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Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Week I Will...... (January 9, 2011)

Well, it's been a week since the new year, and it's time to really make those resolutions work.  So for this week, these are the things I'm going to do -

1.  Start reading poetry, even for 30 minutes per day.  In this case, soon as I get home from the gym.  I discovered this poetry book upstairs and I'm interested in reading its poems, slowly, something like a poem a day!

2.  Allocate 30 minutes for my French brush-up.  Read 2 pages of the dictionary and then watch the French movie, at least for 30 minutes to hear it being spoken.  I have been successful in doing my diary in French on an everyday basis.

3.  Start to include swimming in my physical regimen this week.  I have scheduled it every Wednesday, after my Spanish class.  I should arrive in the pool by 5:30PM.  I plan to swim for 1 1/2 hours tops and be at Trinoma by 8PM for my date with bhe.

4.  On Wednesday, I will ask at Lyric Trinoma about their keyboard lessons.  Plan to get one, at least twice a week, at least one hour a day.

5.  I have started my Spanish classes next week, so I plan to study it seriously and make sure I'm fluent in it by 2013.

6.  Clean every Sunday for 2 hours.  I have to make sure my room and the 4th floor is spic and span every week, so I have decided to allocate 2 hours of my Sunday time to cleaning it.  That way I can also purge it off things I don't need anymore.

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