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Monday, October 26, 2015

Josh and Tanner: This Amazing Race Season's Hunks

Every season, or at least once in a while, the people behind the Amazing Race has one pair of hunks just to titillate its gay viewers.  This season, it's Josh and Tanner.  Just like the other alpha male pairs before them, they are very competitive - but the race isn't over till it's over, so even if they seem to be the team to beat, so many things can happen from now till the last pitstop.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Walking Dead Zombie Weekend for the Kids

It was a Walking Dead zombie Halloween weekend for the Fabe babies!
Ayun, they finally experienced the zombie apocalypse and they both completely freaked out!
Laura had such a funny story to tell when only she and Dylan were left in a room full of zombies!
When they left the cage 20 minutes later, both their cheeks were reddish pink, di ko alam if from the heat inside the zombie cage (aircon naman daw) or from sheer fright!
They want to go inside again this Thursday. I hope they fare better next time.
They both admitted that if their experience were a real zombie apocalypse, they'd both be dead na.
Pano, paglabas na paglabas pa lang, they were both arguing na on what to do and they said, since it was a bit dark inside and they only had flashlights, they didn't know where the clues were and what to do, and when they were reading it aloud, ayun, lumabas na ang mga zombies, ready to attack them!
Nagkanya-kanyang diskarte na sila imbes magtulungan!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Becoming A Ninong in a Kasal for the First Time!

I have really crossed to the other side na.
I have been invited to be a ninong in a kasal for the first time in my life!
When I was younger, I always associated being a ninong (or ninang in a kasal for that matter) to much older people or politicians or those running for public office.
I never expected to take on the role so early, but Mama said not to turn it down because it's a blessing to become one.

A Typical Saturday Night for Me

Gone na are the Saturday nights where I would be in a club somewhere in HK or BKK partying the night away, meeting them gorgeous boys.

Nowadays, this is a typical Saturday night for me. 

I told Mama about this and she said "Just enjoy them when they still want to hang out with you."  

"When they become teenagers, they will avoid being seen with you in public and will prefer the company of their friends. They will only want to see you when they want their allowance." 

Parang ganun nga kami nuon, aray ko po!

By the way, Dylan is the one shrouded in the blanket.  I think he feels the room is too cold and chooses to watch his Ipad that way.  Laura says my room is as cold as a hotel room.

A Big Fan of IT Figures Host Richard Herrera

 The last time I saw Rich Herrera was during one season of Amazing Race Asia.  It's too bad they have discontinued the show.  It was one of my favorite TV shows when it was still on.  Rich is definitely one of the sexiest Asian men I know!

David Belle: Parkour's Founder is Uber-Hot!

I was watching Paul Walker in his last movie tonight in HBO, Brick Mansions.  Paul is very sexy himself but the guy I actually noticed was David Belle, whom I later learned, was the guy who created parkour!  No wonder first scene pa lang, parkour na kaagad. David is definitely uber-sexy!

Building A New Business in 2016

After years of looking around at different office properties in the Timog-Morato area, I finally found a nice office condo for my tutorial and language center!
I was actually looking for a property that we can rent-to-own since I don't want to be paying office rent since it's just money down the drain.
One part of me is very excited but the other part of me is also very anxious.

I haven't built a new business in 7 years. I feel really rusty.
I have to regain that fearlessness and that "I can do anything" feeling.

Friday, October 23, 2015

How My Guardian Angel Saved Me From Losing My Wallet in Hong Kong

Muntik nang madisgrasya ang bakasyon ko kahapon.
I have this bad habit *kasi of wearing loose shorts so much so that its contents would fall off. It happened in Manila but I was lucky that Laura spotted my wallet.
So yesterday, wearing those loose shorts, as I was fumbling through my bag while in a queue for the tennis tickets, I realised I could not find my wallet! Nataranta lola mo so I had to run back to the Internet cafe which was the last place I went to before going to Victoria Park.
OMG! Since di makatakbo lola mo, I had to walk briskly, and even if my legs were killing me, I was worried about somebody getting the wallet!
Alam mo yung ang hapdi hapdi na ng paa mo pero the adrenaline is so strong parang gazelle tumakbo from the park to the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay!
Normally, I would not freak out *kasi I would have some cash stashed in the hotel safe and the ATMs and cards are replaceable *naman. *Yun lang, this trip, since HK lang *naman, I depended heavily on my ATMs. In other words, *walang cash lola mo!
And everything was in that thin wallet - Octopus card, local and international ATMs, a little cash - so *umiiyak na ang lola mo habang tumatakbo *dahil ang tanga-tanga ko!
So when I reached the Internet cafe, I went straight to my chair and computer and found out that they cleaned it already! I checked the desk and the keyboards and under the table.
No wallet. I wanted to go to the counter and ask but I said, check again, more carefully, this time.
Lo and behold, andun ang aking wallet sa gilid ng chair near the armrest. It fell out my shorts *nga!
Di ko agad nakita, kasi the color of my wallet was green. And the color of the chair's upholstery was - *ayun green din. Nag-camouflage *sya kaya *pati ang internet staff, missed it.
Whew! Ayun, after I saw it, nagpasalamat sa *mga *suking santo at kay Mother Mary and kay God na din for saving me from my stupidity!!
Normally *kasi, when I leave a place, I check for my wallet, passport and cellphone. That time, since *gutom na lola mo, I failed to do my usual checking, *basta na lang *umalis!
Thank you guardian angel for the camouflage!

I Wish We Would Learn How to Queue Properly

I am posting this picture to show to you how further evolved the Hong Kong people are in terms of respecting queues and being considerate to people who came ahead of them.
It was 7:40PM at McDonald's Causeway Bay and the queue was long since only one counter was open and it was dinner time.
When the manager opened a new counter, the guy behind the left counter transferred to the newly-opened counter - and nobody followed him. What happened was, each time, the customer in the right counter finished, whoever was behind the customer in the left counter would just transfer.
Talk about respecting the queue and being considerate to whoever came ahead.
I am pointing this out because every weekend in the Trinoma cinemas where the queues are long, whenever the guard opens a new counter, you know what happens, ang mga animal sa likod biglang tatakbo sa harap, walang pakialam na there were people ahead of them.
And if you point this out to the guard, ayun, he would just shrug as if to say, "Ganun talaga bossing, wala akong magagawa."
And this is the Trinoma crowd ha, hindi eto Tondo crowd! You'd think may mga pinag-aralan tong mga taong eto at nag-iEnglish English pa.
We have such a long way to go to evolve as a people. Simpleng pila lang, we cannot even respect the person ahead of us.
We just always think of ourselves.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Peaceful Resting Nook at Fitness First Exchange Square in Hong Kong

There is an interesting nook at Fitness First Exchange Square. The men's changing room has this lounge where the guests can actually sleep!! And nobody bothers you.
That's me, resting my feet after doing Leo's Body Jam. It also has a great view of Hong Kong's Central district.
The lounge chair, by the way, is so soft and is relaxing to the body.

Nice Workout Clothes from Fitness First Exchange Square in Hong Kong

I love their Fitness First shirt here. Para talagang Climacool ang fee and it drapes my shoulders well. Tinakpan ko na tyan ko dito for obvious reasons.
They also give you shorts and socks, plus the usual big and small towel. Gaya sa atin though, you have to demand for it.

Passing By My Favorite Haunts at Lan Kwai Fong

Reminiscing About Lan Kwai Fong

When people talk of Hong Kong, it's usually about Disneyland, Ocean Park and the shopping.
So when my friend asked me last weekend to show him around HK, I showed him the HK I knew best - Lan Kwai Fong and its party places!
My God, he was so patient and fit to be bringing his luggage and going from place to place to place that brought back lots of good memories from me.
From places where I used to eat, to the Fringe Club, to the Opera Gallery and to the naughty places where guys like me want to hang out, I showed Amos, my version of HK.
And none of them would rate General Patronage. R-13 siguro, at least.
I told him, when we travel here, we sleep during the day and wake up at night - and hit the clubs! We've met so many wonderful people from around the world and sure beats clubbing in Manila!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why Don't We Have Schweppes Cream Soda in Manila?

We don't have this in Manila. Why kaya? It's distributed naman by Coca-Cola.
Anyway, this is bad for me but sometimes, maybe once or twice a month, I want to satisfy my craving for it.

Cheap and Delicious Food at Ikea Bistro Causeway Bay

Loved the meatballs and chicken salad at Ikea Bistro in Causeway Bay!

Eating Beef Rendang in Hong Kong

Thanks Andrew for the lunch treat during my last day in Hong Kong!
You were very perceptive enough to notice that I wanted Malaysian food. Sayang, I discovered there is beef rendang pala in Lan Kwai Fong!
Masarap pa naman! Tamang-tama lang ang pagka-spicy nya.

Causeway Bay at Midnight

Everyday I went home at midnight since I have to work and write and since wala pa kaming wifi sa flat na pwede for a laptop, I had to rent in an Internet cafe in Causeway Bay.
I just took these random pictures near my exit in CWB because every night, there's just so many people still out in CWB!

My Saturday Body Jam Family in Trinoma

I did Body Jam 74 for the first time with the Saturday group here in Fitness First Trinoma!  Tin brought with her several new instructors including her mentors, Jing and Marlex.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Next Dream: To Build Something Like the Hong Kong Fringe Club

Kahit matanda na ako, I still have some dreams to fulfill and one of them is to build something like the Hong Kong Fringe Club.  

This is exactly the concept that I want to apply in Manila.  Yun lang, I know I can't use the word "Fringe" kasi that's already associated with art that is on the fringes, yung mga "weird" art ika nga.

It basically has an art gallery, a space for theatre plays, dance studios upstairs for tango classes and a bar for jazz and rock music, not the top 40 type of music ha, but the more eclectic ones for the more sophisticated audiences.

It's very tiny for Manila standards kasi super mahal real estate sa HK island e but I love how they partitioned everything and made use of the space.

Anyway, they renovated the place now and it looks much much better than the last time I visited them .  The gallery is now more spacious and it has also become the de facto lobby for the people watching theatre plays.

They also separated the entrance of their bar which is good as well.

I hope to find a place like this in Manila, preferably in a property that we own, para no more rental worries.  It's basically a place where artists can gather to show their work - whether they be into paintings, sculpture, photography, theatre, and music.

Revisiting the Opera Gallery in Hong Kong

This used to be our suki gallery here in Hong Kong.  Contrary to what many Pinoys think about the rudeness of HK's sales people, we were actually treated very well here.

I want to visit again but wala budget e and the paintings and sculptures here are tagged in HK$ so magmumultiply ka pa!

They transferred as well but I like how they designed their new location.  The whole facade shows the paintings they are showcasing.

It was here that I saw the works of Fernando Botero and Damien Hirst.  We forgot lang to ask if they carried Pinoy artists pero before kasi, di pa tayo masyado naka-breakthrough until Ronald Ventura's sensational auctioned piece!

I'm sure now, meron na sila.

Too Early to Party at the Zoo

Amos, you are too early! Wala pa ang mga masasarap na hayop.
At least, you're already dressed up to party!