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Friday, January 7, 2011

Leccion Espanol Day 1: Simple Greetings, the Alphabet and Nationalities

Finally, today, I had my first day of Spanish classes, after planning to study it for a long, long time.  We were assigned our rooms today and it was on the second floor, Aula 8.  We were so many in class, about 24 students, more than the required quota of 20, so they are planning to divide is into two groups next meeting.  Our teacher for today was Jorge Mojarro Romero and he said he was just substituting for today since our teacher was sick.  Jorge comes from the south of Spain so his accent is very thick and he places emphasis on letters g and j.  Anyway, today, we just discussed how to greet each other, and then we did the alphabet, did some dictation, did some oral reading and discussed some of the nationalities!  We were really speeding so fast!  I guess Jorge is a teacher for advanced students since he was really discussing everything very, very fast!
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