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Friday, June 17, 2016

American Idiot cast performance at 2010 Tony Awards

Now that I'm in the subject of musicals, I'm pretty excited to see the Manila version of the Tony-winning musical, American Idiot later this month, which is based largely on the Green Day album of the same title.
I'm a big fan of Billie Joe and he did influence me to wear mascara in my younger days, buti na lang wala pang Facebook nuon!
Anybody who has heard the Green Day album would know that this was actually a rock opera released in a 2-CD format. At least, that's how I felt, so I was not surprised at all that somebody working in musical theater picked up on this - and turned it into this super-energetic musical theater!

Gay Homophobes Are the Worst Kind

I've always felt that the worst homophobes are the gay homophobes, the ones who are usually in the closet or the ones who get married to hide their true sexuality, since they cannot fully accept na bakla sila.
By not being able to fully accept their sexuality, I've always thought that these people are capable of doing something very despicable against their own kabaro.
And nangyari na nga. The Orlando shooting proves what I thought all along. The more this guy suppressed his true nature, the more tragic the consequences became - it could either lead to his own suicide or in this case, venting his anger at his own 'sisters' callously shooting them one by one.
I think it was worsened by the fact that a gay nightclub is a veritable meat market and people are rejected there cruelly especially if they do not fit a certain perfect gay aesthetic (i.e. you have abs, you look like James Reid, you have a handsome face, etc.).
And believe me, the worst 'rejectors' are the gay people, mas malupit pa sila mag-reject sa kapwa nila bakla kesa sa heterosexual world. Why do you think there are soooo many gay men in the gym?
I have a feeling that this guy was rejected so many times that he finally got fed up and said "die bitches die" to 'everyone' he felt did not make him feel that he belonged.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lovin' the Nissan Navarra!

I never thought pick-up trucks can be so comfy inside and feel so cool! Yun lang, it would be a hard sell to everyone in the family.
They would be asking, "Why are you getting a pick-up truck, you're not in the construction industry?!"
Well, it's a 'pick-up' truck! Do I have to spell it out for you?

Oh well, it did feel nice to be inside the car, and the leg room was good and it can seat the kiddos and lola on Sundays. I think I can steer it confidently enough that I don't make too much bangga sa mga poste or sa walls.
Most importantly, I feel safe when it suddenly rains - you know naman how quick Manila's flood waters rise!
Well, wiz pa me budget, and I doubt this can happen now since there are more important things to prioritize.
Pero libre naman mangarap, and it always feels good to aim for something nice - at least for myself man lang - and not always for the family.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Not Taking BS from Men Anymore, Especially When It Comes to Sex

I went out with a guy around my age last week, for a change, after being with boys half my age for the past few years! Not bad looking - like Monsour del Rosario but with facial hair. So really, mamang mama.

Everything went ok - dinner, coffee, cake with coffee, conversation was stimulating - and since it was the wee hours of the morning na - ayun off to his car we went - to go to paradise! Charot!

So while in the car, we did some small talk again and then he says, "Oh, by the way, if we go out again, I don't want you to wear those shirts that only Ricky Reyes would wear (see picture below)"

Big (silent) gasp on my part! Apparently he was stalking na pala my FB because I was wearing dark gray that night. How did he know of my 'colorful' nature?

Here I was, me so horny na, ready to be the queen of the night, and then the guy says something deflating and nakakawalang-gana.
And I wasn't even looking for love! Since I'm old already, I don't take BS na from guys.

Andami kayang guys na Laila Dee lang noh, kaya ayaw ko mag-effort if you're not 100% into me.

So I just feigned an early schedule the next day and took a cab home.

There Are no Stereotypes to People Including the Programs We Watch on TV

I went to our kitchen today and saw how clear the tennis match was on the TV there.

The kitchen TV and the TV in my room are the same old trusty Sony brand - but I have been suffering these past two weeks because I could barely see the tiny yellow tennis ball, especially when I lie down in bed to watch a match!

So I asked our kasambahay, how come the reception of her TV was so clear - and she said, "Ilagay mo sa Sports yung video sir".

I did just that, and voila, now, I can see the tennis ball very clearly!

Apparently, my TV was on Vivid, that's why all the colors were out there and I could barely see the tiny yellow tennis ball amidst all that flaming Paris red clay!

Ang talino ni Ate!

By the way, my kasambahay does not watch telenovelas and opts to watch tennis and UAAP volleyball and Cinema One movies.

O di ba? There are no stereotypes to people. We watch what we want to watch!