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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leccion Espanol: The Verbs -ir and -er

It was another busy day of conjugating - this time, we did the -er and the -ir verbs, mostly the regular ones.  We did both simultaneously, so it's taking a bit of time for me to have all these conjugations sink in.  To think this is just the present tense!  Also, there are some quirky verbs like coger (to put) which transforms to cojo when conjugated in the first person present!  Whew, so many things to remember!

What I like about our teacher Mila though, is she drills us with a lot of oral exercises.  Like today, we had to reintroduce ourselves, but this time, we had to use the verbs - conjugated properly of course, in our introductions!  So my five line introduction in the first day of class - has turned into a novel!  Anna, my seatmate even said, I already told the story of my life!  Oh well, that's me!  If I can use the word, I will.  Better to practice it when the teacher is there, so she can correct me if I'm wrong.

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