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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'Boyhood' A Quiet Introspective Masterpiece

It was great to see that there was a sizeable audience to 'Boyhood' last night, kahit last full show na sa Gateway cinema. I think director Richard Linklater has a sizeable fan base here in Manila even though his movies would put to sleep many of my friends, so unless they like movies where people just talk, don't bother to invite them.
'Boyhood' is a movie where people who are raising children (that's me yes!) can relate so much and teenagers who just graduated from high school and is now entering college. It's also a movie for single mothers who would surely love this movie and would may be cry from time to time, depending on the scene they're watching - maybe even OFW fathers who only get to spend a little time with their kids (kasi Ethan Hawke's role here is basically an every other weekend Dad).
I found myself reacting to many scenes in the movie, especially because parents sacrifice so much (time, money, their dreams) just to raise their children and make sure they don't turn out to be serial killers.
My favorite scene happened towards the end when the lead actor was leaving and taking all of his things since he was going to college and Patricia Arquette kind of breaks down and cries. I think that scene alone should get Arquette an Oscar nom. I wouldn't be surprised if the lead actor and Ethan Hawke would also get one.
The movie is currently sweeping most of the Best Picture and Best Director critic awards in the US right now and it's a sure shoo-in for those Oscar noms. The movie is long at 2 hours and 40 minutes but it's a beautiful snapshot of someone's life since he was around 5 years old until he gets to college.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Diamonds and Haute Couture Save Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco

Diamonds and Chanel and Dior haute couture save Nicole Kidman in her movie Grace of Monaco. 

If you want to be a fashion stylist and want to see how real glamour looks like, better watch the movie Grace of Monaco, which is showing now in Manila theaters.  It's fashion and diamond pornography at its best.  It's like watching the movie version of Sex and the City, only this time, you are in the south of France, in the principality of Monaco.

I rarely watch movies here in Manila when they're screened on the first day, but I was a bit worried that Grace of Monaco would disappear the next day, I had to call Mama and we both watched Nicole Kidman essay the role of the elegant Princess Grace.

Well, although the historical events and all those famous figures hovering around the movie would've made for compelling and interesting cinema, this movie's one big yawn.  What kept me awake were those exquisite diamonds Nicole was wearing - and those fabulous clothes the costume designers asked her to wear!  

Grace Kelly was a major icon of her era - so to see her and her royal court lavishly and slavishly recreated in the big screen was such a treat for me!  Wouldn't be surprised if this movie snagged a nomination for Best Costume Design in next year's Oscars.