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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Daily Expenses: January 15, 2011

Today, I met up again with my Francophone friends so there was a bit of expenses, than the usual day.  Here are my expenses for today -

1.  movie - 200 pesos (US$4.52)
2.  food - 953 pesos (US$21.52)
3.  Larry - 100 pesos (US$2.26)
4.  gas - 300 pesos (US$6.78)
5.  GT magazine - 699 pesos (US$15.79)
6.  load - 100 pesos (US$2.26)

TOTAL - 2352 pesos (US$53.12)

It's really astonishing how much money passes through my hands in a day! And these expenses don't even include the basic items in the house and all our other house bills.  Oh well, dinners like these and the magazine are not normal things I do everyday, so it's ok to splurge once in a while.

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