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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Five Rules in Life to Live By

As parents, it comes naturally for us to hope nothing but good things to come to the lives of our children.  We have been there in the so called journey of life and whatever we have experienced, positive or otherwise, we see them as a lesson learned of which we want to share to our children.  Most often than not, some of these lessons we learned from our parents and we see them as useful in our journey such that we want our children to see the value that these lessons had brought into our lives.  The others, we just learned from our past mistakes such that we share them to our children as well to shield them from the agony of its consequence and the pain of regret.
I have two young children ages 13 and 12 by whom I do not tire of giving valuable advices from the time their young minds can already comprehend as I continuously do so today.  Parents should never get tired of teaching their children.  There may actually be a time when children seem not to listen to us, but we shouldn’t see this as a reason to stop teaching or advising them altogether.  We just keep on advising them no matter what.  Somehow, it will register to their subconscious.  It is worth sharing how these simple advices can actually make a difference from their life and mine.
1.     Be honest, someone up there is watching.  Earlier on, this is the very basic thing that I advised to my two boys.  The saying that “honesty is the best policy” might be too overused nowadays already in this age of deceit and lie driven-world, but I tell you, it still is an amazing trait to be honest despite it being a rarity already.  Being honest saves us from a whole lot of trouble.  When we fail in raising honest kids, it somehow reflects it unto us such that all other values and virtues seem hardly achievable if our kids are in trouble with being dishonest.  Start instilling this to your children while still very young and it just comes naturally that they turn out to be honest kids that we hopefully continues until their lifetime.  It is something I have achieved from my own children, a virtue I have toiled to instill to them with all my might.
2.    Do not do unto others, what you do not want the others will do to you.  True to its guiding principle, this one is really the golden rule to reckon with.   It really needs a constant and continuous prodding from us parents for our children to see the value of this particular rule.  This being biblical in nature while particularly relevant in today’s world, makes it more a truly guiding light in our relationship among people we deal with as we journey through life. 
3.    Everything can be settled through peaceful talk.  This one is actually my personal mantra which turned to become my personal golden rule.  I only learned a little later how useful is this when I applied it to my own circumstances by which I truly believe this can guarantee one to be saved from  huge trouble.  In here, arrogance and pride has no place at all.  Do not attack pride with pride and arrogance with arrogance.  It takes only a simple humility and honesty to discuss matters between people.
4.    Take time to pray.  All of these in this world amount to nothing when you have no personal relationship with our Maker. I mean ALL, and there is no compromise on that.
5.    Be the best of what you can be. To have a purpose-driven life.  To believe that each one of us has a purpose and that we need only to cultivate and discern what our purpose in this journey is called life.  And whatever it is that our journey leads us to, we just try as hard as we can to be good at it given our God-given talents.
It is amazing how as parents, the shaping of our children’s values and virtues depends mightily upon us.  While they may have acquired their own set of values and virtues along the way, the ones that we instill to them especially during the early part of their lives are the ones that truly take roots on them.  We should be more particular in taking advantage of that fact.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Five Pieces of Best Advice that I Can Give to my Children about Life

Well, being the first teacher of our children, we, as parents tend to be very protective to them.   As much as possible, we always want almost a perfect life for them.  Right…?  But,   our children’s lives are beyond our control; and even our own life, most of the time it is hard to maneuver.  It seems so hurdling all the time; however,    what is important is, to live our life as the best as we could. And, the important principle is to make things light everyday to stay happy and healthy.    Most parents in this world desire for almost perfect life for their children.  But, let us face the reality… life is not perfect so as the   human beings.  So, committing mistakes is unavoidable.  In fact, everyone must all go through this process in order to learn the real value of life.
 In relevant with this,   I must say that, if I would be asked  what are the five best  pieces of advice that I normally give   to my children about life; (I rephrased the question since I do this   with them in real life).   First and foremost, I more often tell them to give a meaningful value to their lives.  Since, there are many youth today who seem do not care about the beautiful things around them.  They just ruin their lives with various vices, and they never give importance to whatever their future store for them.  Well, living in this world, has always a purpose for every person.  And, I think   children should know how to give value to everything that they have; especially to life.  We must be the one to take care of our body, free it from any harmful elements that could possibly ruin our entire character as an individual. Second, I typically advice my children to give value to higher education.  Because education will lead a person to do things in the right way.  As well as it motivates a person to   work hard for his future.   More importantly, education   freed any person from ignorance.   Aside from that, with formal education,    a person would get courage to go on with any obstacle in life.  Equally important, education brings a person closer to many job opportunities that would help him or her to elevate his or her economic status in life.  Third, I normally advise my children to be determined and courageous to achieve their dreams in life.   Having an ambition is a great motivation for a person to go on in life; regardless how many times he or she stumbles and falls.  What most important is for a person to learn how to bounce back and   hurdle with all those trials and difficulties with flying colors.  Fourth, I often tell them to save money for rainy days.  It is very essential for a person to know the basic thriftiness for his or her own advantage.   Especially nowadays, we experience a dramatic global economic predicament;   therefore, one should learn to maximize his or her financial resources in order to save a portion of how much money he or she has for future use.   Fifth, I always tell my children to believe in themselves, to their own abilities and capacities as a person.  I constantly encourage them to boost their self-confidence.  Having enough confidence about your self shows also your ability to do other things that other people seem to think that you can never do. Being smart is one way of telling people that you deserve some kind of respect from them; as much as you respect them.   
With all these in mind, well… principles in life are just basic guidance for all of us on how to live our life rightfully, happily and peacefully.   Generally, I also advise my children to learn to become independent.  Being independent is one way of proving yourself that you are a responsible and reliable person.  Above all, I also advise my children to have a strong faith in God at all times, without HIM, everything is impossible in this world.    A lot of people are seemingly taking His presence for granted, but God is always around in our lives.  He just let us do whatever we want to do, he just there, waiting for us to ask help and guidance.   Most of the time, we are overwhelmed with our daily tasks, without even  noticing that God is  just beside us,  just waiting for us to  thank HIM for the life he gave us; as well as the  blessings he always showers upon us.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Movie Review: If Philosophy Were A Movie, It'd Be The Tree of Life

I remember falling asleep when I watched Terrence Mallick's The Thin Red Line way back in college.  What I also remember though was how beautifully shot it was!  It was like I was walking in a dream.  The beauty of the scenery betrayed the goriness of war that was about to come!

Well, I expected The Tree of Life to be just as slow but I didn't expect it to be this ambitious!  It was like I was listening to a lecture on philosophy and then somebody converted the lecture into a movie!  The dialogue in this movie is very sparse - and there is no plot that moves it.  We were actually just watching the family of Brad Pitt's character and how his eldest son related to him.  There were three scenes in the movie which I can relate to because we also used to do it when we were kids.  First was the boxing scene.  Papa made us box when we were kids.  I still remember having to wear the red gloves for it!  Second was that scene where they played with the cans as telephones!  That was cool!  Finally, that scene where the kids run to their father when he comes from work or on a trip reminds me so much of Papa also!

Well, this movie is not for everyone.  If you are not patient and is not accustomed to watch nonlinear movies, steer clear of this movie.  Otherwise, bring a tall espresso so you won't miss a thing!

Mi Diario en Español: El 25 de Junio de 2011

No me salí estos dos dias pasados a causa de lluvia incesante asi que salí hoy para ver dos películas.  Ví 'Tree of Life' en Trinoma.  Era una pelicula rara porque no hubo mucho diálogo y hubo muchas escenas directamente de National Geographic.  Como para porque eran alli, Terrence Mallick conoce solamente!  Curiosamente, no me quedé dormido!  Habia varias escenas entre padre y hijo que puedo estar vinculado como la escena boxeo y la escena donde usaron unas latas como un telefono!

Después eso, fui a Galleria para ver la pelicula Empty Chair.  Era una pelicula terror de indonesia. Era sobre la silla que no esta ocupada porque su dueña se suicidó asi que su espiritu se aparecen los estudiantes.

Ferdie no podría venir esta noche asi que hice la compra!  Compré le CDs de David Archuleta, Gary Valenciano y The Greatest Hits of Radiohead porque costó 99 pesos! Compré tambien un quemador de grasa porque quiero realmente perder peso.   Compré tambien un libro español que tiene ejercicios para tiempos pasados.  Tuve tambien mis camisetas modificó.  Espero que hacen un buen trabajo!

Fui temprano porque quise ver Wimbledon a la tele.  Han mostrado los matches de Nadal y Federer.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Staying Young Inside and Out

Staying young inside and out is a feat that almost everyone wants to achieve in this world where most of us want to live a long life, but we do not want to grow old.  There are many activities that suggest to help one achieves this ranging from exercise, yoga, diet and many more.
Exercise keeps people young.  Obviously age and certain medical conditions can affect one’s ability to do particular kind of strenuous exercise.  But if you can walk, you can reap the benefits of regular activity, from blood pressure control to increased longevity.  People of all ages are advised to keep moving.    It helps to maintain a healthy weight, increase level of the good cholesterol, protects against diabetes, enhances muscle strength and balance, wards off depression and anxiety, helps to prevent osteoporosis and reduces the risk of certain cancers. Aerobic or endurance exercise leads to improved cardiovascular fitness such as walking, running, cycling, dancing, rope skipping, rowing, swimming etc. 
On the other hand, many people who are beauty conscious spent a lot of pesos in buying anti-aging pharmaceuticals preparations in their guest for staying youthful.  A recent discovery of a natural source of antioxidants points out to sweet potato, otherwise known as “camote”.   The antioxidants of this particular root crop are higher in their leaves than in the tops, but higher in the tops than in the roots and petioles.  Yet, all parts of the sweet potato especially the leaves and tops contain protein, lipids, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorous and Vit. A and C.  They are relatively low in calories and no fat.  They are rich in betacarotene, having five times the recommended allowance of Vit A in one sweet potato, as well as loaded with potassium that helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body cells, as well as normal heart function and blood pressure.
Getting enough sleep is also one reason to boost good health.  The brain sort of sputters when it is deprived of sleep.  Sleep is precious.  When we sleep, we rest and create more energy for a brand new day. 
We can actually keep on talking a number of strategies to keep young inside and out.  The tips below summarize the entire topic and hopefully can actually help one in his or her quest for youthful personal inside and out.
1.    Stay active
2.    Read a lot.  Aside from the fact that it actually broadens our horizons no matter how old are we in our current state, it also preempts Alzheimer’s disease and senility
3.    Balance your activities from, physical and sexual
4.    Never sit still; always stay busy as the saying goes “when you rest, you rust”
5.    Be child-like and laugh a lot.  Laughter relaxes facial muscles than can become very tense especially in long working hours.  Plenty of laughter produces “laugh lines” in a person’s face giving the individual a kindly look, as against wrinkles and creases brought about by stress, unhappiness and hardships, which contribute immensely in giving a person an aging appearance
6.    Work hard and eat lots of vegetables and fruits
7.    Adequate 8 hours sleep, moderate drinking of wine and have sex.  Sex actually improves the circulation of all organ system including our heart
8.    Live with joy and enthusiasm each day
9.    Avoid smoking
10. Avoid food carcinogens as those found in additives, preserved and smoked meat and barbecued foods
11. Avoid obesity, cut down on total fat intake and eat high fiber food including whole grains, fruits, vegetables particularly cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and lower intake of salt.
Other insights too about staying young inside and out are found in the bible.  We always associate bible with religious morality but although it concerns getting people to heaven, it likewise is concerns with living here on earth.  Let us take a quick look at them:
·         Peace of mind makes body healthy, but jealousy is like cancer
·         Hot tempers cause arguments but patience brings peace
·         What a joy it is to find just the right word for the right occasion
·         Smiling faces make you happy, and good news make you feel better
·         Kind words are like honey—sweet to the taste and good for your health
·         Being cheerful keeps you healthy.  It is slow to death to be gloomy all the time
There is never one formula for keeping young both within and out.  It is actually a combination of all. 

Movie Review: Insidious - Ghosts that Follow You Everywhere

American horror movies have not really been scary this past decade.  It has been mainly the Japanese, Korean and Thai directors who have been churning out understated but truly scary horror movies, these past few years.  So, it's quite refreshing to find out again that an American horror movie has been capable of providing a scream feast for the audience.

It was Vic who first told me that Insidious was scary.  Well, nothing really happens much in the first 30 minutes, as I think the director just wanted to set the mood and introduce everyone but soon as the action starts, it's a wild rollercoaster ride till the last scene.  I haven't heard that many shrieks coming out from an American horror movie in a long time! 

Insidious is basically a haunting story and it's probably the scariest ghost movie I've seen since The Others.  Barbara Hershey is very good in it and I also watched it because Patrick Wilson, one of my favorite hunk actors was the lead.  Too bad what happened to his character though.

Well, if you want to hold your girlfriend (or boyfriend) tight tonight, this is just the perfect ghost movie that you can watch together!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


            Why is it that when you know that it is most likely the last time a person will celebrate an event with you, you make it as memorable as you can? Why not celebrate every occasion, or better yet, expend every effort you can in making every event a memorable one? As my favorite niece always says, “you never know”.
            Yes, indeed, we will never know if we will still be here tomorrow to celebrate another event. If we are here, are we still able to celebrate? Will we still have the means to celebrate the occasion?
Celebrating is not spending too much money. In fact, the most memorable Father’s Day celebration was the cheapest because the event was celebrated at home.
Previous celebrations were always done outside his house. We either eat in a restaurant we have not eaten before, mainly Chinese restaurants because he loved Chinese foods, or we have a swimming party. Sometimes, we just go to the mall with Dad and shop things for him. It was almost as if it has become, not necessarily routine, but because we do not want him to feel left out, or to feel self-pity. .
That last time we did it because we wanted to say and to let him feel that he is very much valued and important to us, and that we love him so much. We wanted to tell him that here is your family loving you back, the family that you protected and loved totally, and worked very hard for, the family that you were always proud of.
 That time, my father can no longer go out of the house. It was even an effort for him to go out of his bedroom. Yet, he made the extreme effort of going out to the dining room if only to blow the candles on his Father’s Day cake that was bought by all his grandchildren after pooling their allowances. Even the little kids contributed whatever remained of their meager allowances just so it can be said that they also contributed to grandfather’s Father’s Day cake.
            All his grandchildren gathered around him and sang him a Father’s Day song to the music of the song, Happy Birthday. Then they kissed their grandfather and all wished him to get well soon and to play with them again. After a while, he asked to be brought back to his bedroom because he wanted to lie down again and rest.
            Four months after the celebration, he passed away. Even if we knew already that his illness is no longer curable – he had to undergo peritoneal dialysis three times a day – and the medical doctors said that  living for nearly three years after the kidneys has stopped functioning is almost a miracle at his age, it still served as a shock for us. We were still not prepared.  Nor will we ever be prepared.
His last words the night before he died were uttered to me. He told me to take care.  How my sister envied me because it was only when I was at his side that he opened his eyes and told me to take care.
            How I cried when after the funeral, I opened his wallet and the first thing that I saw was my picture with him taken when we were in Tagaytay. It was in the very prominent part of his wallet. My mom’s picture was only second in prominence.  That time I knew and confirmed that I am the most loved and his favorite.
            Last Sunday, Father’s Day, we went to Manila Memorial Park in Cavite to visit him in his resting place. While praying the rosary, I cannot help but reminisce about the wonderful things we did together.
 He would sometimes surprise me by visiting  me at school when I was still in elementary. He would buy me things I like in the canteen and at the bookstore. He would even ask permission from the principal to take me out for lunch so we can eat at Victoria Peak.
            Every Friday or Saturday afternoon, he would take my brother and I to a restaurant near our house called Merienda Corner and treat us to hamburgers and egg pie. Then he would take us to a grocery and buy what we want and need.
            How I wish I can bring back my father.   

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Era of Generation X

The youth of today have so much to thank for given the fact that there are indeed a number of things which the past era of youth had not had the privilege to enjoy.  While there was the beauty in simplicity during my time many decades ago, this did not in any way altogether compensate to what I and the people in my generation lacked in terms of enjoyment.  Yes, there is indeed beauty in simplicity, but the enjoyment and empowerment that one gets from new technologies and being techno-savvy is something to reckon with.
First in my list is the computer, particularly a laptop.  Had this gadget been present before, I could have done a lot of excellent term papers before.  I am an excellent typist on the manual and electric typewriter, a skill I got from my Typing class, one of the subjects that I have to attend to in my Accounting course.    Despite being able to type in a speed far superior than others, this did not make me appreciate the end result of my work because let’s face it, a typewriter does not have the facilities to allow one to manipulate the texts or create designs to make a report attractive to its receiver.  So unlike to the computer, where the user feels to be the master of its own universe.  He can do or redo whatever he wants for his work to his own satisfaction.  The computer’s work is boundless, why it was not invented before is beyond my comprehension.  Oh well, that is what technology is all about after all.
Then, I would not have imagined there would come a time that talking face to face with someone on the other end of the globe could become possible through computers. 
Second to my list is the availability of computer shops.  They are at your beck and call.  The number of computer shops sprouted in every corner of the neighborhood abound.  This gives one access to the technology regardless of wherever he is at the moment.  For a modest fee, one can enjoy the amenities of a computer even outside his home.  Nothing like that was enjoyed during my time.  Even if it was only a typewriter, the availability of which was so hard to find for most of the cases these stuff were normally limited and usually housed only in offices.  I remember the discomfort I experienced each time I asked my father’s secretary for a favor to use the office’s typewriter and I would recall the self guilt I put upon myself each time I stayed long enough thinking I had already  become a nuisance especially in the use of their ink and electricity. 
I wonder now why there weren’t typewriters shop before serving the same purpose those computers shops now serve.  Perhaps, people were not as enterprising as they are now.  Oh well, that too may be a part of evolution as well.  What they had before rather were typists for hire lining in front of the universities or beside them who would work on your paper for a fee. 
Then too, who could deny the mobile phone’s importance to every individuals, households and lifestyle nowadays?  With the emergence of this gadget, everyone you care about is just a text away.  May the youth of today would be prudent enough though to use this only when necessary.  There are instances that use of the same are already beyond what is necessary like courting through texts which I find so obnoxious.  This is a far cry during our youth where the males courted the girls they like through a personalized love letter written in a special stationery.  That one I will never exchange for a text.  Sadly though, courtship through texts becomes a norm already in this age.  Its one example of how one good technology turns one good traditional value upside down.
For all of these that are within the reach of the younger generation, the computer, the computer shops and the mobile phones, may they value these and use it to empower them in a positive way.  Though my generation may not have the opportunity to avail of these different technologies during the time when we needed them the most in the seventies, at least my generation and perhaps those that came before us, has able to catch up with the evolution.  It’s never too late to learn the trend.

How I wished that he didn't die that way

            I was a self-confessed youtube addict. Most of my friends around the sites that I’ve signed up for came from youtube. I’ve developed a strong attachment to my youtube site after I met my phoneline friend, I only knew him by the name that he had given me, I don’t know if it was his real name, but I call him Wynnie, after my favorite Hotel. He has this high sense of creativity, and yet, so underrated. I’ve seen how far he would go just to get what he really wants. And one of the things that always bring me back to him was his ability to tell a story as if you are in that story. He’s just too good to be true. And I’ve proven that he’s the best of both worlds.
            He has told me stories about his escapades, relationships and everyday life. How his mother cooks for the whole family, and even how his dog got its name. Everything under the sun has been a topic of our conversations. Politics, current events, showbiz and even things from the past didn’t escape our tags. One of his stories was about how his father died. And he told it in a heartbreaking way. I was so speechless at the course of his story. He was literally crying. Sobbing and trying to hold himself together. He is so fragile in that very moment. And I was left hushing.
            I know that he would forgive me for telling this.
            Their family used to live somewhere in Quezon City. Wynnie, just like I, was a second child. He has an older sister, Shayie and the youngest of them was Santie Lei.
            One of the things that really made him cry was the memory of his father not going home in a week, and leaving all of them without any food to eat and they ended up  having ketchup as their viand. That was when Wynnie is still young. Unfortunately, they’ve discovered that their father was hitting weeds.
            Maybe at the struck of providence, his father realized that he is a head of the family, and he has three children that needs his care and protection. He has been a strict father to all three of them. He was able to move from their home to a better one within Tandang Sora area, and managed to land a good business with friends.  He ended up being responsible father by sending them to a good learning facility in the University Belt, and they all earned their University diplomas.
            One time, way back in November 2005, Wynnie and his father had a heated argument, and at the burst of emotion, they’ve exchanged harsh words and as a result, both egos were hurt. Wynnie tried to stare away from his father, but at the corner of his eyes, he saw his father looking down at him with a sad look on his face. Wynnie was feeding Lance, Shayie’s son who was five years old that time, when they heard a collapse noise from their father’s bedroom upstairs. When he rushed to his father’s bathroom he saw his father lying on the wet floor, naked, having a hard time trying to catch his breath.
            With all his strength, he carried his father to their car, and rushed him to the nearest hospital. He was driving as fast as he could and hitting the horn, honking over and over again. He was cursing every thing that blocks their way. How he cursed the volume of vehicles that day. He can see that his father is really having a hard time to breathe and his tongue turned purple. Wynnie was so afraid, and anxious. But he felt that all of his effort was wasted when the E.R. declared his father to be dead on arrival. Wynnie was crying like a child in the E.R. and no one could stop him until all other members of the family came. His mother embraced him, and was left speechless. All of them were crying.
            After that night at the E.R., Wynnie hasn’t slept for two days. Everyone who gave respect at his father’s wake was so worried about him. And they were all trying to comfort him.
            He was staring at his father laid in the coffin, sobbing and crying. One of his aunties approached him, tried to talk him out. She said, “Be brave, you are now the head of the family, nobody is to blame, you do not need to punish yourself. Your father loves you more than you’ll ever know. He may not be showing it that much but he does thinks about you and your welfare. He was so worried about you and your mom after the first attack happened”. Wynnie answered briefly, “I tried”.
            Wynnie is so detached from the rest of the people around him. In a way, he can’t let go of blaming himself for what happened to his father.
            At the succeeding night of the wake, Wynnie was in a way, composed. He was able to talk to people giving respects to the funeral. One old man, about his father’s age, approached him and told a story about Shayie.
            The old man said: “Your father was a very good friend of mine. There came a time in our younger life when we had an agreement that after your mom gives birth to your older sister, they will be giving her to us…because after eight years of marriage, still, we haven’t been able to have a child of our own. When Shayie came, I understood his refusal to fulfill that agreement. He has been a father, a good father to your Ate Shayie, and to you and Santie Lei. If not, you wouldn’t be able to grow up as strong as you are right now… Believe me; your father loves you more than you’ll ever know. He always has you in his highest priorities.”
            After the knowledge of this agreement about Shayie, Wynnie was so shocked. If that agreement has been fulfilled, He would have been the eldest of the siblings.
            Wynnie was crying as he was telling about this story. I know that after seven years, still it hurts that much. That very memory of his father at the rear view mirror of his car still haunts him up till now. Even the sight of Senator Joker Arroyo, reminds him of his father, because he told me that he looked like him that much. Only time will tell when his wounds will heal, and I’m trying my best, all I can to at least make him happy every time we get to talk with each other. He remains the sweetest friend I ever have.
            He loves his father, I know. And for sure, unconditionally, his father, just like all fathers loves their children more than they’ll ever know. I cannot speak about the feeling of losing a father, for I still have my father.  But the thought of losing mine, hurts me more than I can bear.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ideal Father I Haven't Done Good Enough

“I cannot t think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection,” so said Sigmund Freud, the famous psychologist.  I strictly affirm to this.   Literally.  My father’s protection to our family on top of other else is the one deprived from me from the time of his demise when I was all of eighteen.  Two thirds of my life now was and is spent without a father, but the one third of it with him was enough to bring fond memories in my lifetime.
I grew up in our hometown with a sense of security because I have a father who did not only provide protection to us his family but in whose job was literally to provide protection to the entire citizenry of our small idyllic town.  It was literally so because   he served as the Chief of Police in our hometown and would have took job promotions by serving as the Station Commander to about five or more neighboring towns including our own and another stint as Chief of Police to a bigger and busier municipality next to ours.
My fondest memories of him is one with him standing tall in his police uniform,  handsome, dignified, an officer and a gentleman and people looking up to him with respect.  Being her daughter, I stood tall too for having him as my father.  He had this strict aura and demeanor in him, but when it comes to us his children he turned entirely into a sweet thing. 
He took pride in everything that we did.   I don’t remember an instance that he pushed us to achieve more that what we can offer at any given moment.  Take for instance during my high school, when my other siblings  studying in the same school always brought home academic honors while I did not.  With my obvious academic shortcomings notwithstanding, I did not heard him uttered words that would caused me to be insecure with my other siblings in this area.  What I may lacked in terms of giving him pride from garnering  academic honors, I would make up by taking center stage in oratorical and declamation contests and I could see that these would delight him immensely. 
While oftentimes I would be regarded as a pain in the neck to my mother and siblings for being outspoken, he would take the matter in stride and would allow mom to settle things by her own.
When any one of us his children would be down with illness, he would see to it that  there would be no overtime work for him and he would never compromised us on that aspect.
We lived modestly but comfortably enough.   That would mean that although we may have been sent to good schools and there was always enough good food on the table, we knew quite well there wasn’t enough for luxury and leisure.  However, dad made sure Christmas is one occasion that we would have good memories with.  There was this huge piggy bank at home which he would by the start of the calendar year put coins to everyday such that by the time Christmas came, he would break it which by that time had accumulated enough money already.  He   then used the money to treat us to a holiday in the city.  This he did not   miss from the time he started doing it when we were still small until the time ailment succumbed him.
As I am writing this and tried to reminisce the memories long gone, I could say he was certainly the father any daughter or son would have wanted to have.  Sometime during my youth I would have taken that fact for granted, until a playmate or friend would just suddenly comment  how lucky of me to have a father like him.  See, I never flaunted the kind of close relationship I had with my father and neither my siblings did, yet, it occurred to me that it just showed naturally to elicit a comment from my playmates.
My dad died of a lingering kidney failure.  On his sick bed, he talked to me in whisper if I could offer him one of my kidneys if my older brother’s will not be compatible. 
He did not live long enough to receive it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Father's Day Tales

Indeed, during Father’s Day, the usual stuff that I hear children saying is this:   “Happy Father’s Day Dad!  Thank you for all the things that you’ve done for me.  You’re the best Dad, and I love you!”    I can not relate to all these things, since I grew up without a father on my side.   Many special occasions that came into my life without seeing him. Well, I am already used to it. I thought, as long as my mom was beside me.  I am perfectly alright even without his presence.  Even when I got married, I did not see any shadow of him.   So, as what I said, I did not give a damn.  Honestly, I am not really affected on the fact that my father is without by my side.  Since, I have not even seen him ever!  Perhaps, I would be in total pain, if I have got to experience living with him then he suddenly left me and my mom.  Nonetheless, I already feel numb about it. Still, whenever I see children with their dad; I feel something that has been lacking in my life.  
Although, I received a letter from him during my wedding day; but, I did not bother to read it.  But, things changed, when my mother died;    I was longing for my dad; that was the time that I made an effort to call him up in the province where I heard him working. But, I just disappointed to know that he just transferred to another place and no one had any idea where it could be.  And, until now, I have not seen my dad yet. I just wish that he is still alive and doing fine.    Nevertheless, I just feel so blessed by the Lord that I am here in this world because of my unknown dad.  Without him, I could not be where I am right now.  So, wherever you are Dad; Happy Father’s Day to you!  I still owe you my life.  But, I am more grateful to my Mom, because she was the one who did a lot of  sacrifices and  struggles    to be able to  give me    a good education as well as to provide me with unconditional love,  care,  relentless understanding  and  proper guidance as I was growing up. 
On the positive side, there are fathers who really  deserve to be given tribute even  it is not Father’s Day, they are the one who  have been doing their best to raise their children well; as   well as providing them with a quality of life that they deserve to have in this world.  And, I absolutely salute them for doing the great job!  Subsequently, now, that I am already a mother too, I always hear my children saying the same lines to their dad during Father’s Day.   Now, I am happy for my children because they are able to experience the feeling of being loved, cared guided and protected by their own dad.  That, even   during ordinary days, their father always make our children feel that he deserves to be given tribute even it is not “Father’s Day”!  You know, as for the children; love and care from their fathers is the greatest thing that they most wanted to have in this world.  And, I just hope that a lot of fathers out there do the same thing for their children.  Saying “Happy Father’s Day” connotes a deeper meaning to the children than it sounds to be.  It must be associated with total commitment by being responsible father to the children; as well as by nurturing them with love, care and understanding.  Moreover, these are the most essential factors    in showing the children how important they are to the lives of their fathers. With this in mind, I strongly believe that the success and achievement of the children largely depend on the love and quality time that their fathers have spent with them during the times that they needed it most.
As has been noted, there are fathers who really deserve those special greetings; and I would like to take this opportunity to greet them “Happy Father’s Day.” They are the one who really commit themselves to strive harder for the well being of their children.  In the same manner, I would also like to give tribute to my father in law who  in one way or another treat me as his own daughter; and  always makes me feel that I am luckier now than ever!  At this point in time, I could say, that he enables to   do the things that my own father has supposed to do to me and to my kids.  Again, Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there!

Like Father, Like Gay Son

I actually really miss Papa. He's been dead 22 years now and frankly, I wish he were still alive to see us achieve what we have achieved now.  I would've taken him to Berlin or London or Paris - settings of the novels he so loved to read.  He was actually the one who introduced us to Jason Bourne of the Bourne series of action novels.  I'm sure he would've really enjoyed watching Matt Damon be Jason Bourne - and since the setting of those stories were mainly in Europe, it would've been fantastic to go around Europe with him and retrace the steps of all the war spies and the Nazi criminals he was so fascinated with.  But of course, that is just a pipe dream.

I admit I was always jealous of some of my best friends in high school who were really close with their Dads.  I went to an all boys school and when I go to my friends' houses, I could see how they interacted with their fathers.  I rarely had those.  When I was in high school, Papa was already in another mining place in Mindanao and if he was home, we rarely talked, and even when he was there, he would prefer to read alone on his room.  I don't even remember having a conversation with him that lasted more than 10 minutes!  As a kid, yes, he did play with us, but as we grew older, I guess problems with his work made him more elusive to us - and I understand that perfectly now. It was not easy sending five kids to school in the 80s.  Even now, parents are still complaining how hard it is, I guess it was doubly harder during the time of the Marcoses when our country was politically unstable.

Anyhow, I wasn't too nice to Papa during my teenage years.  I can't quite pinpoint if it was just teenage rebellion or just my "leave me alone" phase.  I distinctly remember an uncle of mine who was shocked to see me just snub Papa when he was asking me about school in UP.  I was a freshman then.  At that time, when I was not in the mood to talk to anyone, I would just clam up and not talk.  I was comfortable with that and I could that for days on end.  It was like retreating to my own shell.  Of course, now, I know how hurtful that behavior is to the other person, and I guess it came with my own immaturity at that time.  At that time, I always felt Papa abandoned us and just left my domineering Mama run the show.  Since he was far away at work, the home atmosphere at that time was really tough, so much so that I had to create two people within myself.  One person who was cheerful and smart in school, and someone who was quiet and reserved at home. Mama was a very domineering person and a very strict parent.  Don't worry, we complained that to her years later and she said she had no choice.  Raising five teenage kids was not easy, so she had to be really tough on us, otherwise, we would've done drugs or some stupid things.  That went on for so many years that I didn't even want to talk to Papa.  I guess that was my childish way of getting back at him. 

Anyhow, funny thing is, as the years passed and since Papa died so young (49 - I'm already 40 now), I began to be more forgiving of him.  I actually have no baggage with him since my brothers and I really took turns taking care of him when he was dying of cancer in the hospital. I was actually the first one to wake up to find him dying.  It's a memory that is still very clear in my mind up to now.  I really thought I was ready for it (that's one of the nice things about having cancer - it gives everyone in the family time to accept the inevitable) but frankly, nothing prepares you for the final death scene.  It was five in the morning, and Papa waited for Mama's birthday before finally giving up.  It was the morning of the 6th of October 1989, and the night before, we celebrated Mama's birthday in the hospital ward.  You could really see that Papa was suffering for the past three months and just waited to say happy birthday to Mama before he died.  He just held on for that.  Now, isn't that romantic?  Up to now, it brings tears to my eyes, remembering that, even though we all knew he was such a playboy.  Actually now, I just think the women loved being with Papa.  I notice that now too, with me.  Women just come up to me and flirt, even if they know I was gay.  How much more Papa, who was as straight as an arrow! 

Papa was a very handsome young man.  I am fortunate to have pictures of him when he was 16 onwards. He dressed well. He was not baduy or jologs at all. You could see his confidence and demeanor even then.  No surprise we got that from him.  I asked his friends how he was as a person and they said he was a very jolly and talkative person.  People loved being with him since he always made everyone feel that they belonged.  That, I'm sure, we also got from him.  When Paul Smith was not even famous, Papa's clothes were already that chic and outrageous.  No wonder, I too was very confident in my choice of clothes, and I thought that came from the gay part of me. Apparently not.  The Fabe men were well dressed from head to toe.  The pictures from my paternal lolo, then Papa, then me and Vic, prove it.  We all loved to dress up.  As I said, baduy or jologs were not adjectives you'd associate with us.

The truth is, now that I'm forty, the only difference I think between Papa and me, is that he played for the straight team, and I played for the other team. Otherwise, I am definitely his Junior.  I do look better than him now than he was when he was forty.  Smoking and the pollution from the mining work he was doing was not too kind on his body.  But he was definitely more handsome and more confident than me when he was in his teens and his early 20s.  All the pictures of his life then has proven that.  Mama said he just loved to dance!  Now I know why, even though I'm forty, I still love to join those hiphop classes which are really meant for people half my age.  And really, I don't care. I just love to dance.  Because Papa loved to dance.

He also loved to read!  And I love to read. He was a party animal, I love partying up to now.  I'm sure he was a natural flirt, something which I can do if I'm in the mood.  Even my brother is shocked at how I flirt with women (I don't know that I'm flirting with them by the way), but he would say afterwards, "Oh my God, you're just like Papa!!"

I just really hope he's happy where he is now.  I guess he is.  He has not made anymore paramdams to us.  Mama always said that if he does that, that we have to offer a prayer for him. But it has been ages already. 

He was the kindest, most gentle man I have ever known.  He actually looked like Idi Amin in his late forties, which was good, according to Mama, since no one in our neighborhood in Cebu would dare harass us, since he really looked mean, but his heart was very kind and quiet and gentle.  I have never heard him say "Putang ina" or any mean words against us, his children, or to Mama.  Frankly, I am always shocked when I hear men say that.  Just shows that these guys have no breeding.  Kami kasi doberman eh, so.....Or maybe, their Dads were just kanto boys.  No Mercedes or Jaguar can hide that you're a kanto boy just by the way you talk.  Papa was never that type of person. 

He was also very smart.  His contemporaries would always say that to me.  Of course, where else would we get that, although Mama would always disagree!   If you go to the UP College of Engineering lobby, there is a marker there showing all the graduates of the college.  My maternal lolo is there, 1949 Mining Engineering.  Papa is there too, 1964, I think, Civil Engineering.  In a way, I was the third freaking generation in our family to be in that college.  Looking back now, I was the bad choice to do that.  Vic would've been more at home there.  Anyhow, past is past and no use looking back now.  We all have made our life choices and live with it.

Actually, one good thing that awaits me when I die is that I can get to see him again.  Of course, we won't know when that would be and its weird that I'm comforted by that fact.  Frankly, I just have so many things to tell him when that actually happens.  I want to say thank you to him for always respecting me and loving me as his son, no matter what.  I know maybe his friends ribbed him about me being effeminate or binabae at that time, but he never, never scolded me or chastised me or humiliated me for it.  Now, I meet a lot young gay men who had to run away from fathers and families who think they're worthless or unloveable or a shame to their families.  It must be very difficult to be in that situation where the man who is supposed to support you and nurture you as a person, hates you very much.  The consequences to that is just unthinkable!

Papa died when I was 18.  Not a very good time to lose a father.  Frankly, I had too many questions to ask him, and at that time, I just wanted him to be there.  He died when I was going through one of my worst semesters in UP.  He died during finals week.  There was no time to be very sad since Physics teachers and Chemistry teachers and Calculus teachers don't care if your Dad dies on finals week. If you fail the finals, chances are, you will fail the course, so again, I had to be two persons that week, the nothing terrible has happened person, and the grieving person on the other.  I had to deal with it, one problem at a time. 

In November of that year, Linda Ronstadt released an album, entitled, "Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind" and the first song in that album was "Still Within the Sound of Your Voice".  That song and Linda's album helped me deal with Papa's death.  If you listen to her songs there, it's really shocking that several of them talked about death.  (Maybe not death, it's just that when the song says goodbye or something like that, to someone who just had someone die on him, that automatically means death.) That song, arranged with an orchestra, was my prayer to him everytime I wanted to talk to him.  These are some lyrics of the song -

If you're still within the sound of my voice
Why don't you let me know
I just can't let you go
If it's wrong then I have no choice
But to love you until
I no longer have the will
Are you still within the sound of my voice

Of course now, I realize that it's a lover's song but as a kid of 18 then who didn't even experience what romantic love is, the song took on another meaning - and with the sound of trumpets and the orchestra, it really meant like I wanted to reach out to him, from the dimension of the living to where he was. 

Well, we all deal with death our own way, and Linda Ronstadt's music really helped me grieve. 

We never celebrated Father's Day before.  I have no memories of it since it was not a popular holiday then.  But we were all by his side when he died.  We were able to say our goodbyes properly, even if it came too early for all of us.  We will meet again soon, Papa.

Mi Diario en Español: El 19 Junio 2011

Me desperté a las doce hoy y Mama y yo eramos tarde para la misa.  Sin embargo, llegué a tiempo para el Evangelio.  Después, almorcé en casa, leimos los periodicos y jugaron con Laura y Dylan.

Era un dia lluvioso y lo me gustó porque eramos mas fresco.  Fuimos a Trinoma donde Laura y Dylan jugaron en el patio de recreo.  Quisimos ver una pelicula pero no la nos gustó.  Decidimos a dar un vuelta.  Vic compró los pantalones en Debenhams, un altavoz en Abenson's y revistas y los útiles en National Bookstore.  Comimos en David's Tea House.

Estoy entusmiasmado con Wimbledon mañana! 

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Quirky News Summary - June 17, 2011

Students Perform Autopsy On Teacher

Watching a procedure as eerie as autopsy is something no ordinary person would have wanted.  But one has no choice if it has something to do with pursuing a certain medical course that requires one to not just watch it performed by others, but to perform it personally.  Such was the case of students from one of the top medical school in Sweden.  What made the undertaking more eerie is the fact that they do it for the first time to someone closely familiar, their own deceased teacher. 
As told by students to news agency TT, the experience was filled with mixed emotions and shock.  According to one student involved it was as though something in the routine went a bit wrong.
The Chief physician of the institution, Birgitta Sundelin felt sorry that such an unfortunate incident could have happened despite her claims that students were informed beforehand as to whose body they were to examine as normally is the case.  But one student claimed otherwise and said the class only find out  the identity of their specimen cadaver  through the body’s toe bag which contained their teacher’s name.
The head of the department, Tina Dalianis, said she regretted such a  terrible incident occurred, but nonetheless saw it as a learning lesson for all the people involved .  It was part of the education in itself and that no matter how awful it was, it has to be dealt with accordingly.
AFP,ABC News, December 18, 2010

Enforcement Officers Seize 'Viagra Coffee'

KUALA LUMPUR: Viagra, a popular name for Sildenafil in whose direct benefit is to aid men with erectile dysfunction in their sexual activities are secretely making rounds in the market through a coffee mixture.  The use of Viagra is only allowed to men after a medical examination along with a doctor’s recommendation.  It being a dangerous drug and a controlled substance poses a risk to those with heart ailments and with elevated high blood pressure.
A direct-selling company however, marketed a coffee mixture with a secret ingredient which guaranteed to perk-up drinkers.  That secret ingredient turned  out to be Sildenafil, otherwise known as Viagra.
This prompted the Enforcement officers from the Health Ministry to raid the direct-selling company in question in Gombak.  It was learned that the said mixtures has been distributed in sachets nationwide and sold in retail at a price between RM5 to RM10.  Such that one can almost be certain that when a coffee mixture  is priced at more than the normal price it could probably one that contains the Sildenafil.  Coffee mixture sans the chemical sildenafil is sold only at RM1 to RM2 per sachet. 
It was learned further that the said product is distributed in small quantities to evade detection from authorities and uses individuals to circulate the same in the market.
Officers seized 900 boxes that contained more than 9,000 sachets of the coffee mixture which retailed for more than RM80 per box.

Investigations revealed that the distributor attempted to mislead the public with its claim that the coffee mixture could provide an energy boost  aside from it being beneficial to men, the spokesman from the Health Ministry said.

Consumption of sildenafil without a doctor's prescription run the risk of suffering from its adverse effects such as headaches, stomach aches, hearing loss, vision impairment and muscle pain.   
Source: The New Straits Times, July 6, 2009

Gaga Threatens Breast Milk Ice-Cream Makers

Lady Gaga is one personality whose offbeat style of dressing on and off  screen makes her the kind of celebrity that she is now.
Now, a specialist ice-cream parlor in London is facing a threat for a legal battle from the famous celebrity for naming its latest breast milk creation “Baby Gaga”.
Icecreamists’ founder in London, Matt O’Connor, says he has received a letter of notice from Lady Gaga’s attorneys of the intent to sue him over the “Baby Gaga” name.  The threat goes as far as making the ice cream company go bankrupt as well as seizing the personal assets and properties of its owner.
Mat O’Connor admitted the oddity of Lady Gaga in whose peculiar outfits have promoted her quirky image and pleased her fans around the globe, had indeed inspired. him in the choice of name for the ice cream made from breast milk mixed with lemon zest and vanilla pods. He claimed however that it has nothing to do with Lady Gaga per se but has something to do with the first noise a baby makes. A response to the said letter is in the making while Lady Gaga’s solicitors,Mishcon de Reya are mum about it and would not give a comment..

London’s Westminster Council confiscated supplies for “Baby Gaga” ice cream last week due to health reasons but cleared it immediately  the week after.  In line with it, O’Connor had told Reuters he thought of considering legal action for the damage that the confiscation  issue had brought to his reputation.  In particular, he pointed out the council’s assertion that the breast milk ice-cream is unsafe as a below the belt allegation, when in fact according to him it is the safest food in the wold.

- Reuters

Thief Flush With Cash After Plane Heist

The ingenuity of a certain thief almost makes him $236,000 richer by swiping the amount from the cash-laden cargo hold of a Caribbean flight and sneaked out through the toilet, police report said.
 A Brink's security employee placed three sacks of cash that contains a total 1.2 million euros ($1.65 million) at  Air Antilles plane hold prior to its flight going to  the Franco-Dutch island of Saint Martin from French island Guadeloupe.
The security guard took his seat on the plane but as the flight reached its destination 40 minutes later, it was found out that 172,000 euros ($236,000) was missing from the sacks.
Police sought a man who complained of being ill and who appeared spending most of the journey in the toilet. In fact, he was removing panels to gain access to the hold in the rear of the plane.
Witnesses said that shortly prior to landing, the unidentified man - who was travelling with a woman companion who seemed concerned about his health - asked a flight attendant for an ambulance to meet him on the tarmac. But when his request was granted and the ambulance arrived, the man said he suddenly felt better  and walked out in haste from the airport until he disappeared without going through the normal security checks.
Securities questioned the woman travelling with him at the baggage arrival area but did not find any of the missing money with her.
It was the cleaners who raised the alarm as they found bundles of notes in the toilet.
- AFP, ABC News, March 4, 2011

Topless Sledders Pull Fans

Some 17 000 spectators watched a sledding competition in Germany not merely due to the contest itself but because the contestants were all topless.

Dozens of topless competitors of both genders took part in  the sledding world championship which   took place in Braunlage, with each sledding competitor wearing only a pair of briefs and a helmet.

Tobias Wannemaker, organizer of  the race said that this years competition attracted more people than ever before which despite cold conditions turned things hot because of the presence of competing naked sledders.  There were more than 400 people who applied in the third annual competition but a selection narrowed down the number to 30 from people of varied sizes, shapes and ages.  It was hoped that the selection next year will involve more people participants.
One judge said it was a very close fight which helped them anyway in studying the photo finishes.  Three hotel employees brought home the title.
Article By: Staff Reporter,, February 23, 2011

Owl Kicked Like  A Football

An international club football match in Panama had a Panamian football player accidentally kicked an owl to death as he apologized to the nation of Colombia for the incident .
While in the middle of the play against the Altetico Junior, Moreno, a  Deportivo Pereria defender accidentally strucked the owl, a mascot that happened to belong to  the opposing team, with the ball during the play.  It was unusual for the owl-mascot to be on the field  during play. 
The incident got the ire of the Altetico fans such that chant of “murderer” rang across the entire stadium as Moreno booted the owl off the field while lying stunned on the ground.
Vet attempted to save bird but…
The Telegraph reports that the owl went into shock and was pronounced dead at 2:57 am on Tuesday morning despite attempt by a local vet to save the bird.
The unfortunate incident has made  Moreno a despised figure in Colombia.  This despite his public apology and regret.  He said that his family is extremely worried about what happened as this caused the whole country to be against him.
Ramon Jesurum, president of Dimayor said that the player concerned and in this case its Moreno should received a severe punishment for lack of tolerance that resulted to the painful and horrible incident.  Though he added further that the case would be brought to their disciplinary committee.
Possible sanctions against the erring Moreno is due for investigation by  the agency that oversees issues regarding the environment according to its director, Humberto  Mendoza.
Source: Staff reporter,, March 03, 2011

Man inflated 'like balloon'

A truck driver from New Zealand was considered surprisingly lucky to be alive after being inflated "like a balloon" when he fell onto a compressed air nozzle with his buttocks first.
While  working on his truck at Opotiki on the North Island, Steven McCormack  accidentally  slipped between the cab and the trailer, that caused the compressed air hose that feeds the brakes to dislodge, the Whakatane Beacon reported.
It said that as the brass fitting by which the hose had been attached to pierced McCormack's left buttock during the fall, sending compressed air rushing into his body.
The 48-year-old driver said he felt as if he was going to explode and began to scream as his neck,  upper and lower extremities were blowing up like a balloon.
Co workers rushed to McCormack's aid, turned the compressed air off and immediately packed his swollen neck with ice.
Ambulance officers removed the brass nozzle from his buttock and rushed him to Whakatane Hospital, where a surgery was done  to drain the fluid he got from the ordeal from one of his lungs.
The freak accident which led McCormack to face and experience a life threatening situation was indeed a big surprise to have left him with another chance of life.  He said the doctors later told him that the air separated fat from muscle and they were surprised his skin did not burst.
McCormack likened his skin to that of a pork roast which he describes as hard and crackly on the outside but soft on the inside.
A hospital spokesperson confirmed details of the freak accident which sh25e said could have killed McCormack but did not and now recuperating in Whatakane Hospital under their care.  To put it simply, yes, it was luck that that made it all possible.
Source:, May 26, 2011

Area Man's Quirky Hobby Kills 27

NIPPERSINK, MI—In the past, this tiny fishing community has had its share in the news that made the place known but they were not in the magnitude that would make the place a standout of its own. 
However, a local odd character in the person of Matthew Malbert, an otherwise unassuming pharmacist and school board member has surprised the residents and law-enforcement officials recently as recent news about his peculiar passion of murdering and dismembering at least 27 known victims started circulating.
A recently uncovered human body parts found inside Malbert’s basement hobby-room surprised his unbelieving neighbors to the hilt which include his longtime bowling partner Greg Henniken who  wouldn’t have suspected that his unassuming buddy is capable of doing an outlandish act of this stature.
The sensational Marbert’s identity and his unusual and bizaare pastime appeared first in a surprise “breaking news” segment of the local news, followed by  a front page of the evening gazette and now on countless network-news features as the growing interest in the notorious character of Malbert put Nippersink in the map.
A newly discovered private journal with diagrams of the female reproductive system along with Polaroid photo collages of sawed-open human abdomens and his own small methodically handwriting, Malbert describes himself as a simple "collector’. Such bizaare scenes has already earned a front  page of Newsweek, Time, and more newspapers. In fact, this longtime Michigan resident, whose secret was until two weeks ago becomes like an open book is soon to be the subject of major profile on the popular TV program 48 Hours.
 On the advice of his court-appointed lawyer, Malbert remained mum about the whole negative issue surrounding his odd “pastime”, though a short and typical statement on his behalf was released through his attorney.  Words to the effect that the particular hobby was nothing more than a way to while away his time and doing it for himself are just some of the contents of the released statement.
Malbert's newfound fame came as a complete shock to his parents residing in their homewotn in Des Moines, IA whom reporters describe as unassuming folks. His mother describes his now famed son as someone who liked to play around with animals around the farm when he was younger and sometimes would mutilate them.  Yet, it never occurred to her that his son would go this far further claiming that he was indeed a quiet and normal boy.  She noted that perhaps a  head injury his boy suffered when he was 12 might help explain his otherwise offbeat secret personality.
FBI agent Randolf McGrant, who was flown in from Detroit to file a report on Nippersink's new local celebrity was quoted saying that this is the first time he have come across anything like this in his 25 years of forensic analysis. He feared that it will take years before one would finally conclude the full scope and magnitude of Malbert’s notorious act. Describing Malbert's work as a combination of taxidermy, sculpture, canning, cross-stitch, and "a bizarre form of poetry," McGrant says it's not likely that the media spotlight on Nippersink's most eccentric character will let up very soon.
It seems this quiet hamlet that Nippersink is has just earned a place in the history books. And it’s all because of that mild-mannered gentleman everyone simply knew as "that crazy ritual-murder guy." Well, thanks, but no, thanks.
The Onion, January 08, 2007


Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011
LAS VEGAS -   For years, many debated whether Kin Kardashian underwent butt inplants or not but no clear proof could prove that shed did or otherwise.  Not until a tragedy involving the said celebrity while on a private flight from New Jersey to Las Vegas.  Poor Kardashian, her left butt cheek exploded that night.
It takes quite a scary yet funny incident to prove that indeed Kim did undergo butt augmentation.  The rupturing of Kim’s butt implant occurred while his pilot took the Gulfstream 5 above 38,000 feet to avoid turbulence.  Implants have been known to rupture when they fly above this altitude and rupture it did to Kardashian’s sexy bloated artificial behind.  The unfortunate proof happened while Kim was seated next to Miles Austin, the 25-year-old Dallas wide receiver who happens to be the new man in her life as she reached for her third deep-fried Oreo cookie. The implant burst and her cheek immediately began to sag.  Pilots cleared the runway for an emergency landing at North Las Vegas Airport.  Kim was taken to Sunrise Hospital on Maryland Parkway. Her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney and mother, Kris, all rushed to the hospital to be with her.  Luckily the three were all nearby at their new boutique at the Mirage, Kardashian Khaos.
A total chaos almost happened at the hospital when Kim’s mother Kris demanded for a female plastic surgeon whose first name begins with letter K and the hospital  staff couldn’t provide one immediately.  But soon Dr. Karen Engeman showed up and replaced Kim’s left cheek implant. The doctor said they have encountered few similar cases in the past and added that it is not always safe to fly with a silicone-filled butt. Kim’s boyfriend,Austin, was the first one to slap Kim’s new left cheek saying it  felt good.
While Kim is resting at her Las Vegas home  and is expected to make a full recovery soon,  Austin, on the other hand, feels that the tragic accident was not due to Implant Altitude Syndrome (IAS), but rather attributes it to something more than that. He pointed out Reggie Bush as behind the whole incident..  He alleges that Reggie Bush wants to get back at Kim for dumping him and added that it is not going to work, and proceed to say that all of Kim is his now that would include both cheeks of her but. 
 When asked by WWN  how he thinks Bush planted the butt IED, Austin said that Reggie’s always been a sneaking guy and proceed to tell a story about Reggie being able to snuck into the hotel he was staying with Kim at New Jersey and knocked them both with something whereby the guy injected some explosive serum into her girlfriend’s left butt cheek.  Afterwhich, he said Reggie paid off the pilots and had them fly to high altitude.  He called the man sick jealous.
When Bush was asked about Austin’s accusations , the former blew his top and warned the latter  to shut up or he would blow his ass next.
Doctors on the other hand advise all women with butt implants to speak with their plastic surgeon before boarding another plane
On the other hand, despite explosive new information, there are still some who refuse to believe Kim has or had butt implants.  If the latest incident is not, nobody knows what is.
Weekly World News

Daughter To Undergo Transplant Of Mom's Womb

Swedish Woman Born Without Uterus, Wants Baby

POSTED: 9:48 am EDT June 14, 2011
A Swedish woman born without a uterus will undergo a transplant to receive her mother's womb in hopes of conceiving a baby. Such is the case of Sara Ottoson, 25,of Stockholm, Sweden who when the procedure is over could be the first woman to give birth to a baby using the same womb in which she was conceived and and carried to term, according to BBC news.
Ottoson is suffering from a rare illness called Mayer Rokitanksy Kuster Hauser syndrome, a genetic disorder characterized by an undeveloped or absent vagina, and an absent uterus. The syndrome affects one out of nearly 5,000 births, according to the Magic Foundation. Eva Ottoson, Sara's 56-year-old mother,is a willing giver as she believes that it is the only  way her daughter could have a child by herself ato  told BBC News.
Eva Ottoson agreed to donate her uterus in hopes that her daughter could one day give birth.
Women who live with the syndrome generally adopt or undergo surrogacy to start a family. In the case of Eva,  she’s still going to adopt nonetheless should the transplant doesn’t work.
The transplant of human uterus has been attempted to someone in the past but so far none have resulted into a successful pregnancies.
While this is not the first attempt at a human uterus transplant, none have resulted in successful pregnancies.
"It'll be a challenge," said Dr. Charles Coddington, chairman of reproductive medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., who is not involved in the Ottosons' case. "It seems like even the animal techniques have not been totally worked out."
The mother and daughter Ottosons are expected to undergo the transplant in spring of 2012.,june 4, 2011
Woman brutally rapes male dog and fractures his penis
A man prepares to file a lawsuit against his female friend, whom he asked to look after his dog for the time of his absence from the city. On the contrary, the woman brutally raped the dog and fractured his penis.
The incident took place in Moscow. Even experienced vets were shocked with the story of a 34-year-old Muscovite named only as Sergei G. The owner of the poor dog has already obtained all necessary certificates from the veterinary clinic and currently prepares to file a police report to call his zoophilistic friend to account, tabloid reports.
Never in his wildest dreams could the man imagine that he would become a part of such a crazy story. The story actually happened to the man’s best friend, his dof Staf. Medics told the man that the dog penis was fractured and his scrotum was severely bruised.
Sergei was going on a business trip, and had no one to ask to take care of his dog for the entire duration o of his absence. At his last gasp, the man gave his apartment keys to a good friend of his, a woman. A woman who happens to be a good friend
When the man returned, he found his dog in a terrible state. The man’s pervert friend maimed the dogs genitals.
 The man knew the woman-friend could do such a thing! I came back home, opened the door and found my dog lying on the mat yelling, the man said.  penis was literally nibbled.
Vet doctors were shocked to see the dog when Sergei brought his pet to a local vet clinic. It appeared to them that the dog had not been injured in a fight with another dog.
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