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Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Day of Spanish Class at Instituto Cervantes

It's a pity I only took Spanish now.  It's a pretty language to learn and I think, a walk in the park compared to my French lessons before.  No surprise there for obvious reasons - my dialect, Bisaya, has so many Spanish words, add to that some Spanish words in Tagalog, I'm set to learn the stuff quickly.

The Instituto Cervantes here in Manila is really built like a language school!  The classrooms are equipped with all the audiovisual equipment needed to teach a language and are well-lighted and conducive to study.  I haven't been to the library yet since I'm still in level 1, but I should explore that place as I go higher.

We were lucky to get a Spanish teacher for the first day, but unfortunately, he said he was just the substitute and we will meet our real teacher next week.  Also, our present class will be divided into two since we were more than the allowed number of 20 students.  Oh well, I hope Kevin and Anna, my seatmates go with me to the new section.  Anyhow, time to meet interesting people once again!
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