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Friday, June 29, 2012

Gun Hill Road: Growing Up Confused in a Tough Neighborhood

I heard about the movie Gun Hill Road from the Independent Spirit Awards which I saw in Star Movies.  As if growing up gay was hard enough, the main character in the movie has to deal with the tough neighborhood he is in!  It's definitely a movie I'm going to search for in my suki DVD seller.  They should have a copy of it now, I'm sure, since it was released more than a year ago and was a big hit in the Sundance Festival.

Harmony Santana: Breakthrough Transgender Actress

I am currently watching the Independent Spirit Awards and I discovered this wonderful actress, well, a transgender actress, Harmony Santana, who got nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Gun Hill Road.  I think I have to look for that movie in my suki DVD seller!  

Her nomination can serve as a marker for actresses like her, who may have to face discrimination just because they are.  It's great that she's sharing her acting talent to the world despite the labels being attached to her.  She's a real looker by the way!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bemz Benedito: Una Activista Para La Gente Transgender

Resulta irónico que no hay palabra para una persona transgender en un diccionario español-inglés.  Eso es un ejemplo de las luchas que Bemz Benedito tiene que estar frente a cada dia de su vida.  Lo que funciona por ella es que los filipinos aceptan los gays más abiertamente comparado con otros paises.  

Señora Benedito esta actualmente visitando las escuelas y las universidades por todas partes de filipinas para explicar a los estudientas los derechos de la gente gay.  Junto con profesor de Ateneo Danton Remoto, ellos fundaron la organización Ang Ladlad que tiene 60 mil miembros en el pais.

Benedito acabó sus estudios en sociología en Ateneo.
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Me Gusta the Milk Tea at Tokyo Bubble Tea Morato

Unlike many of the young people today, I didn't really latch on to the milk tea craze immediately.  I did try different versions of it but I couldn't understand why the kids loved them when para lang naman siyang iced tea that you can drink when you go to HK.

Well, my view changed last week when Rica and I chanced upon this milk tea place called Tokyo Bubble Tea milk tea place and restaurant.  I tried their Adzuki Red Bean Milk Shake - and I was definitely hooked agad!

I invited Vic to the place once again today, and along with Laura and Mama, we tried the same drink and also their cakes.  Di gaano masarap yung cakes nila today - not like the last time I went, when their chocolate cake was really good!

This is my favorite drink there, the Adzuki Red Bean Milk Shake - and I always ask for a double serving of the red bean - just like what I do in HK!

Their innovative lamps overhead

On the upper cabinets, you can find these Japanese-inspired toys - parang mga Tamagotchi

Ayan, finally found the name of the place!
Mi favorito!

I forgot the name of this cake but it tastes like coffee - we didn't quite like it but it looked intriguing!

Their carrot cake - di rin gaano masarap - gusto ko kasi super super tamis!

My guilty pleasure nowadays!!  double the red bean!! super yum yum!!

Their sylvanas!  Di rin gaano masarap and super tigas - although Mama said, dapat raw matigas

Laura didn't like her drink din - bago pa kasi for her - she didn't like the black stuff sa baba!

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Delicious Thai Food at 8 Spices!

I think I was already able to eat at 8 Spices before!  Sila pala raw yung resto na nasa 2nd floor ng Il Terrazo, but since the rent was so high, they looked for another cheaper place, which is now their present location here in Scout Borromeo.  Well, kahit lumipat sila, lumipat din ang mga customers nila as the place was full when we had dinner tonight at around 8:30PM - and it was a Sunday ha!

Vic and Laura

Mama - see the nice exteriors of the place! And the lighting is great!

Their Thai iced tea - yum yum!
Laura enjoying her Beef Noodle Soup
Their Lapu-Lapu - sarap ng sauce nito and the fish too was really malaman!
Their rice had ample meat on top of it and delicious omelette - my favorite!
For the rice though, I'd suggest you get the plain rice lang so that you can taste the flavors of the food.  The problem with getting bagoong rice or the one we got, medyo maalat na siya, so na-oovershadow niya ang lasa ng ibang food.  If it were just plain rice, I'm sure I would be able to discern the different delicious flavors of the food we ate!

Laura enjoying her strawberry ice cream
This hallway leads to the restrooms - ang lawak lang!
There was a statue in front of the store - Laura mimicked the same position!

Dinner Ulit sa Dampa at Aling Marsha's

Vic loves going to the restaurants at the Dampa area, and understandably so.  He loves prawns - and there, you can have a plateful of these things at one-third the price of a normal restaurant.  This time, we did not eat anymore at Claire dela Fuente and instead chose another restaurant at the back of it, Aling Marsha.

Be careful though when you buy the prawns. What they did to us was they transferred the prawns from a vat priced 550 pesos to one that was priced 750!! Imagine that!! And they had the pretense to tell us that it was supposed to be there!  Oh well, di na nagalit si Vic but insisted to only pay 550, and the owner agreed.

So, the cost of the prawns and the clams was around 900 pesos plus the cooking which is at 150 pesos per plate, plus drinks, our bill usually reaches two thousand pesos.  Already reasonable considering if you eat prawns in another establishment, it would cost around 500 pesos for three measly pieces!  So sulit na talaga ito, sarap pa ng pagkaluto!

We also got our favorite clams!

Across the restaurant was the fish stall where we bought the fresh fish

Se e how big the prawns are!  This one is my favorite - it's in buttered sauce - super yum yum!

This one is cooked spicy.  Masarap pa rin pero kasi spicy, medyo di ko type, pero naubos pa rin namin!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jon Hamm: A Really Nice Piece of Ham!

Jon Hamm plays a cameo role in Bridesmaids, as a fuck buddy for Kristen Wiig's character and he plays it real cool!  I had to search for some booty call from him because he was the only guy who came on shirtless in this chick movie!  I should really watch Mad Men now!  I am now officially his fan!

Local Model: Gerard Sison

Don't know much about Gerard Sison, this goodlooking local model but he's been tagged as one of the up-and-coming guys in the world of celebrity (yup that fickle world where a nobody becomes a somebody without using any talent at all!)