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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Ten Scariest Movies That I've Ever Seen! (Numbers 1-5)

This is the continuation of an earlier post -

5.  Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) - this is probably the most stylized vampire movie I've ever seen - thanks to Francis Ford Coppola's vision!  Gary Oldman gave Dracula a more interesting dimension, someone who was nice but can be vicious if he wants too!  The special effects at that time, really elicited screams from everyone in the theater!  

4. The Others (2001) - I saw this movie in an SM cinema and I wanted to hit myself on the head.  The cinemas in SM have very poor audio and very uncomfortable chairs!! So we had to strain our ears just to listen to the dialogue!! But still, we were scared especially towards the fantastic climax!  The best climax I've seen since The Sixth Sense!!  'We're not dead!! We're not dead". 

3.  The Sixth Sense (1999) - I admit the twist in the ending made my head spin, since I wanted to see the movie again and check if all the scenes were feasible!!  My favorite scene was towards the end, when both Mom and son were working out their issues.  I've always loved Toni Collette and I was so happy for her that this movie finally broke her through Hollywood!

2.  Alien (1979) - I saw this movie in the early 1990s and I was so impressed because all the while, I thought it was just released the year before!  That's the genius of James Cameron. Of course, he went on through higher heights after that, but in this movie, you can see how the slow burn can actually make you very scared!  The last 20 minutes of the movie were a blast and Sigourney Weaver here, was a Wonder Woman!!

1.  The Exorcist (1973) - Mama once told me, that when this movie was shown in Manila, many people did not sleep with the lights off!!  My brother will not watch the movie at night because he doesn't want bad vibes.  I think the reason why many people are scared of this movie, including me, is that, this time, the bad boy is the devil himself.  And the effects were just groundbreaking at that time and the ideas to scare us were really original!! Head turning 360 degrees, a person walking like a spider.... the list goes on and on!!

The Ten Scariest Movies That I've Ever Seen! (Numbers 6-10)

It's that time of year again where our collective fears of mothers-in-law, spiders, cockroaches and ghosts are being exploited by Hollywood, so in line with the times, I came up with my list of the ten scariest movies that I've ever seen.  Now, this runs the gamut from sci-fi movies, to zombie movies, to ghost movies to vampire movies so find out if there's something you may have not watched yet!

10.  The Shining (1980) - I saw this movie in Hong Kong when they had a Stanley Kubrick's retrospective.  I remember being afraid of the isolation and the descent to madness of Jack Nicholson's character. There they were, in that hotel up in the mountains, with no one around except a mad man ready to chop them down!!  Scream!!

9 - The Birds (1963) - I saw this movie in an Alfred Hitchcock marathon Halloween screening in Glorietta 4 and even if the effects are a bit dated, the birds are vicious, and scary looking!  And Tippi Hedren is so stylish and beautiful and classy - so I was really concerned for her!  For me, when the birds attacked the kids - now that part was very scary!

8 - Ringu (1998) - I saw this movie by mistake!! There was a Japanese film festival in Greenbelt 3 and there was a buzz around The Ring - the American version - so I bought tickets to The Ring - and found out I bought tickets not for the American version, but for Ringu!!  I wanted to walk out of the theater with my friend and brother but we stayed on since we were gripped by the movie!  Japanese films normally have no soundtrack and it's very quiet, just the scene unfolding.  I think it made the experience more unnerving for us!!  Weeks later, Sadako became a household name in Manila and Ringu became a sleeper hit.  My friend wanted to go out in the middle of the movie to urinate but she didn't want to miss a scene so she stayed!  When Sadako came out of the well and out of the TV screen - my heart was in my throat!  Like the character, I wanted to scream, but could not, out of shock!

7 -  Cloverfield (2008) - I went into watching this movie not knowing anything about it.  I haven't even seen the trailer.  All I knew at that time was, it was a big box-office hit in the US the week it was released.  Lucky me!  I was in for a fantastic and scary ride!  I was so scared for all the characters there!! The helicopter crash was the scariest experience for me!  I was flying so much at that time and I find the crash scene as too real!!

6 - 28 Weeks Later (2007) - I saw this movie without seeing the original, 28 Days Later, and I still find the sequel, much much scarier.  When I was growing up, zombies walked very slowly, and were very lethargic.  But seeing this movie, scared me so much, because now, the zombies can run as fast as us and were vicious eaters - of humans!! 

Adam Brody: The Scruffy Cute Geek

Adam Brody was in Jennifer's Body which I've been seeing several times in Star Movies right now.  He's a cute geek, isn't he?  He's a bit scruffy in some of his pictures but you couldn't possibly not fall in love with those eyes of his!  Megan Fox's character surely had a delicious time devouring him - at least in the movie!
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Pablo Neruda Expresses My Feelings of Love Perfectly, Thank God for Him!

Since I'm not a poet, like mere mortals, I had to borrow lines from a real poet, just to express what I wanted to say to this person, just so I can capture that moment when I realized I was really in love with him. Emo ang lola mo!
There's no feeling kasi like being in love and that night, in my entry, I just wanted to capture that feeling like those messages in a bottle, para pagtanda ko, maremember ko na naging tao rin pala ako nuong kabataan ko.
So anyway, I want to share the poem to all of you just in case some of you are in that moment too, when you are in the cusp of realizing that you really love that person too.
I sent the poem to him in Spanish because he was Spanish and the poet wrote in Spanish, but I am posting it here in English and the translation is just as good!
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way
than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.
As for the poet, just ask your ate or kuya, who's one of the greatest love poets of the 20th century? And he wrote so many, andami mong pagpipilian depending on what stage na kayo sa relationship nyo!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Movie Review: The Stylish Thriller "Chloe"

I don't know why I missed this movie during its theatrical release.  I love it!  I watched it last night on HBO and I was hooked from the very first scene.  It's shot in a very lush, luxurious manner with beautiful lighting, and beautiful people.  I learned later it was Toronto and I admit I fell in love with the city!

Amanda Seyfried is just glowing here and ethereally beautiful.  And so is Julianne Moore!  I mean, I don't think her husband would be looking around if his husband were as beautiful as she!  As for Liam Neeson, whew, sexy as ever, to think he did this after the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson.  Their son in the movie, Max Thieriot is also very cute, and he gets to be shirtless many times too!  Sayang, I missed the theatrical run of this one, it would've been eligible for some of the awards last year, tsk tsk
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The Game of Throne's Kit Harrington

One of the DVDs that I am sure to buy as I visit my favorite DVD store this weekend is the first season of Game of Thrones.  My friends have been talking about this show for the longest time but since I seem to never have the time to watch TV, I just depend on watching the whole DVD collection instead!  One of the hot guys being featured in the new second season is Kit Harrington, another sexy British gentleman! I wish I had hair that long! Would be very hard to maintain though but well worth trying to have!
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Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep

I consider my generation so lucky talaga kasi we had Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson grow as artists before our eyes.
We also have Meryl Streep! I was Grade 4 ata when I first saw her in "Holocaust" the wildly popular miniseries. I had to ask Papa to explain the history of that show to me. Bato na lang ang puso mo if you cannot cry watching that show. Eto pala ang hugot ng lola mo when she was filming it.
Well, aside from the Anderson Cooper book, this juicy stuff is in a book written about our beloved actress. It's entitled "Her Again".
Sana aabot naman ito sa local bookstores natin, otherwise, something we have to buy in our next SG or HK trip, kasi kung online, baka andami pang eche bureche sa post office!

Monday, April 25, 2016

David Giuntoli: Grimm's Handsome Leading Man

I don't know how new the TV show Grimm is but it's one of the new shows that I've been watching nowadays, intrigued by its plotline of having so-called supernatural creatures walking this earth, in human form.  David Giuntoli plays the lead and the good guy who has those powers and in the first episode I saw, he had to find a missing man who unfortunately stumbles into a den of these scary beings who can transform themselves into wolf-like creatures.  Well, looking forward to watching the next few episodes of this!
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Happy to See Matt Bomer in Glee!

I haven't watched Glee for the longest time but today, after I had my lunch, I chanced upon it on cable and decided to watch it again.  Well, Sue is having a baby (OMG!) and voila, the cute Darren Criss has a brother - played by hot Matt Bomer - and Darren's character is not too happy his brother is busy meddling with the Glee club's business.  I love their Duran Duran montage!
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Joel Kinnaman: The Hunky Blonde in "The Darkest Hour"

The Darkest Hour is one of my favorite sci-fi movies this year and one of the actors in that movie is Swedish-American Joel Kinnaman.  He also appeared in Safe House, in a very short but very violent scene.  Anyhow, you won't miss him in The Darkest Hour.  He's the blond asshole who takes away the idea of the two naive Americans.  Understandably, his character meets his karma soon enough!
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Shirtless in Sydney: 1D's Zayn Malik

The boys of 1D were in Sydney this week and they've been photographed with their shirts off frolicking in Bondi BeachZayn Malik on the other hand is trending here in the Philippines, I don't know why, but I'm sure it's not because of their music!
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pictures From Himig Handog 2016

Here are some pictures I took from last night's Himig Handog 2016 Finals Night.

Q & A's from Live Taped Shows Freak Me Out!

When I was choosing the seat for the Himig Handog show last night, I didn't realize I would be put in a very precarious situation, since it was a live taped show.

I am no stranger to live ABS-CBN shows but this show had so many segments where the hosts asked audience members about their love lives and their hugot experiences - and the aisle seat I had was always near where the hosts did their spiels!

The aired show last night was heavily edited already but if you were in the live taped show, there were many sequences where the hosts, Robi, Kathryn and LizQuen talked directly to audience members!

Buti na lang, in all their spiel blockings, they missed me by a seat or two!

I would be petrified being shown on TV since I am very insecure about how I look and I wouldn't know what to say to questions like "How do you move on from a breakup?" (Find the hottest guys in your phone directory and have sex with all of them?)

Oh God, I can be Duterte-like when my mouth opens! Andami pa namang minors sa audience.

By the way, these are some BTS pictures from last night's show.