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Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's The Virgin LabFest Once Again at the CCP!

With one of the actors in the play by Layeta Bucoy. I failed to take down his name, silly me!

With Liesl Catherine Batucan, one of the lead players in Allan Lopez's play.  One thing I noticed about the women characters was they were all having a full sex life!! Walang Maria Clara complex!  Go lang kung go!
To all my friends who are theater fans - it's Virgin LabFest again at the CCP - one of my most favorite local cultural events of the year! 

To the uninitiated, this two-week festival showcases new plays written by both veteran and newbie playwrights - and they have the most interesting stories to tell!!
That's why after I saw one edition two years ago, I try my best not to miss it.

Actually, I told Vic that if only I had extra money, I would produce some of those plays and transfer them to another venue like Metro Bar or to a crowd who does not normally watch theater but would love a good laugh. That's because some of the plays are really hilarious! Pwedeng-pwede sa comedy bar!

Anyway, the plays for Set A today had a common thread - dealing with abandonment and break-ups. From a producer's point of view, two of them can be shown commercially while the third one would be for the university and the BED Manila crowd since it involves two guys kissing and groping and kissing and fighting. Kulang na lang magmake-up sex sila dun! Well, no censorship in the CCP, nice!!

The works in Set A were written by veteran playwrights and directed by the who's who in local theater (Chris Millado, Audie Gemora) - a potent collaboration!! And the setting is so intimate, it's like you're a voyeur into your neighbor's houses!

Incidentally, the plays for Set A were Anonymous by Liza Magtoto, Sa Isang Hindi Natatanging Umaga by Allan Lopez, and Sa Pagitan ng Dalawang Kahong Liham by Layeta Bucoy.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Classic Bob Hope Movie: My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

Watching TCM is like some guilty pleasure sometimes. I chanced upon this witty and funn movie which starred Bob Hope entitled Bachelor in Paradise. I really enjoyed it!  Yun pala ang Lana Turner!  Hollywood queen talaga ang dating!  Even the dialogue was on the spot. Puro sya flirtations but not as vulgar as what flirtations would be today.

Anyway, here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending June 20, 2104 -

#1 TCM - Bachelor in Paradise -Bob Hope 

#2 HBO - Looper

#3 CI - Border Australia - Chinese woman earrings

#4 beTV - Desperate Housewives - boring play

#5 CI - Cold Cases - black woman murdered in Holiday Inn

#6 CI - Cold Cases - woman clerk in jewelry store murdered

#7 CI - Border Australia - Chinese woman food

#8 HBO - Ted

#9 Solar Sports - Birmingham final - Ivanovic vs. Strycova

#10 CI - Deadly Wives - woman throws gun in pond

From The Files of Padre Damaso

My "favorite" parish priest brought us back into the medieval ages again in his sermon yesterday - this time attacking both animists and Born- Again Christians. Apparently, according to him, Born-Again Christians have a different view on the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi) and although, I was not able to fully understand the argument (since I never studied Theology), he was saying their belief is wrong etc etc - which again for me was disturbing!

I don't really understand why some Catholic priests like him want to play that superiority card when it comes to other religions, when I personally believe, regardless of one's religion, that we, as human beings, are just worshipping one and the same God - and to say that one's religious beliefs are more valid than another's has led mankind on the path of genocide and destructive wars and hatred for one another.

Can we just get along with each other and respect each other's beliefs? Why can't he just preach about inclusive love instead of excluding other people who may have different interpretations of religious doctrine.

He even derided animists - people who worship spirits of nature - as people who worship demons!! He called dwarves, demons, ang kapre - demonyo din, and pati si Maria Makiling - demonyo din! So a fictional fairy who represents caring for one's environment is a demon! Nakakaloka si Father!

Buti na lang the sermon was delivered in Tagalog so Laura did not understand anything. Otherwise I wouldn't know how to explain to her that the seven dwarves in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are not the Devil himself. Kasi sabi ni father, "ang mga duwende - demonyo yan". Laura even asked me after the sermon, "Why was Father shouting and shouting kanina" I just jokingly said, "Because he saw me again sleeping so he shouted so I would wake up from my sleep!"

Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014 Women's French Open Final: My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

The epic women's final in this year's French Open is my most favorite TV show this week!  T'was great to see both Maria and Simona really fight for the prize!  It has been rare to see such fights in the women's game lately, especially in the finals of the slams.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending June 13, 2014 -

#1 Fox Sports - Sharapova vs. Halep

#2 GMA News TV - Langoy

#3 beTV - Night Shift - Nazi beard - boy with multiple personalities

#4 Cartoon Network - Open Season - bear in the wild

#5 ABS-CBN - guy with club foot

#6 Cinema One - Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang

#7 Fox Sports - Djokovic vs. Gulbis

#8 HBO - That's My Boy

#9 CI - Haunted Encounters

#10 Fox Sports - Djokovic vs. Nadal

Movie Review: Really Enjoyed "Water for Elephants"

Water for Elephants is another movie I was not able to watch during its theatrical run here - and once again, I regret it now.  The movie was pretty interesting since it is set in a traveling circus - not the usual setting for a love story.  Well, at first glance, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson have almost zero chemistry but even then, I still liked the movie.  

I wonder though why Robert Pattinson's fans do not watch his other movies when they go gaga over him when they watch him in those vampire movies!  He only has almost one face in the movie though - his famous smirk - but I admit, without his white make-up here - he does look kinda cute - and I understand why the girls go wild over him!

Well, what I love about this movie are the circus animals, particularly Rosie, the elephant!  She's quite endearing!  Also, Reese looks particularly graceful when she rides both the horse and the elephant!  Para talagang totoong circus performer (Just like a real circus performer!) Critics say her body really followed the period body of the women at that time.  I think what they are saying is true!  

As for Christopher Waltz, well, he's an Oscar-winning actor who can play meanie roles really well - and he does it again here.

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Dylan McDermott: Still As Hot As A Rod!

Yes, Dylan McDermott may have appeared in some grisly scenes in the TV series American Horror Story and tonight I saw him play a campaign manager in the Will Ferrell - Zack Galifanakis comedy The Campaign - and in both roles, he was as sexy as ever - lean, tall, dark and mysterious - a definite yum yum guy!
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Movie Review: 'The Campaign' and Filipinos in America

Will Ferrell's The Campaign is a hilarious comedy about a congressman who has been running unopposed for several terms until big business, who funds for his campaign, finds him useless - and props another unknown candidate - played by Zach Galifanakis.  What's interesting about the movie is that it featured a group of Filipinos in them - I think they were Filipinos working for a certain fast food - I was not too sure.  Oh well, it's about time we were represented in American cinema - it's like we're invisible in America!

The movie has many crazy scenes!  Imagine a baby getting punched!!  And a dog as well!!  I love how Zach does his role here - borderline gay but borderline nerdy straight as well!  This is one movie you could watch without thinking since its premise is very simple. 
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Movie Review: Laughing My Brains Out in 'Young Adult'

Oscar-winning screenwriter for Juno, Diablo Cody can really write funny stuff.  I was watching Young Adult yesterday and Laura would ask me why I was laughing so hard when I was watching it.  Well, there are some scenes in the movie which really got to me - considering that the lead in the movie, played realistically by Charlize Theron, is about my age.  

The story of the movie is actually pretty simple since it's about someone still hooked on her high school love - a not uncommon occurrence even among my friends - but what makes this movie psychotically delightful is the way Charlize plays her role - and how Patton Oswalt - her former schoolmate tries to make her realize the folly of her ways.  I love the extraordinary climax scene where Charlize undergoes a compleat and complete meltdown!!  That's how you should freak out in public!

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Kenny Wormald Couldn't Possibly Piss Off Any Soccer Mom

Any kid who grew up in the 80s would know Footloose and its incredible soundtrack!  I just saw the 2012 remake of the movie and the guy who had to fill Kevin Bacon's really big shoes - Kenny Wormald's really hot huh!  Based on the stuff I read about him in the Internet, he's really a professional dancer with the credentials to show for it!  No wonder he really moves great!  Well, you just have to see him swagger and dance in the movie and enjoy all of him!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Remembering Robert Doisneau

I was cleaning my locker last weekend and I came upon this photo book I bought in Singapore years ago. It was a book of photos by renowned French photographer Robert Doisneau. 

I was lucky enough to see his photos on display during an exhibition at the Alliance Francaise de Singapour. If I'd go into photography, this would be the type of photography I'd want to indulge in.

Photos about human nature.

This one is my most favorite for obvious reasons! It's entitled Un Regard Oblique. 'Regard' in French means look. Enjoy!

I will check the book and I will post more of his photographs para naman di lang puro selfies and pagkain ang nakikita niyo sa FB wall niyo!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

French Open Match 2014: My Most Favorite TV Show This Week

The match between Roger Federer and Ernest Gulbis in this year's French Open, is my most favorite TV show this week.  Gulbis was really in good form that match and it was no surprise that he reached the semifinals!

All of my favorite shows this week, except for one, were all about this year's French Open.

Here are my ten favorite TV shows for the week ending June 6, 2014 -

#1 Fox Sports - Federer vs. Gulbis

#2 Fox Sports - Kvitova vs. Kuznetsova

#3 Fox Sports - Sharapova vs. Muguruza

#4 Fox Sports - Kuznetsova vs. Safarova

#5 Fox Sports - Halep vs. Stephens

#6 Fox Sports - Halep vs. Petkovic

#7 Cinema One - In the Name of Love

#8 Fox Sports - Parmentier vs. Muguruza

#9 Fox Sports - Bertens vs. Petkovic

#10 Fox Sports - Murray vs. Monfils

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty Has Gravitas

It was last Good Friday when I decided to watch Zero Dark Thirty, maybe to lend also to the seriousness of the day, especially to Catholics.  Anyway, I enjoyed watching the movie even though the story was heavy and there were many torture scenes.   Kathryn Bigelow really made the movie complete, not only showing the actual way Osama Bin Laden was killed, but the travails the female agent had to face to be able to finally locate him.  

So much has been written about the torture scenes but for me, personally, it just comes with the territory.  Although no war actually happened, the reality is, by making September 11 happen, was kind of an act of war against America so naturally, to protect their way of life - and their country, America had to resort to tactics like torture to get the information that they want. That's really just the dark side of our human nature - and no amount of nationality or race can hide that dark, beastly behavior that we have.

Anyway, if the tables were turned and America sent an airplane to crash in the Kaaba in Mecca, the Muslim world would also do the same to Americans just to get the information they want.

That's why war is bad and we should really just try to get along with each other!

Julianne Hough: Perky and Hot in 'Footloose' Remake

I like this girl, Julianne Hough!  I've actually only seen her in one movie, and that was Footloose, which I saw this afternoon, and she was really good in it - tempering her character who has been struggling with the death of her brother and the arrival of a new hot guy in their small town.  This girl is cute and can flirt really well - at least in the movie!

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Miles Teller: Poignantly Cute in 'Footloose' Remake

Miles Teller plays Kenny Wormald's character's best bud in the remake of the 80s cult classic Footloose and he's pretty hilarious in it!  Just check out the scene where he had to dance to the 80s classic boys tune Deniece Williams' Let's Hear It For the Boy!  That was a lot of fun to watch!  I wouldn't mind having a best bud as cute as Miles Teller!

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Movie Review: The 'Footloose' Remake Ain't So Bad

Knowing Hollywood's penchant for remaking classic movies, it was not surprising to see that they did a remake of the 80s hit movie Footloose - the one which spawned so many hits in the charts.  I don't quite remember anymore the original - what I remember is Kevin Bacon's solo dance there - but I think the remake can truly speak to today's generation of footloose youth!   

I don't know if it's a good sign but I actually enjoyed the movie - although I did watch it on HBO already, which means it's kinda old haha!  However, I was glued to the telly the whole time since I found both Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough cute and adorable and they had real chemistry - and add to that, the memorable comic turn of Miles Teller - and you have a youth movie which is really worth seeing - in the big screen - if I only knew when it was shown here in Manila - because frankly, I couldn't remember it being shown on the big screen here.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Cool Peter Vack

I find him a tad too lanky but it cannot be denied that Peter Vack, of MTV's I Just Want My Pants Back has loads of sex appeal.  He might appear a bit dugyut  though, that's Tagalog slang for dirty.  I think he's channeling a little of that Alex Pettyfer look.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jason Ritter: Uber-Hot Savior of the World

I chanced upon the TV show The Event  last night.  I think there was some sort of rerun marathon since I saw three shows one after the other!  Well, the lead actor of the show - the one who saves the world - at least in this who - is Jason Ritter!  I am always impressed at how some Hollywood studios are able to find just the right hunk to save us the world!  Jason Ritter certainly fits the bill, at least for me!  He has the right masculine features and the way he played his character, it seemed like he really cared for other people as well.  Maybe I should look for the DVD of this show so I get to see more of him.

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Movie Review: Scary 'Mama' Asks For Your Sympathy

I'm a big fan of Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth so I didn't waste time in checking out his latest horror opus, Mama.  Well, it is scary - and it's really mostly a ghost story.  It also involves children finding themselves in the most difficult of situations.  You can bring your kids to watch this but I suggest you cover their eyes in the 7th minute as there is a scene there which may be difficult for you to explain to them.  The first ten minutes though is crucial to the whole story, so except for that short scene, it keeps you wanting to discover who is Mama and how she gets involved with these kids.

By the way, Jessica Chastain disappears here in black colored hair but she's still very good acting-wise.  There are some holes in the story though like why is an uncle taking care of these kids and why didn't they go to the nearest relative, instead, landing in the lap of a non-relative, played by Jessica.  It is explained a bit in the movie but still, it's quite a stretch, considering how very strict child custody rules are in the West,

The cold, chilling, almost always snowing atmosphere lends perfectly to making the movie eerie and scary.  The styling of the ghost hues to the style of del Toro.  That's how he wants scary to look like - so there's not much departure from his other horror movies.

Still, worth a trip to the cinema.  This one should be seen on a big screen!

FABE Magazine Out Now!

I was going malling today and I chanced upon copies of FABE magazine in both National Bookstore and Fully Booked Trinoma!  Bili naman kayo ng copy guys para may benta naman kami kahit papano, chos!