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Friday, January 23, 2009

Thoughts on the 2009 Golden Globe Winners

Since I saw my first televised Golden Globe awards in 1997, I have been a regular viewer of this show every January of the year, thanks mainly to cable and Star World. I have been a keen observer of the Oscars since I was in Grade 7 and have based most of my movie choices since then on the picks of the Academy voters. The GGs are a good bellweather of who makes it into the Oscar’s race and it helps narrow down the possibilities in a usually open field like this year’s race.

Kate Winslet finally gets two! It is quite shocking to know that with all her wonderful performances, she has never gotten any major acting award – not an Oscar, not a SAG award, not a GG. Arguably the most talented actress in her generation, it was just fitting that this year, she bags both of the acting awards for the women – one in a supporting role (The Reader), the other, in the lead role (Revolutionary Road). Both movies though, will still have to make it here in Manila, so I think I’d have to fly to HK first during the Oscar season since they usually show all the major nominees. I have seen the trailers for both films and they don’t show much her acting range. With Kate, you’d have to see the whole film so you can empathize with the character she is playing. She was last nominated for Best Actress, in “Little Children”, I think, 2 years ago, and we loved her in that, we even watched it twice and bought the DVD too! It helped that the lead actor there was such a hunk too and there are some very hot sex scenes, hahaha! Also, watch out for the climax, you’ll really cling to your seats!