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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life's Simple Pleasures

Laura and Dylan were so giddy and excited this afternoon when they had their first tricycle ride! They were so happy riding it!! They also had a lot of fun playing amidst this sea of colorful balloons, as the Art Attack drawing sessions they had were packing up for the day.  Life's simple pleasures......

Skin Tattoo For Kids

Tattooes have become so popular that even kids are being enticed to try them, although most of them is just sticker based skin tattoos.  They look cute though!  Laura got these tattoos from an art festival at Robinson's Magnolia.

The Kids Do Art Attack at Robinson's Magnolia

One reason why I'm pushing Laura and Dylan to explore their creativity and their artistic skills at such an early age is because I sucked at drawing and art class all throughout grade school! I secretly hated it and I am really ashamed up to now that I'm a grown adult and I couldn't draw to save my life! And anyway, creative people always seem to have fun and come up with the most exciting things for mankind to enjoy, minus of course all the drug use and alcoholism addiction that some of them suffer from. Well, they did have fun today during an Art Attack fair at Robinson's Magnolia! A good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon

Friday, August 2, 2013

True Blood Episode for Season 6: My Favorite TV Show for this Week

The latest exciting episode of True Blood is my most favorite show of the week - and probably one of the most exciting episodes ever of True Blood!  Six seasons and still as exciting as ever!

Anyhow, here are my nine favorite TV shows for the week ending August 2, 2013.

#1 HBO - True Blood - vampire blood given to Ryan Kwanten's character

#2 TV5 Monde - Le Grande Menage

#3 HBO - True Blood - setup to next episode

#4 History - Ancient Aliens - The Von Daniken Legacy

#5 History - How the Earth Made Man - disgust

#6 Nat Geo - China Circus On Ice

#7 Nat Geo - Vanished from Alcatraz

#8 History - Ancient Aliens: The NASA Connection

#9 Nat Geo - Locked Up Abroad - Snakes on A Plane

Pretty Boy Olympic Gymnast: Marcel Nguyen

Another stunner in the German men's gymnastics team is Marcel Nguyen.  Notice his penciled eyebrows though.  Diminishes a bit of his masculine image.  But still a stunner nonetheless - and a good gymnast!  

He just snagged the silver medal in the men's individual all around, doing his routines quite consistently and without much error.  He was actually lingering in the 5th to 7th places as the competition was going on but just zoomed to #2 after the last apparatus.  He was aided to that position after doing a great horizontal bar performance (his last apparatus) and Tanaka, the Japanese, faltered badly in the pommel horse.  Tanaka was at the #2 position for the first five equipments and fell out of the medal race after a fatal mistake in that equipment.

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Reid Scott: Another Charmer on 'Veep'

I didn't immediately notice Reid Scott when I was watching Veep this season but I did notice him today as his character snaked his way into charming one of the White House lobby guys.  He actually looks more dashing in his role in this HBO series than the pictures I saw of him online.

High Flying American Gymnast: Danell Leyva

The third hot member of the American men's gymnastics team is Danell Leyva.  He's not featured much though in today's men's gymnastics team competition, except for one floor exercises routine.  Overall, the American men's team is also faltering a bit.  But who cares, Jacob, Sam and Dan certainly form a hot troika!

South African Butterfly: Chad Le Clos

I was witness to the exciting 200m butterfly yesterday!  Probably one of the most exciting swimming races in this Olympics!  Michael Phelps actually led from start to finish but in the last 10 meters Chad Le Clos of South Africa caught up with him and it was just a matter of him touching 0.05 seconds ahead of the legend!  It was quite fast to see in the race but the slow mo versions showed that Le Clos did a full stroke and was able to touch the pool a teeny weeny bit faster than Phelps.  Oh well, not that Michael would mind since he has a ton of gold medals already - and he did push everyone - including Le Clos to the limits!
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The Furrier Max Whitlock: British Gymnast

One of the guys who really made it happen for British gymnastics in this London Olympic Games is Max Whitlock!  It was impressive to see him do all his routines during the last men's team competition.  

They were actually in a four-way fight with Japan, Ukraine and the Russian Federation for the silver and bronze medal positions and he and his team just performed consistently, so that they surprisingly snagged the bronze.  At one point, they even thought they had the silver medal!!  But since Japan protested, they slipped to the bronze medal position.  Not bad considering they were not a force to reckon with, in the first place.
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