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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Daily Expenses: January 19

Well, I didn't have too many expenses today.  I decided to bring baon and water to my Spanish class so I wouldn't have to spend too much on their expensive cafe there.  Today is massage day though so I did spend some money today.

1.  parking at Instituto - 115 pesos (US$2.59) - The parking fee of Instituto (60 pesos) is probably the most expensive parking place I know!  Imagine paying this much when I just parked between 12:30PM and 4:14PM!  Wow!  I could park at SM North the whole day and I'll just pay 45 pesos! The extra 55 pesos was for the ABS-CBN parking.

2.  massage at New York Spa - 850 pesos (US$19.10)  Actually the massage just costs 750 pesos.  The extra was my tip.

3.  food - 138 pesos (US$3.10) - I had the urge today to eat Yang Chow rice so I went to Chow King and mixed it with pork siomai.  Yum yum!

            1103 pesos (US$24.80)

I also learned today that if I had my parking ticket validated at the New York Spa, I could get my parking for free, at least for the first three hours!  Cool!

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