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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fascinated by the Art of Joan Miro

I first learned about the works of Spanish painter Joan Miro, interestingly, in an exhibition of the works of another abstract painter, a more serene and ascetic one - Mark Rothko.  The contrast between the two was just so evident that I was curious to learn more about this Miro guy.  I ended buying several art books talking about the work of Miro, but I never got around reading any one of them - until a week ago.  I started with the book which had a more approachable explanation of this guy's genius. 

Armed only with a Humanities 2 sensibility and understanding of art - I plodded on reading the book and learning about the evolution of this guy's work.  It's really amazing!  He first started out drawing things as they are - and the slowly evolved into these fantastical shapes and colors - which are all figments of his imagination (but of course!)  Miro's world is dazzling and vibrant and sensual and bizarre! 

His transition was very gradual and as he matured as a painter, you could feel the free movement of his hands as it interpreted what was going on in that strange brain of his.  That painting above is entitled 'The Garden'.  Isn't it fantastical to see! 

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