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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Daily Expenses - January 7, 2011

I spent a lot again today, since there were some things I really just had to buy -

1.  gas - (US$6.83) (300 pesos) - I just had to gas up today since I had to bring my BFF home in Novaliches.  I think I might have to gas up again tomorrow since I'll be in MOA.

2.  battery - (US$1.94) (85 pesos) - I needed this one for my alarm clock, to make sure I wake up on time tomorrow.

3.  load - (US$2.28) (100 pesos) - Well, we have to text people!

4.  Spanish dictionary - (US$5.12) (225 pesos) - My Spanish class starts today, so I need a pocket dictionary, just in case.

Total Expenses: US$16.17 - 710 pesos

Whew!  I'm averaging almost 1000 pesos per day!  Have to go back to saving mode next week!

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