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Friday, May 30, 2014

Coco Martin's Interview in Gandang Gabi Vice: My Most Favorite TV Show this Week

Coco Martin's interview in Gandang Gabi Vice is my most favorite TV show this week.  I found the interview very funny and you can really sense that both Vice and Coco were friends even before they were really famous - they actually have chemistry together.  And the way Coco smiles and laughs here looks so genuine!  For someone so guarded about his personal life, it was quite refreshing to see.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending May 30, 2014 -

#1 ABS - Gandang Gabi Vice - Coco Martin guest

#2 Jack - The Tomorrow People - find his Dad - boys with powers

#3 Fox Sports - Alize Lim vs. Serena Williams

#4 Fox Sports - Stosur vs. Cibulkova

#5 Fox Sports - Mladenovic vs. Riske

#6 Fox Sports - Ivanovic vs. Svitolina

#7 Diva Universal - Mindy Project - hospitalized Mindy

#8 Diva Universal - Merlin - princess marrying prince

#9 PBO - Wanted: Perfect Mother - Regine Velasquez, Christopher de Leon

#10 Diva Universal - Downton Abbey - old friend

Amazing Race Finale: My Most Favorite TV show This Week

The finale of the Amazing Race 24 All Stars where the father and son team of Dave and Connor won, is my most favorite TV show for the week. I have been following this series since Season 1 and I have been loyal ever since.  It's just fan to see these teams run around the world and do amazing stuff.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending May 23, 2014 -

#1 AXN - Amazing Race finale - Las Vegas

#2 Cinema One - Palengke Queen - Nora Aunor / Mat Ranillo - Nora tindera in palengke 

#3 Diva Universal - The Big C - chemo in mall girl

#4 Diva Universal - Law and Order SVU - arsonist - Sharon Stone 

#5 HBO - Game of Thrones (trial)

#6 Fox TV - Sleepy Hollow - girls fighting

#7 Nickelodeon - painting white boys gallery

#8 Nat Geo - Air Crash Investigations - Lost in Translation - Swiss plane

#9 Diva Universal - Twist of Fate (Toni Braxton movie)

#10 PBO - Magkapatid - Sharon Cuneta /Judy Ann Santos

My G-Force Project 2014 Experience

This was definitely one of my most unforgettable summers of recent memory! I think I'm the first one in my family to have ever performed at the Araneta Coliseum - and since I come from a family who has no history of people who sing and dance for a living - it's like sending a man to the moon!

I will treasure all the new friends I've meet this summer and I will use this newfound confidence to do more exciting things in my life that only my self-doubt has prevented me from doing!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Bucket List Gets Shorter

Last night, I just crossed out some things in my bucket list.

Perform in the Araneta Coliseum ✔

Do a yoga pose as part of a public performance ✔ 

Thanks G-Force and Teacher Georcelle for the opportunity!

On to the next item in my bucket list...........

Accepted–but not quite: LGBT youth speak

Accepted–but not quite: LGBT youth speak

There is a scene in the movie Pretty Woman which had a strong impact in my life and which really influenced me to just be who I am. I was 19 years old when the movie came out in 1990.
In that scene, Richard Gere's character asks Julia Roberts who plays a prostitute in the movie, to dress up like a 'normal' rich girl so that he can bring her to a polo game. However, during the game, Gere decides to reveal Roberts' true job to his lawyer played by that guy from Seinfeld - who thought Roberts was some sort of corporate spy - since in that scene, Roberts was talking to the son of the man Gere's character wanted to deal with. Gere wanted to to buy that man's company and chop it up. The Seinfeld guy did not trust Roberts' character but when he learned that she was just a hooker, he made a pass at her.

In the next scene, Roberts' chastises Gere and tells him that if you just tell other people that I'm a hooker, just let me dress up like a hooker. She says, by doing so, I can defend myself easier, instead of being humiliated by showing an unreal facade.
That scene had such a strong influence in my life because I realized, if I just tell people what I really am, even if they insult me with slurs, at least I can defend myself much better, instead of pretending to be who I'm not.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Great to See Herzon Again

It was great to finally see Herzon last Saturday! 

He's actually the reason I joined the Poppers class because I was curious about his style of choreography as I was already a regular student of the other Poppers - and I thought five teachers in one class would be just so worth it!

Too bad he got sick and we had to miss him but he's well now so there's always a next time.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jack Donnelly: Droolworthy Brit in Atlantis

I have been seeing bits and pieces of the TV series Atlantis and in the few scenes that I've seen from that TV series, Jack Donnelly is certainly droolworthy as Jason!  I just really wish he ends up shirtless in every episode! Lucky chicken!

James Marsden: Sexy But Underutilized in Walk of Shame

It's a pity that the scene where James Marsden meets Elizabeth Banks in Walk of Shame, which was really a good one, couldn't be made to last as long as the movie.  It's downhill after that as the movie gets funny in some places but stereotypical in others.  He could have been utilized more since basing from the scenes in the movie, he can really do comedy!  And he has a very nice body as well!

Movie Review: Sometimes Funny, Sometimes Bizarre

I love Elizabeth Banks so when I saw that she was the lead in the movie Walk of Shame, I immediately went to the moviehouse to check it out!  Since her movie was in competition with X-Men, we were only a few people in the moviehouse in Trinoma!  I think we were only ten!

Anyway, the movie started out funny, with all these bloopers these reporters make and then it descended into something implausible and stereotypical - especially with how prostitutes and crack addicts were portrayed. It does help that James Marsden was shirtless in several scenes! He's hot hot hot!

Just wait for the DVD.  Sayang lang your money for this.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Elizabeth Olsen in a Big Summer Movie!

Another actress I noticed in Godzilla was Elizabeth Olsen - another "I know this actress from somewhere"!  I saw her pala in the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene again on DVD a few weeks back.  She was great in the movie! Sayang she did not get nominated for an Oscar for it.  It was very good subtle acting.

However, if you're below 18 years old, don't watch Martha Marcy May Marlene.  It's a disturbing movie and an adult has to explain to you why some men do these despicable things to a human being, especially to women.

Discovering Aaron Taylor Johnson

While I was watching Godzilla kanina and saw the leading man, Aaron Taylor Johnson, who was really guapo, I was like, I know this guy! I've seen him somewhere! He just looks different here.

He played Vronsky pala in Anna Karenina, which I saw a week ago on DVD! Perfect actually siya sa role na yun kasi Vronsky really has to be handsome, kasi why would a woman throw herself onto a train if her lover was panget, what's the use?

Just Saw Bits and Parts of Godzilla

It's no surprise that since I went out with my GForce Poppers friends today, their movie choice would be Godzilla! 

Since I was sitting apart from them, I forgot to tell them that I usually need someone to sit beside me just to nudge me when I fall asleep! 

Kaya ayun, the guy on my right and the lola on my left were leaning away from me when I woke up - I'm sure I made some snoring sounds - which is usually just my breathing!

Buti na lang, I woke up in the key scene where Godzilla is victorious! Anyway, I'm sure I'll watch the full version of this movie in HBO a year from now.

Expensive Food at Mango Tree Bistro

My friends and I always pass through the Mango Tree Bistro in Trinoma everyday since it's on the way to the parking.  Now I know why it's rarely full.  Mahal pala siya.  We ate there tonight and our bill reached around 720 pesos each for a party of five!! And the servings were not so big pa! Talo! Tapos, somebody sings around 8PM which makes it hard to make conversation! You have to shout if you want to chit chat with your friends.

Pogay Finals: My Most Favorite TV Show of the Week

Showtime's Pogay finals is my most favorite TV show for the past week.  It's the first time in weeks that a TV program topped my TV ratings. For the past few weeks, it has been a revolving door of different foreign and local movies.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending May 16, 2014 -

#1 ABS-CBN - Pogay finals

#2 Balls - Nishikori vs. Nadal - Madrid final

#3 2nd Avenue - Franco resigns, sleeps with Chloe Sevigny

#4 2nd Avenue - Web Therapy - Meryl Streep

#5 AXN - Amazing Race - soccer

#6 Grimm - girl eaten by 2 Grimms

#7 CI - Born to Kill - The Meanest Man - Gaskins

#8 TV5Monde - Boulevard du Palais

#9 Balls - Nishikori vs. Ferrer - Madrid SF

#10 History - Serial Killer Earth - forest fires, tsunami

Kate Upton: Upstages Everyone in The Other Woman

It's impossible to forget Kate Upton and her dramatic introduction in the movie The Other Woman!  She is hot, hot, hot!  I'm sure all the guys who went to see this movie with their girlfriends or wives had a lot of fun just seeing Kate run and frolic in the beach!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jonathan Lipnicki: From Cute Nerd to Hunk

Jonathan Lipnicki was the cute kid in Jerry Maguire and the Stuart Little movies.  He now looks even hotter this time around! I mean, WTF! I can't wait to see this guy in his next movie, preferably looking like this!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting Naughty With JB

Sorry girls! Daddy has been naughty again! 

I actually waited to see if everyone else posted their pictures and since some of them were just as naughty as mine, I said, WTH (mega-explain talaga?). 

Anyway, thanks JB for being such a trooper!

See y'all in rehearsals week!!

Movie Review: Too Many Women in "The Other Woman"

I admit I enjoy watching the comedies and rom-coms of Cameron Diaz. I think she's one of the few Hollywood actresses now who can do cute women roles in both genres.  She can even do it in an action genre like the Charlie's Angels! As long as her character does not get too dark!

Anyway, you have to do a lot of suspending your reality check in The Other Woman. Some of the situations are just implausible that I just decided to go along with the flow and just enjoy the movie for whatever it gave me.

Leslie Mann actually upstages everyone here!  She's just a fine funny actress and that scene where she confronts Cameron is really funny! Probably the funniest 10 minutes of the movie! Kate Upton is a nice piece of toot toot!  I'm sure all the boys (the hetero ones) are just crazy about her!

Well, Cameron's role which is supposed to be the lead seems like a supporting one here but she's still her quirky funny self in this movie so it does not stray too far from what she has done in the past.

Sometimes funny, but just ok, The Other Woman is something you can just wait for when it comes to HBO or on DVD.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014 Greeting!

When people say, oh my boss is a b****, I just say "Oh, you haven't met my Mom." And I mean that in the most loving way 

You just didn't mess with Mama. I've seen virile macho men in top positions just give in to her wishes, because she knew she was in the right.

At a young age, just by observing Mama, I understood na that women really had to stand up for themselves kasi some men are just morons - or they treat women who wear make-up and sexy clothes, like they were stupid. Just because a woman is kikay, doesn't mean she's an airhead.

Happy Mother's Day Mama! Sorry, I forgot to bring the camera today so wala tayong souvenir pictures, kainis! I really should get a camera phone!!

My G-Force Poppers Class 2014

I admit I felt a bit lost during the first day of the G-Force Poppers class kasi nga my classmates were mostly 30 years younger than me!!! I haven't taught kids for 12 years kaya ayun, I didn't know how to interact na with very young people!

Pero everybody just welcomed me lovingly and I got used to them calling me Tito Tony, Daddy, even Lolo!! O di ba, FB friends ko na nga sila e! I really had a lot of fun dancing with them! Grabe, the energy and enthusiasm they have is just infectious!

And ang gagaling nila sumayaw!! Ligwak beauty ko! Thanks for the friendship guys!! I will never forget the summer of 2014 because of how kwela all of you were!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Jerry Maguire My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

I can't help it if it's always an old movie which tops my favorite TV show of the week - and not a real TV show.  Incidentally, this week, the top 2 slots belong to two movies - Jerry Maguire at the top spot and The Constant Gardener at #2.  

A funny episode of The Mindy Project is the highest actual TV show of the week for me.  Well, I guess real TV shows have to do a lot more to break the movie juggernaut!

2nd Avenue is my favorite cable channel for the week.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending May 9, 2014 -

#1 HBO - Jerry Maguire

#2 2nd Avenue - The Constant Gardener

#3 2nd Avenue - The Mindy Project - Franco doctor

#4 Nat Geo - Murder Dolls

#5 beTV - Desperate Housewives - protest mayor

#6 TCM - Lena Horne

#7 AXN - Amazing Race - Seville, Spain

#8 Balls - Giraldo vs. Nishikori

#9 Nat Geo - Salvage Code Red - boat in Pacific Northwest

#10 Nat Geo - Salvage Code Red - Genoa boat

Discovered Lugang Cafe Today!

I haven't really been mall-hopping this year but it was great to see the changes the SM Management did to SM Megamall!  I'm sure it's going to look great when all the shops are up and running already!  Anyway, we decided to eat in the new area and we chanced upon Lugang Cafe.  The same resto is also at Robinson's Magnolia but we never got a chance to eat there.

Well, the place looks good with all the mirrors and the dragons and the nice interiors it has! And the food is delicious!  I think everything we ordered was delish, except for the halo halo and the ice cream.  Parang ice candy lang yung ice cream.  Gelato daw yun pero masyado na syang melted.  Tapos matabang ang halo-halo.

Otherwise, we'll definitely go back there, maybe sa Rob Mag branch nila kasi masarap ang food nila!  The service was also just as attentive!