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Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Is the Enemy! - My Diet Plan Nowadays

Since I weighed in last Thursday and found out I breached the 200 pound mark and I am now 2 pounds lesser than that, my mind went on a war freak overdrive!  Food is the enemy has been my mantra these past few weeks, since Christmas, that's why I didn't gain weight during the holidays.  The attitude continued up to now and I'm happy to see I have lost a little bit of the poundage.  

Yes, I want to lose more, but we all know how hard that is to do - what with all the delicious food there are out there!  So everytime I am tempted, I just say, 'Food is the enemy'!  I may have to say that a few more times since I'm aiming for 195 lbs by the end of February.  Not impossible, but very difficult to do.  One nice thing about this though is that the belly bulge is becoming less and less visible.  Now, if only I could just put my portions into baby sizes, I should be successful with my new goal!  I will keep you posted on this!

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