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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Daily Expenses: January 5, 2011

Oh well, it was another expense-filled day for me!  I don't know when I can have some savings again!  Anyhow, here are my expenses today -

1.  tuition fee - Spanish lessons - (US$70.69) (3,100 pesos) - this one does not include the books!  I have so many expenses!

2. gas - (US$6.84) (300 pesos) - another round of gas up today since Taft is very far away from where I live!

3. parking - (US$1.03) (45 pesos) - one thing I like about SM North is that during weekdays, the parking fee is a flat rate the whole day!

4.  food - (US$8.26) (362 pesos) - I ate too much today, not good for my diet - and I drank Coke too!  Very bad.  Back to fasting again tomorrow!

5.  movie - (US$7.80) (342 pesos) - watched Father Jejemon today.  The movie tickets are expensive!

Spent US$94.62 today!!  Whew!  I hope my expenses taper down by next week.  I need to pay part of my credit card again next week.

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