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Monday, August 30, 2010

Several Cute Guys in Today's Body Combat

Since today was a holiday, all the GX classes were moved an hour earlier since all non-mall Fitness First gyms close at 8PM on holidays.  A thought that was lost on JM who arrived late for Jury's Body Combat class tonight at FF Greenhills.  He arrived 10 minutes before the class ended and situated himself at my back!  And he looked really handsome and wore a sleeveless shirt!  I hate him.  Kung kelan pa siya hindi balot, dun pa siya late!  I did catch glimpses of his sexy armpit hair, which I think he shaved so it doesn't look too bushy now.

There were several cute guys in the Body Combat class today, all situated towards my right and my back!  How lucky can I get!  The first one was a regular and he's usually towards my left but today, he decided to be on my right.  He has chest hair which is cute and although he is short, he really has nice bushy armpit hair!  Then the second guy came with another regular cute guy (who I suspect to be gay) and I think he's new to the gym.  Nice armpit hair too and by his movements, I could surmise it was his first time in the class.  He had that lost cute look! Nice! 

One of the BC guys I sponsored last year was in the gym too and I can't believe I forgot his name now!  He called me out during Body Jam and we chatted a little bit.  And then I was elated that during the last song of routine, he joined me and we had a lot of fun doing it together! He's cool!

The steam was sira so everyone was in the sauna, nagsiksikan!  No particularly cute guys there tonight, just the usual gay cruising set, and not particularly cute.

I did see the chinito hunk whom I did weights last week shirtless.  Very nice body and pink nipples. Yum yum!  And we were together again in the sink area, and I don;t know why he was lingering there. Could he be gay too?  Nice!

The hairy chubby guy was in the Body Balance class too today and I did want to ask Rei how to do that back hand stand but was again too shy to ask.  My bad!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Goals for the Week: August 29, 2010

1.  I want to lose some of the fat in my gut since the recent pics I had show a little flab in front - so this week, I plan to cut my food intake by 30-50%.  Difficult to do but if I set my mind to it - not an impossible task.  I'm already at 202 lbs so I want to go down to 199 lbs by the start of next week.  I will keep the mental picture of that actor last night who is a mature guy but has a great body. 

2.  Attend mass everyday starting this week, visit the Blessed Sacrament and say the rosary.  Try to prioritize the mass over other stuff, if possible.  It's going to be a bit tough since the US Open will start today, but if there's a will, there's a way.

3.  Limit my sweets intake to maybe just one pastillas a day, just for this week.  Or maybe substitute it  for fruit like a guava, apple or banana.  I really want to make it to 199 lbs by next week.

4.  Write one French essay everyday, translated from the existing archives.  Difficult to do but has to be done if I want to start my own French essays library!  I have to schedule time for it!

5.  Read 30 minutes of fiction or magazines a day.  These things are piling up on my desk!! So to get rid of it, I might have to devote some time to reading it.  I have to finish Annie Proulx book too!

6.  Implement my new workout plan. Excited to do it!

Now that I've posted my goals for this week, let me see which of them I achieve success in next week!