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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leccion Espanol Day 4: Conjugating The Spanish Verb -ar

This is our fourth meeting today for my level 1 Spanish lessons and we have really buckled down to business.  After simple greetings and the Spanish alphabet and spelling in Spanish, today, we started conjugating the present form of all Spanish verbs ending in -ar.  For example, cantar, which means to sing, is conjugated as canto (I sing), cantas (You sing), canta (He sings), cantamos (We sing), cantais (You sing) and cantan (They sing).  We were told that we did not have to put the pronoun in front, anymore, since the language is designed in such a way that the form of the verb will tell you who the subject is.  Tres cool, don't you think? We did a lot of conjugating today, and after that, we had to translate several sentences into Spanish.  The good thing is, it wasn't so difficult to translate them!  Next meeting, we will do the verbs ending in -er and -ir.
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