I saw him in Ang Sayaw Ng Dalawang Paa, I was amazed that he can actually act!  I mean, he actually knew how to give those meaningful looks for someone you really like but can't do anything about it (you'd have to watch the movie to find out who he meant those looks for) - maybe he has been there, that's why he knows how to do it, but really, compared to most of the pretty young things out today - this guy is not only cute - he can act - and for me that's important - that's why they're called actors - not lust-ors or porn actors......

5.  TJ Trinidad - TJ and I actually go to the same gym and I've seen him several times already - and yes, he looks just as hot in person as he is in the pictures!  I wish I had the courage to ask for a photo with him but well, kakahiya kasi sa gym!  Anyway, I saw TJ this year in The Road, and again, God forbid, a serial killer looks that handsome, patay, andaming beking mamamatay!  So I hope it just happens in the movies - and not in real life!  Producers, give this guy projects, I mean, seriously, he's been around the longest among all the five guys here in my list and he looks fantastic, he can act and I'm sure there's a mestizo role somewhere there in your movies or TV shows....I want to see more of him - and I mean not only in movie roles.....=)

A Belated Discovery in Prince Stefan

I have seen his sexy pictures before, I think I even bought the naughty magazine he did for these group of photographers specializing on these types of pictures.

But it is only now that I am beginning to like Prince Stefan, mainly because I think the guy can really act!  I first saw him in an episode of #TIMY and it was funny, because I was rooting for him and JC Reyes' character to give their relationship a go!

Pero marami atang arte ang character ni JC and their relationship was then cut.  So I stopped watching #TIMY.

Tapos, last Wednesday, I saw him in the movie Working Beks, and still, the guy is a natural actor.  His face can say a thousand things unlike many of the more popular actors we have now.

Anyway, ganun talaga ang showbiz, it's not always about the talent.

I hope he gets more projects whether on TV or in the movies.  And we don't mind if he exposes skin in all of them.  He has a strong sex appeal!

Working Beks: Putting Gay Issues on the Spotlight

I watched the movie 'Working Beks' today and it was fun to watch five different gay characters go through issues which gay men face these days.  The film though doesn't look like a whole movie but more of a hodge-podge of five different stories that have barely threadbare connections.

I have two favorite scenes in the movie.  The first one was when Edgar Allan Guzman's character comes out to his mother, played by Raquel Villavicencio.  Definitely brought some tears to my eyes.  The second one was the scene where Joey Paras was undergoing some kind of anti-gay therapy and he was asked to shout "I want vagina" again and again!

Another story thread details the outing of a popular heartthrob, which in a way, pokes fun at certain big TV studios ways of protecting the heterosexuality of their male wards.

Well, TJ Trinidad has a short shower scene showing his nice hairy body and Prince Stefan shows his shirtless body several times and even has a well-choreographed and subtly-lighted penetration scene.  That's where all your 202 pesos went.

Of all the actors in the movie, I liked John Lapus' portrayal the most, maybe because it was the first time I've seen him do a subdued role, as opposed to the histrionics he is wont to do in his other movies.  It was great to see him rein in everything and play his character with quiet dignity.

This movie may play well within the LGBT community but I don't know if the straight crowd will watch it.  One good thing though about this movie is that it puts on the centerstage such issues as the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the country, and the discrimination of openly gay employees.

Landian Talk: Hot Gay Gym Couple

Muntik akong maglandi to this young cute guy in the gym kanina when I realised that he's part of a couple pala - one of the odd matches I've seen in the gym lately.
Kasi this guy is around 5'4, very compact body, moreno, really nice chest parang MMA fighter with a jologsy face and owlish eyes. Hindi gwapo but may sex appeal.
His bf naman is around 5'8, tisoy, and has the most exquisite nose I've seen for sometime. Parang TJ Trinidad with a fabulous nose!

If you ask him to profile his face sideways, you would see what I mean! Nice cheekbones, beautiful nose, a patrician face if there was one!
If he were my bf, he would be my Rudolph because it's irresistible not to kiss that nose, among other parts of his lean body!
Anyhow, I find this couple wonderful because unlike many gay couples in the gym who never show affection for each other even if the world knows magjowa sila, these guys show affection to each other, but not in a scandalous PDA way.
Very subtle, very sweet, simple movements that show that they care for each other. Alam mo talagang into each other sila.
I noticed it nuon kasi our lockers are always magkatabi and it took me about five seconds to realize that couple pala sila!
They did it again today, they were both facing the mirror, the moreno guy in the back of the tisoy guy and they were so sweet, making punas with the towel and fixing the hair, it was like watching JaDine but this time guys lang.
I definitely hate them and am insanely jealous that two mismatched looking guys can be so in love.
Parang gusto ko maging Glenn Close ng Dangerous Liaisons and play the merciless Marquise de Merteuil - destroy the essence of this couple's true love and be the Vicomte de Valmont as well, and seduce owl eyes (or mr. aquiline nose), staining his purity and innocence and opening Pandora's box of lust and hedonism!
Ayan, when the world of fiction collides with real life!

Pickpockets and the Pasko Season

Ingat pala kayo sa mall guys. I was just pickpocketed last night in Market Market.
I just bought bread at one of the outdoor stalls and went straight to the mall when I discovered that the three zippers of my knapsack were open!
Buti na lang I don't keep my main wallet and my cellphones there. They're usually deep inside the knapsack.
Yun lang, they got my coin purse - which Laura gave to me pa naman huhu.
The coin purse contained maybe around 100 pesos of coins pero naiinis pa rin ako sa audacity ng mga pickpockets.
There were many people last night kasi Friday night and it was drizzling so people were using their umbrellas, so I think it was a perfect camouflage to steal.
Ambilis! The walk from the bread stall to the mall would be around 3-5 minutes considering the crowd and it happened during that window of time, kasi I paid for my bread with the money from the coin purse pa e.
Tanga lang kasi I placed it in the second zipper, kaya natangay!
To think I now maintain a "pauwi na security guard look" when I go out para I look nondescript to people, yun lang I realized my knapsack is a Samsonite pala - and Samsonite bags have very smooth zippers!
Kaya I'm sure nag-enjoy yung mga pickpocket kasi ambilis buksan ng knapsack ko huhu!
So be careful everyone, Pasko na rin kasi so these thieves can easily blend with the shoppers and the office people na pauwi.
I could just imagine how many cellphones and wallets these people get from the Market Market crowd every night.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Curling on our Local Cable Sports Channel

I was just channel surfing tonight and I was so happy to discover that the Eurosport channel features one of my favorite sports - curling!
And it's a major tournament - the men's European Curling Championships in Scotland!
I discovered the sport during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and it's such a strange sport to watch but I was hooked!

Yves Saint Laurent's Photos at SM Aura

These beautiful black and white photos of Yves Saint Laurent's first couture show, when he was just 26, were on display last week at SM Aura.
I have read two of his biographies and seen two movies about his life and among the designers, he is one of the most influential and probably one of the most fragile as well.
I don't know if this age of fast fashion can still have room for true artists like him. In an age where every woman or gay man can become his or her own fashion template, it would take the discerning eye of real artists to be able to separate the wannabees from the truly talented.

Enjoying Anna Karenina

Now that Du30 is professing his love for Russia, here I am thoroughly enjoying Leo Tolstoy's romp into Russian high society.
The setting may be aristocratic Russia 200 years ago, but the truth is, everything here is as relevant now, and I admit, I am as scandalized by the lead characters' lack of shame, and perhaps, naivete, in pushing her own agenda.
I realized now that Russian high society was even more interesting than the French or British high society - at that time. The class divisions are even more marked since Russia had a big peasant population at that time.
You'd think British or French high society were snobbish? You haven't met the Russians! No wonder the Communists had all of them shot!
Talagang Kardashian, kung Kardashian! These are definitely Kim's predecessors!
Tolstoy is such an expert novelist, everytime I pick this book, I feel like I am one of the Russian aristocrats eavesdropping on the lives of their gentrified set. Feeling ko may moustache din ako and may personal valet, tapos may stable din ako ng horses!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Another Dinner Treat at Blue Rocket Cafe

I love our area!  There are many new dining choices and one does not have to go to the mall anymore to celebrate birthdays.  

Once again, another group of friends of mine celebrated their birthdays at Blue Rocket Cafe which is near our house, just about 5 minutes drive!

I was feeling sick that day but their hot calamansi juice did wonders!  I regained my taste buds!  Now, I can eat again with gusto.

Below are some of the food choices we made that night!