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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leccion Espanol: More Exercises for the -ir and -er Verbs

What I love about Mila, my Spanish teacher, is that she gives us a lot of exercises to work on, and makes sure that those rules sink in properly.  That is pretty important since conjugation is an important skill especially when we communicate.  For today, we concentrated on doing the present tense conjugation of the -ir and the -er verbs.  I still make some errors in it since it can be confusing, especially for the vosotros part of -er verbs. 

Today, we also did several oral exercises, where Mila encouraged us to do dialogues in Spanish with several useful phrases, which can initiate conversation with a Spanish person.  Also, we did the longer version of our self-introduction and I included parts of my personal life story.  I just wanted to use the different conjugation of the verbs, using the Yo, Ello, and the Vosotros subjects.  That made my introduction more interesting, at least for myself.

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