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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Certified Ramster!

Yay! Ram chose me as best dancer of my group in our class last night! Coming from him, it's such a big deal because he's probably the strictest among all the G-Force dancers I've attended. Babaw ng kaligayahan ng lola mo noh!
Arguably, he's the most recognizable among all the G-Force Stallions but I always tell my friends who want to attend his classes not to be pa-cute in class, otherwise, you might get the wrong end of the stick and walk away from the class traumatized.
I've seen him tear students to shreds so everytime I attend his class, I have to be concentrated and relaxed at the same time, to minimize making mistakes.
Yun lang, teachers who set a high standard also lift your performance up and makes you strive to do better. Makes you bring your A-game everytime you're in his class.

Great Finds at Book Sale North EDSA!

I rarely buy nonfiction books but once in a while, I get some gems from Book Sale!
This is the second Gloria Steinem book I've bought and alongside Nora Ephron, Shirley McLaine, Ellen Degeneres and Joan Rivers becomes the latest nonfiction female writer in my collection. All the aforementioned writers have written pretty witty essays so I'm expecting no less from the esteemed feminist.
This is also the first Whistler book I've seen anywhere! The painter behind the famous, 'Whistler's Mother' doesn't really have that many books about his life, unlike the more popular European painters.
Finally, it's always a treat to see some work from British playwright and screenwriter Alan Bennett. I was introduced to him because of his play The History Boys which later became a movie, starring Michael Douglas. It's a very thick book about the BTS stuff regarding his work.
All interesting reads for those very rare lazy weekend afternoons!

My Boylet's Faux Pas!

One of my boylets came to my room tonight and saw this picture on my wall and said, "Oh, did your pamangkins draw this?"
I gasped (quietly!) and said, "Oh, that's a Picasso. That's a portrait of his mistress."
And he smartly deflected the faux pas by asking, "Do your pamangkins draw well?"
O di ba, kabig agad si kuya! Anyhow, his well-placed six-pack abs and cute face more than made up for his lack of knowledge in art.
Siguro my advocacy should be teaching art history to boys with six-pack abs, tapos ang quiz, take off one piece of clothing if you incorrectly identify a painting I will show to you, charot!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Not Quite the Beef Rendang I Wanted

I was excited to learn that a resto in Fisher Mall, Truly Asia, was serving beef rendang. I thought I wouldn't have to go to Solaire to get my fix! Unfortunately, it's not as spicy and it's a drier version of the more tasty and curry-like version in Solaire.

6D at Playland Fisher Mall

Laura and Dylan were very excited to see the 6D booth at Playland today at Fisher Mall.  They chose the film Zombieland which was a bit of a hell of a ride!  The ride costs 80 pesos per person.

My Cool Friends in My G-Force Hip Hop Class!

Happy to see several familiar faces in JB's hip hop class kanina. Everyone's moving great and looking great! Thanks guys for the warm welcome! Parang I felt at home agad, considering that andaming nabago sa studio.

Back Dancing at the G-Force Dance Studio with JB Papas!

After a nine-month layover dealing with different health concerns, I'm just really happy to be back! Yun lang, I forgot how difficult the steps were and how fast you'd have to move!
One of the best lessons I've learned from my teacher Jb Papas is just to let your body flow with the music, and not to worry too much about the counting. It's like letting the music possess your body and allow it to express itself.
I guess that's what separates true artists from amateurs like me.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Crime + Investigation Channel: Still My Favorite TV Channel for the Week

Four TV channels figured in my TV viewing this week (Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2, CI, and BBC) and the top spot goes to Crime + Investigation channel with a total of 20 points.  Three TV shows about ghosts were the ones that got the most scores.  Since there are two channels showing Wimbledon matches, their points have been divided. 

A show from a local channel, GMA-7 tops my TV ratings this week.

Here are my favorite channels for 2015 as of July 3, 2015 -

#1 Fox Sports 2 - 85 pts.

#2 CI - 63 pts

#3 Fox Sports - 58 pts.

#4 Fox Crime - 45 pts.

Universal Channel - 15 pts.

#6 Fox Channel - 10 pts.

#7 GMA-7 - 10 pts

#8 Fox Movies Premium - 8 pts.

#9 Fox Movies - 8

#10 HBO - 7 pts

Star World - 7 pts.

Star Movies - 6 pts.

WB Channel - 3 pts.

Fox Action Movies - 3 pts

BBC - 2 pts

Dustin Brown vs. Nadal Match - My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

The magnificent Wimbledon match between Dustin Brown and Rafael Nadal is my most favorite TV show this week.  Six of the ten slots are tennis matches while the other three are about ghosts.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending July 3, 2015 -

#1 Fox Sports - Dustin Brown vs. Nadal

#2 CI - Ghostly Encounters - Passive and Aggressive - ghost pushed spoon in ice cream

#3 CI - Ghostly Encounters - Ghostly Possession - banshee wailing

#4 Fox Sports 2 - Halep vs. Cepelova

#5 Fox Sports 2 - Makarova vs. Rybarikova

#6 Fox Sports - Berankis vs. Cilic

#7 Fox Sports 2 - Nishikori vs. Bolelli

#8 CI - Celebrity Ghost Stories - Christopher Atkins (boots in the closet)

#9 BBC - UK Reporters - Buckingham renovated

#10 Fox Sports 2 - Lisicki vs. McHale