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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do 5000 Situps Daily

I was talking to a friend today in the gym, and she told me she had to do 1000 sit ups since her beau told her that the goal was to do 5000 sit-ups in one day!  Wow!  How impossibly sore would my tummy be by then!  I told her at first, oh, I just did 200 sit-ups, and she said, oh, my boyfriend told me to do 1000!  What!  And that does not include the side bends etc, so that it's the whole core at work.  Oh well, I will still stick to my doable 200 sit-ups every work-out since I think, the only way to get rid of my flab is to burn the remaining fat in it, before I worry about sculpting it.  I do like my weight now but I still want to lose more weight, maybe 195 pounds by midyear.  That at least is not an impossible target.

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