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Monday, July 29, 2013

Telling Your High School Crush After 25 Years

Best 25th high school reunion memory: I was making the rounds last night making chika chika when a guy wearing a plaid polo suddenly grabbed me and hid his name tag from me hoping I'd be able to guess who he was. After two seconds, I immediately said, "OMG, ______ you were my high school crush and I've been asking about you for years!" You could see from his face that I surprised him instead with what I said haha poor guy!! And yeah, he's still cute after all these years!! Beautiful beady eyes and cute impish grin, hayyyy....those were really innocent days pa......

Daniel Purvis: British Gymnast Bronze Medallist

Aside from Max Whitlock, Daniel Purvis was another goodlooking member of the British men's gymnastics team, who helped their team snag the surprise bronze medal finish in this Olympic Games.  I think it was the consistency of the team that made them win that medal.  In a way, they just outdid all the expectations and it was great because Prince Harry and Prince William were there to witness it!

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Japanese Breaststroke Specialist: Ryo Tateishi

Ryo Tateishi has lived under the shadow of the great Kitajima in the breaststroke, but not tonight!  Out of nowhere, he was able to snag the bronze medal, from Kitajima himself, who was in the lane beside him.  He looked very cute in the awarding ceremony!  Actually all three medalists were definite lookers!

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Olympic Eye Candy: Fabian Hambüchen

I have been watching men's gymnastics and swimming these past few days and I already have a list of Olympic eye candy that these London Olympics have provided.  I have already mentioned some in previous blog posts.  First on this new list is Fabian Hambüchen, a gymnast from Germany, who was in the finals of the men's individual all-around.  He didn't perform very well though.
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Nathan Adrian: Another Hot Olympic Swimming Champion

I did not know how handsome Nathan Adrian was until he took off his goggles and swimming cap, after he won a fantastic 100m freestyle race, just edging his Australian rival, Magnussen, by 0.01 second!  His smile is to die for and when he got out of the pool - OMG, the drool from my mouth suddenly flowed!  Ryan Lochte is the brooding champion, Nathan is the all American champion.  Michael Phelps is the legend of course but lookswise.....
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True Blood Beauties: Deborah Ann Woll

I can't believe I've never featured Deborah Ann Woll who plays the vampire Jessica in True Blood.  She's been in the series since forever and I like how her character has evolved and has become more sure of herself - as a vampire.  What's good about season 5 is that they emphasize the bond between maker and vampire so Bill and Jessica's relationship acquires a deeper meaning in terms of loyalty and fealty, at least for viewers like me.
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A Bio Pic on the Owner of Banyan Tree - My Favorite TV Show This Week

A biopic on the owner of the luxury resort Banyan Tree is my favorite show this week.

Here are my ten favorite shows this week -

#1 Bio - Ho Kwon Ping - Tycoons of Asia - may-ari ng Banyan Tree

#2 Diva - Hot in Cleveland - ginawa siyang babysitter - Melanie Griffith guested

#3 Solar Channel - David Letterman - Cate Blanchett in Woody Allen movie

#4 Solar Channel - The Talk - inaway si Oprah

#5  PBO - Claudia Zobel Story

#6  Diva - Hot in Cleveland - Elka's lawyer hot

#7  HBO - True Blood - nahulog si Ryan Kwanten

#8 HBO - Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

#9 Diva - Hot in Cleveland - Susan Lucci nahulugan

#10-  Diva - SVU - 13 year old nagrape ng bata

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mr. A: Restaurant Overlooking Cebu City - An Amazing Dinner Experience

I was just planning to have dinner at Larsian in Fuente Osmena tonight soon as I arrived in Cebu but I was lucky to get a taxi driver who offered to take me to Mr. A, which he said was this restaurant overlooking Cebu and he said the food was good and that the view was great. And it was!! And the food is reasonably priced - or super mahal lang talaga now sa Manila. And we ate under the stars and the beautiful full moon!! Probably one of the best dinner places I have been anywhere in the world!! Yun lang, well, not to be racist or anything but the Koreans are too noisy!! I can you have a proper conversation in a really cool place when some of them are just plain boorish!! Oh well, most of the other Koreans were well behaved except for this young group in the cafe which was really noisy. Sayang, the view was beautiful, the night was calm and serene and the stars and the moon were out in full force - and then this noisy group! Otherwise, I would definitely suggest out-of-towners to visit the place, especially now since the weather is cool. And please don't smoke there, PLEASE DON"T!! It will destroy the ambiance, and yes, just talk normally and not attract attention to yourself by being boorishly noisy - so everyone can have a great time!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

British Gymnast: Kristian Thomas

Another one of my many favorites in men's gymnastics is Kristian Thomas who finished decently at last night's men's individual all-around.  Funny thing was I did not notice him during the men's team competition, as his other teammates, Daniel Purvis and Max Whitlock were given more TV airtime.  Anyhow, he did pretty well last night, not committing any grave errors.

Table Tennis Cutie: Dimitrij Ovtcharov of Germany

The bronze medal match in men's table tennis singles has just finished and German Dimitrij Ovtcharov has just won over his opponent from Chinese-Taipei, four games to two.  I rarely watch table tennis but since this was the Olympics, I decided to check it out.  I learned today that the scoring has changed from 21 to 11 with a best of seven series.  I like it since it makes the sport more interesting to watch as every game takes much shorter to finish.
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Zhang Ji Ke: Table Tennis Stripper

Zhang Ji Ke is currently contesting the gold medal for the men's table tennis singles title in this London Olympics against another Chinese compatriot.  I read something interesting about Zhang though.  When he won the world title last year, he tore off his jersey and revealed his fantastic muscular body!  I mean, gosh, check out his back muscles!  Man, that's really, really sexy!
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Adam Gemili: Hot British Sprinter

I watched Adam Gemili crouch in agony as he finds out that he and his teammates of the British 4x100 meter relay team have been eliminated in their heats because Gemili got his baton late and outside the designated zone!  Too bad really because they finished second in their heat but even then, their poor baton passing in the last leg cost them their final slot.

Nevertheless, Adam Gemili is a real cutie and he's still young!  I'm sure he'll mature into a great sprinter soon enough.

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