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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Red Ribbon's Empanada: Food Discovery of the Week

I usually do not like empanada, since most of the crusts that I've eaten are too hard or crumble to pieces.  Add to that the filling which is not so delicious - so I usually just decline any offers from friends to eat empanada.

But not Red Ribbon's empanada! The dough of the crust is yummy, and the palaman, the chicken and all the other stuff in it are tres delicious!  Vic bought four boxes which we brought to a children's party, and when I ate it, I was so taken by the delicious taste!  Vic eventually gave me one of the boxes containing about five pieces, and I consumed it all in a span of two days!  It was filling and delicious and is a perfect snack for those class breaks I will be having in Spanish class.

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