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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'Boyhood' A Quiet Introspective Masterpiece

It was great to see that there was a sizeable audience to 'Boyhood' last night, kahit last full show na sa Gateway cinema. I think director Richard Linklater has a sizeable fan base here in Manila even though his movies would put to sleep many of my friends, so unless they like movies where people just talk, don't bother to invite them.
'Boyhood' is a movie where people who are raising children (that's me yes!) can relate so much and teenagers who just graduated from high school and is now entering college. It's also a movie for single mothers who would surely love this movie and would may be cry from time to time, depending on the scene they're watching - maybe even OFW fathers who only get to spend a little time with their kids (kasi Ethan Hawke's role here is basically an every other weekend Dad).
I found myself reacting to many scenes in the movie, especially because parents sacrifice so much (time, money, their dreams) just to raise their children and make sure they don't turn out to be serial killers.
My favorite scene happened towards the end when the lead actor was leaving and taking all of his things since he was going to college and Patricia Arquette kind of breaks down and cries. I think that scene alone should get Arquette an Oscar nom. I wouldn't be surprised if the lead actor and Ethan Hawke would also get one.
The movie is currently sweeping most of the Best Picture and Best Director critic awards in the US right now and it's a sure shoo-in for those Oscar noms. The movie is long at 2 hours and 40 minutes but it's a beautiful snapshot of someone's life since he was around 5 years old until he gets to college.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Diamonds and Haute Couture Save Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco

Diamonds and Chanel and Dior haute couture save Nicole Kidman in her movie Grace of Monaco. 

If you want to be a fashion stylist and want to see how real glamour looks like, better watch the movie Grace of Monaco, which is showing now in Manila theaters.  It's fashion and diamond pornography at its best.  It's like watching the movie version of Sex and the City, only this time, you are in the south of France, in the principality of Monaco.

I rarely watch movies here in Manila when they're screened on the first day, but I was a bit worried that Grace of Monaco would disappear the next day, I had to call Mama and we both watched Nicole Kidman essay the role of the elegant Princess Grace.

Well, although the historical events and all those famous figures hovering around the movie would've made for compelling and interesting cinema, this movie's one big yawn.  What kept me awake were those exquisite diamonds Nicole was wearing - and those fabulous clothes the costume designers asked her to wear!  

Grace Kelly was a major icon of her era - so to see her and her royal court lavishly and slavishly recreated in the big screen was such a treat for me!  Wouldn't be surprised if this movie snagged a nomination for Best Costume Design in next year's Oscars.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

One Night of Fun with the Airdance Troupe

Once in a while, I get to attend intimate performances which allow the audience members to be at a close proximity to the performers.  What made the dance performance of the Airdance troupe more special was that it was a modern contemporary dance performance, which is a rare occurrence in Manila, as most of the shows that are related to dance here are either of the classical variety or the ones you see in popular noontime shows like Showtime.

I am not an expert on dance technique but I was very impressed by the performance of the group - the fluidity of their movements, the fearlessness of their performance, the diversity and the heartfelt themes that they chose which young people could easily relate to, the relative youth of the troupe, the interesting choices for their music and background, and the wealth of talent in the group.  This is actually in stark contrast to the modern dance performances that I see abroad where I sometimes leave the theatre bewildered and wondering what the hell the dancers were trying to tell me.  I don’t read the prepared synopsis kasi until after the show since I want to figure out things for myself rather than be conditioned to expect something.

It is no surprise that the Airdance dance troupe was also chosen to represent the country in an international dance event in Singapore.  They move very confidently and it’s as if their instrument is hardwired to their hearts.

It's a pity I wasn't able to invite more friends to watch the show as I believe many of my even younger friends who love to dance hip hop would be able to appreciate the show and see another form of dance - a more pure expression of one's emotions and feelings.  I believe that with a strong foundation in modern contemporary dance, these kids can contribute more to improving their hip hop moves than just copying what they see in Youtube.

Thanks Ely Bautista for giving me the invite.  It was also fun to see some of my friends Honey Mata and Heidih Pang really enjoy the performance.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hard Talk with Jessye Norman: My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

I rarely see opera diva Jessye Norman get interviewed, so it was such a thrill for me to see her get interviewed in BBC World's Hard Talk.  Norman was a very refreshing guest to watch as she recounted her days during the segregation in the American south.  She also downplayed the snooty nature of opera.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending October 3, 2014 -

#1 BBC World - Hard Talk with Jessye Norman

#2 CI - Evil Twins - twins defrauded the US Department of Defense

#3 AXN - Amazing Race 25 - US Virgin Islands - 3 teams can't use compass

#4 beTV - Everybody Loves Raymond - Muhammad Ali letter lost

#5 beTV - Hollywood Unzipped Stylist Wars - black book photo shot

#6 beTV - Hollywood Unzipped Stylist Wars - t-shirt - artistic integrity

#7 GMA-7 - Front Row - burn victims bata

#8 beTV - Men at Work - beautiful woman writer

#9 CI - Deadly Wives - 61 year old woman puts her husband in a carpet

#10 Cinema One - Gina Alajar - Cherie Gil - white men boyfriends

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dennis Trillo in Ang Katiwala

I'm watching Ang Katiwala on Fox Filipino with Dennis Trillo as the katiwala - and it's this slow, plodding movie that's supposed to be a horror story.
Such a waste really.
If I were the producer of this movie - with Dennis Trillo as the only main character portraying a katiwala - he'll be shirtless most of the time - in various stages of undress in his scenes - and the movie will be a psychological horror thriller bordering on soft porn.
If I have to shell out half a million pesos for an indie movie like this, might as well get my money's worth! Why waste the talents of a hot actor who can also act!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Haunted Encounters on Lizzie Borden: My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

An episode of Haunted Encounters on the story of Lizzie Borden is my most favorite TV show for this week.  I think it was a Thursday night when I watched all of these ghost stories TV shows and it was a lot of fun!  I really enjoyed it!

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending September 26, 2014 -

#1 CI - Haunted Encounters - Lizzie Borden

#2 CI - Celebrity Ghost Stories - Alan Thicke Russian hotel

#3 CI - Heineck Girl - black girls victims

#4 Solar Sports - Wozniacki vs. Timea Bacsinszky - Wuhan Open

#5 CI - The Ghost in My Child - Oklahoma bombings

#6 Nat Geo - Inside Mumbai Terror Attacks

#7 Cinema One - Nunal Sa Tubig - Ishmael Bernal  on Laguna de Bay

#8 Cinema One - Ikaw ay Akin - Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos

#9 MTV - Kesha concert

#10 CI - World's Worst Tenants - horse in the house!

Loving Lugang Cafe

Two of my friends treated us for their birthday at Lugang Cafe SM The Block last week and I really loved the food!  Everything was so tasty!!  The ambience too was nice. It wasn't a busy night when we were there so it was ok even if we were a bit rambunctious and makwento.  It was after all, a birthday party!

I'll definitely go back to Lugang Cafe again, although I heard from my friends that even in SM The Block, there is always a queue to get in.

Typhoon Mario Coverage: Top TV Show for the Week

Typhoon Mario was not even on the radar of most Metro Manilans the week it struck Manila so when it caused major floods everywhere in the metropolis, it was like Typhoon Ondoy all over again!  It was not surprising that its news coverage in the local channels are my top TV shows for the week.

Here are my favorite TV shows for the week ending September 19, 2014 -

#1 GMA News TV - bagyong Mario coverage

#2 ABS-CBN - bagyong Mario coverage

#3 BBC World - Working Lives Vietnam

#4 BBC World - Scotland referendum

#5 beTV - Drop Dead Diva - sexual renaissance

#6 beTV - Drop Dead Diva - table for one

#7 CNN - Scotland Says No

#8 CNN - Alibaba stock offering

#9 HBO - The World's End

#10 Jack City - Bones - swimming pool

Coco Martin's Woman on a Leash: Copied to Generate Controversy

When I read about that Bench fashion show controversy about Coco Martin having a woman on a leash, I immediately thought, "Oh, kinopya lang nila si Madonna", which they did kasi I'm sure whoever directed that show also saw Madonna's Confessions Tour.
Yun lang, in Madonna's concert, it was she who was holding the leash and it was two of her male dancers ata who played the part of the 'horses'.
I haven't seen the whole 'Coco Martin' sequence so I don't know if it was done in context. Baka kasi bigla lang lumabas si Coco na may dalang 'pet'. I guess that's the reason why so many people were offended.
In Madonna's show naman, the whole sequence started with a video of many horses running, so when everyone came out wearing equestrian costumes that veered towards a blatant S&M context, get na agad ang concept! (Of course, what's a Madonna concert with sexual overtones!).
It's actually one of my most favorite concepts she has ever done, because the costumes designed by D&G were beautifully made and I'm sure everyone who was into S&M that night were turned on by it!
If that concert of Madonna was brought here to Manila years ago, people who saw the Bench show would instantly say, "Ay nakita ko na yan before ah!"

Friday, September 19, 2014

Evan Peters: Distressingly Sexy in American Horror Story

I have just finished the first season of American Horror Story and aside from Dylan McDermott, it's Evan Peters who I think is just so sexy and hot in that TV show, even though he plays a very very bad person! Although he never removes his shirt in any of the scenes in the first season, his innocent babyface really fools you because his character in Season 1 is really despicable! I am so looking forward to seeing Seasons 2 and 3!

The 2014 US Open Men's Finals: My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

It was still tennis week for me this week as the semi's and the finals were being contested. That's why my top four favorite shows were tennis matches.  

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending September 12, 2014 -

#1 Balls - Cilic vs. Nishikori

#2 Balls - Wozniacki vs. Peng

#3 Balls - Cilic vs. Federer

#4 Balls - Djokovic vs. Nishikori

#5 HBO - The Prestige

#6 HBO - Mean Girls

#7 Jack TV - guy bugbog magicians

#8 beTV - Men at Work - gay billionaire

#9 beTV - Drop Dead Diva - surrogate mother dumped

#10 beTV - Desperate Housewives - bury body

Scotland Says No!

The world's borders have changed so much before the 90s and after the 90s and my generation has seen it all.  

It used to be the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR but after glasnost, ayun, I was shocked to find out that there were Asian looking people pala who were former Soviets!  So now, Victoria Azarenka who is from Belarus and Maria Sharapova who comes from Russia are playing for different countries!

Czechoslovakia broke into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic while both East and West Germany became one unified country.

I was also very surprised to see Yugoslavia break into so many small countries! Marin Cilic who is Croatian would've been teammates with Ana Ivanovic who is Serbian!

Anyway, buti na lang majority of the Scots voted No in the referendum for their independence.  However, for how long can the UK hold on to them, kasi the 55%-45% vote is very close!  

A Yes vote kasi would've huge implications all over Europe! The Basque and the Catalan regions in Spain could demand a referendum from the central Spanish government and that country could break up!  The Corsicans might also demand a break from France!

Oh well, the boundaries of the countries of the world will always remain fluid even after I leave this earth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ai Ai delas Alas admits relationship with 20-year-old DLSU athlete

Twenty years ago, it would've been unthinkable for much older women in Filipino society to have boyfriends in their 20s.  Ngayon, parang requirement na siya!  Parang si Boots Anson Roa tuloy ang naging exception to the rule!  

Which brings me to my point.  I have FB friends who are more beautiful than Ms. Ai Ai and Mommy Dionisia but are still single.  Why not open your minds to the possibility of having a boyfriend in his 20s?  

Eto ang pros! First, busy ka sa trabaho sa araw, busy ka na rin sa gabi!  Second, may jowa ka na, parang may anak ka na rin, kasi bibigyan mo ng allowance once in a while - o di ba, 2-in-1!  And your face won't age na agad, kasi may daily source ka na ng protein!  Fourth, just imagine all the jealous faces of your friends when you bring your boy toy, este, boyfriend to social functions! O di ba, maglaway na lang ang mga frenemies mo!

Kaya next time you're in the company of men in their 20s, and merong nagfi-flirt sa iyo, why not give it a try? Don't think too much, just let it flow.....chos!!  Baka kayo na ng jowa mo ang ipost ko dito next time!

Ai Ai delas Alas admits relationship with 20-year-old DLSU athlete

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finding Happiness in My Forties

I really thought something was wrong with me till I read the work done by these two professors, who set up a study, to figure out what experiences made people the most happy and why.

What they found out was that the older people got, the more content they were with ordinary experiences.

Well, you'd have to be 40 and above to appreciate what the scientists found out. I could actually hear a collective 'Huh?!!" from those who are just in their 20s and 30s.....

Artur Avila: 2014 Fields Medal Winner - And I Thought Mathematicians Looked Like Nerds!

Brazil shouldn't fret pala with their World Cup loss this year.  Their most brilliant mathematician, Artur Avila just won the Fields Medal this year! Amazing! 

Well, the Fields Medal is the Nobel Prize for Mathematics, since, if you didn't know, the Nobel Prize doesn't give prizes to mathematicians.

I also only learned now that Brazil pala has a university exclusively for graduate-level mathematics in Rio de Janeiro, called IMPA and it has been there since 1952.  It only has around 150 students but its annual budget is a staggering half a BILLION pesos!!  (I want to cry for UP hu hu hu).  No wonder, it finally produced a Fields Medal winner.

I met a lot of math major nerds in UP and I really hope one of them would win the Fields Medal someday.  Most of my teachers who had Math doctorates studied in Japan.  Studying in Rio would've been more fun since in the article I read, most of his peers would find Artur on the beach - and they would hold their consultations there!  Who said studying Math isn't fun!!

Just Discovered Alex London and His Books

I am constantly on the lookout for interesting authors and I chanced upon an article on Alex London and his books and it was a really good read! I will definitely get a copy of his books when I visit the mall this weekend.  I don't know what to buy first though.  I may have to do some research first. =)

My Lesson for the Day

I was reading this business article by economist Bernardo Villegas and he gave out this quote from his student days in Barcelona - "No hay donde por donde bien venga."  Just google translate it.

Anywyay, that totally describes everything that's going on in my life right now!

A Taste of the Naked Truth - Bench Style!

Based on the tweets of Markki and Sam Concepcion, the Bench Naked Truth underwear show will push through tomorrow, Saturday, September 20 at 5:30PM.  I won't be watching though since the venue is not very intimate but it would've been fun to see the guys shirtless!  

My favorite there is Markki Stroem and I'm really happy for him because I think his exposure here would really endear him to the masses.  I think that's really the push he needs right now.  It also helps that he's such a looker, yum yum!!  I feel lucky though since I can see him in my gym regularly bwahaha I'm just too shy to say hi!

It's also great to see Dominic Roque in the mix.  He has really beefed up since the last time I saw him.  When we talked to him about two years ago, he and his manager were still shy about him getting beefed up and showing off his body.  See what two years later can do!!  I hope it boosts his career as well!

Tom and Dennis are already proven and tested actors so their inclusion here is just to titillate the fans of their defunct yet very popular TV show.

As for Martin, finally, somebody had the great idea to include him in this show!  I've been so into him since that teleserye he appeared in a few years ago.  I think he's hot!!

Don't know much about Arnold Van Opstal since I'm not a hoops fan but UAAP hoops fans out there should be very happy!

Pool Boy

I was in the pool today and the guy beside me was this hot tisoy with broad shoulders. OMG! He was prepping up for his butterfly stroke so I can see him wiggle his body up and down the pool much like what a mermaid would do - the only difference was, it was a hunk doing it! 

Really, I couldn't concentrate on my laps! All that wiggling was messing my mind!

He finally did the butterfly stroke after an hour and he was majestic to watch! It was like a merman was chasing after me! Chos!

Ayun, I had my chances of talking to him as we did rest at the same side of the pool several times, but I don't know, I just clammed up!

Maybe I just wanted the fantasy to stay for a while. I was afraid that if he'd open his mouth, his voice would squeak like Mickey Mouse - or he would be really malamya - which would totally destroy the fantasy in my head!

I had to leave the pool after my ten laps, I was famished - all I could think about was eating his quarter pounder! Oooppsss, Freudian slip! Anyway, I did linger a little bit, just checking him out - stalker! But he was so in the zone!

He'd better watch out next time coz, he'll swim right into my net!

Crushing on Aaron Samuels a.k.a. Jonathan Bennett

I can't believe I never bothered to watch that Lindsay Lohan movie, Mean Girls.  I actually have the DVD at home, but for some reason, it never reached my player!

Anyway, better late than never.  I watched the movie on HBO today and I was floored by how funny it was! I loved it!  It was like the Clueless movie for the 2000's!

I loved it more because of Aaron Samuels which was played by the gorgeous Jonathan Bennett!!  All his photos now are fast forward ten years later but he still looks hot and most of all, he's gay too!!  Lovet!!  Nothing like a gorgeous guy to play for my team!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mayim Bialik: From 'Beaches' to 'Big Bang Theory'

I was watching Beaches today on the Diva Channel and I discovered that the girl playing Bette Midler as the young gregarious girl is the woman now playing the nerdy girlfriend of the Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory - Mayim Bialik!!  I did not even see the similarity!

She's one of my favorite characters in that TV show and she really 'dowd-ied' herself in the TV show - which is actually perfect if she's playing a physicist nerd!  Anyway, I remember her wonderful performance in Beaches where her character was plucky and brave and fearless - exactly the way I wanted to be since I was a very shy teenager then.

It's cool to see she never went away after all!  Now, I am even a bigger fan!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Charles Mesure: Definitely A Hot Mature Actor!

It's really great that Hollywood has embraced hunky mature actors, and they abound in the TV show Desperate Housewives!  I started watching this show during their first season then I drifted apart.  I am now watching their eighth season and I am really enjoying the show!  I love all the twists and turns and how the girls are doing their best to protect each other.  I also love the eye candy in them - all mature yet yummy!

Charles Mesure is one of the hunky eye candies I love in this show!  I love the accent of this guy and I love the way he flirts with Vanessa Williams!  Funny thing is I haven't seen him shirtless yet in the show! (Insert sad face here.)

An Episode of The Ghost Inside My Child: My Most Favorite TV Show for the Week

The Crime Investigation channel has a very interesting show right now entitled The Ghost Inside My Child!  The first episode I saw featured the screen writer of Gone With the Wind, Sidney Howard.  Apparently, his spirit 'entered' that of a kid from somewhere in America, and the kid kept insisting that he be brought to Hollywood and that he knew something about how Hollywood works. And he was just a kid, about 5-6 years old!! Intriguing right!  I strongly suggest you watch an episode of that show!

One of the most interesting TV shows I have ever seen!

It's still tennis week this week, so eight of my favorite TV shows are all US Open matches.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending September 5, 2014 -

#1 CI - The Ghost Inside My Child - Eric - castle in the sky - screenwriter - Gone With the Wind

#2 Balls - Kvitova vs. Krunic

#3 Balls - Peng vs. Bencic

#4 Balls - Makarova vs. Azarenka

#5 Balls - Krunic vs. Azarenka

#6 Balls - Lucic Baroni v. Halep

#7 Balls - Errani vs. Venus

#8 Balls - Lucic- Baroni v. Errani

#9 Balls - Pennetta vs. Dellacqua

#10ABS-CBN - Rated K - Wiggle - Kevin and his group

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Farewell Joan Rivers: Thanks for the Red Carpet Ride

It's another sad day for the world of comedy as one of their best just passed away. This generation knows Joan Rivers more for her biting comments during red carpet events like the Oscars, but for me who's a bit older and well, gay, she was a gay icon who guested members of the LGBT community in her talk shows when it was not yet very cool to show gay people on American TV.

Most importantly, I loved the way she wrote and was a wonderful comedy writer whose books demanded that women take care of themselves and stay beautiful even when they age. Her books were not Pulitzer-Prize winners but if you wanted a good laugh, just read her books and you'll actually hear her barking her humor into your ears!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Diego Boneta: Muy Bonito Hombre en Rock of Ages

I actually was not able to watch the movie and theater version of Rock of Ages when it was shown here a few years ago.  Maybe I was too busy but anyway, I caught the latter part of the movie today, while waiting for a tennis match, and lo and behold, I couldn't get my eyes off Diego Boneta!!

He's muy caliente!!  Definitely hot hot hot!! The movie was definitely star-studded so that may be the reason why I did not notice him the first time.  But, now I am a big fan of his already!