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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Overcoming Shyness

Yeah, my friends would not really believe that I'm shy but I do get pangs of it sometimes and this year, I've really decided to be more friendly and more open to people.  Being shy really just robs you of getting to know more people and have a richer life!  These past two weeks, though not really 100% successful, I guess, I'm slowly bringing down that shy barrier.  

I am always afraid that I might embarrass myself in front of other people, but I've realized that it's true for everyone anyway.  So now, if I know someone or recognize someone, I really make sure to make eye contact or wave and say hi and make small talk.  Every day, I make it a conscious effort to get to know people and not be in the corner and be shy and quiet.  The world really becomes more interesting if we get to know more people since each person really is unique!

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