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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mi Diario en Español: El 31 de Agosto de 2011

Me desperté a las diez esta mañana y encendí la television solo veo el partido de Serena Williams y Bojana Jovanovski.  Estaba perfectamente coordinado.  Serena jugó muy bien y solo dio Jovanovski dos juegos.  Pienso que ella ganará el titulo.
Contesté mis emails y bajé unas canciónes de Youtube.  Preparaba la musica para nuestro pase de modelos en sabado.
Fui al gimnasio temprano y usé una nueva ruta que Kaye me enseñé.  No había mucho tráfico en la ruta pero llegué aún más que uno hora más tarde!  Quise mi entrenamiento hoy.  Corrí intervalos  donde corri en la normal velocidad por dos minutos y entonces, aceleré mi velocidad por más que treinta por ciento por un minuto.  Corrí para treinta y cinco minutos.  Usé el internet también y leí un pocito frances.  Había unos hombres en el sauna pero ellos son bajos y no estoy seguro si ellos buscaban para diversión.
Llegué tarde para mi clase frances esta noche porque subestimé el tiempo del tráfico.  El proximo vez, tengo que dejar el gimnasio por a las cinco y media para que no seré tarde por la clase.
Disfruté la clase esta noche aunque pasé apuros con mi frances.  Tengo que practicar y estudiar cada dia si no continuaré luchar lo hablando.  Vimos dos peliculas cortas que se llamaban Les Crayons (Los Lapices) y Gratte-papier (Escribe mucho).   Las quise porque sus historias estaban únicas.  Cómo los directores presentaron las historias estaba muy interesante.
Cuando volví a casa, llovía duro y el tráfico en mi atajo favorito estaba malo!  Pensé que SM Centerpoint estaba inundado pero no estaba.  Los coches justo se mudaban muy lento.  Comí en KFC Makati pero mi pollo estaba poco hecho! Podría ver la sangre! Ya nunca comeré allí!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zombadings: Zo Funny and Zo Unique

My friend told me that when this movie was shown at the Cinemalaya Festival a month ago, some quarters accused it of being anti-gay or making fun of gay people.  Well, I don't want to debate about that since this is actually just a form of entertainment - and in that aspect, Zombadings succeeds very well! 

The best discovery in this movie is Martin Escudero!  He can really act and he maintains just enough delicacy and sensitivity to his movements especially when he has to be gay and be straight - all at the same time.  His ability to segue is just admirable.  His performance is one of the best gay portrayals I've seen in a long time!

There are subtitles to this since swardspeak is rampant in the dialogue here. It's great also to see veteran actors like Roderick Paulate, Janice de Belen, John Regala and Daniel Fernando in the mix!
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Mi Diario en Español: mi fin de semana - 27 a 30 agosto 2011

Tuvimos un largo fin de semana la semana pasada debido a las dos fiestas - el dia para los héroes e el ultimo dia de Ramadan.  Mama y yo vimos el musical Sweet Charity, un musical americano cuál se estrenó primero en 1967.  El tuvo unas canciones populares como "Big Spender" y "If My Friends Could See Me Now".  Les encantó la coreografía por legendario Bob Fosse.  Beyonce usó la coreografía para "Rich Man's Frug" en su canción 'Get Me Bodied'.  Estaba muy contento también porque podía tener las fotos con las actrices y unos celebridades.  Mama también sacó una foto con Celia Diaz Laurel.

En domingo pasado, fuimos a la misa y después, fuimos a Trinoma donde vimos la pelicula One Day.  La historia estaba triste y aunque soy un fan de Lone Scherfig, la encontré aburrida y no agradable.

En lunes pasado, vi las peliculas Conan the Barbarian y Zombadings.  Me gustan ellas! Quiero las escenas acción en Conan y el diálogo de Zombadings.  Su script era muy único!

El US Open comenzó también en lunes pasado.  Quiero la cobertura de Balls porque mostran muchos partidos.  Disfruté el partido de Maria Sharapova donde ella casi perdió a Heather Watson de Inglaterra.

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My Favorite Restaurants: Lovin' Piadina Again

I rediscovered Piadina a month ago, when my friend Rica and I chanced upon one of their branches in Galleria.  We ordered different types of food and we loved all of them!  And the price was affordable!  I became enamored with the restaurant again, after discovering how good its food was way back in the 90s.  My favorite there is their spaghetti meatballs and their pizza quattro formaggio!

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Movie Review: Conan the Barbarian - Brutal and Savage

The new version of Conan the Barbarian meets all my expectations of it - it's brutal, savage and there are so many fight scenes to last several other action movies.  I agree with their choice to have Jason Momoa play the title role, made famous by now California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Both Rachel Nichols and Rose McGowan were also perfect as the pure monk and the evil sorceress respectively.  Even the veteran Ron Perlman, as Conan's father, was very good in the first part of the movie. 

I love the action scenes and the varied looks and forms of his adversaries!  Those alone are entertaining enough!  I did find some 'weird' inconsistencies - like, when the evil king finally became powerful, he didn't seem to be powerful at all!!  Also, why didn't the sorceress use her powers in the final scene?  Otherwise, this is a perfect popcorn movie!
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Health Talk: A Week With Ankle Gout

After consuming cashew nuts and peanuts over the course of four days last week, I suddenly had an attack of ankle gout last Thursday, and it has been with me for one week already. It's the first time I've had this attack and it irritates me a bit!  I normally do not eat that much peanuts, and I only decided to have it since I wanted to lessen my sweets intake.  Look what it got me!

Well, it has lessened my physical activity a bit for the past few days and walking can really be a drag.  I've been taking Purinase and lots of pain relievers the past few days and today, the pain has subsided a bit.    I really have to watch my diet now, and I have banned any nuts from my diet. I know now exactly what it does if I eat even just a plate of it!  Disaster for my feet!
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Revisiting Italianni's

My friends from the gym decided to hold the birthday party of two of our friends in Italianni's Morato.  This is the first time I've been back to this restaurant in almost 5 years!  Since there are so many choices in Morato, this restaurant has not really been the top choice anymore.  Well, the place is now more quiet than before but what we liked about it was we were able to be as noisy as we can and have the place almost to ourselves - what with the picture taking and posings here and there we love to do!  Their salad above is still as tasty as ever but I missed the tuna.  I actually don't remember tasting any tuna.  Also, we tried the cheesecake but it turned out to be a mousse.  I think we should've tried the other cheesecake. 
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie Review: The Quietly Poignant One Day

I liked 'An Education' - I even bought the DVD since the movie never got a wide release here in the Philippines. Well, you could see some semblance of how that movie was directed here in One Day - especially in the second half of the movie where everything begins to unravel very quickly.  In 'An Education', you can feel the tension that arises as soon as the lead character discovers a new and different world.  I haven't actually read the novel yet but I feel there are some things that have could have been spelled out well in the novel  but just couldn't be threshed out well on screen.  After the wonderful first few scenes, the movie kind a dragged a bit in the middle, before getting its footing again as it escalates quickly towards the tragic ending.

Performance-wise, both Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess do particularly well!  Even Patricia Clarkson, who is severely underutilized here - and whose story as the mother of Jim, is largely ignored in the movie.  There are some cute scenes, there are some that don't really work - and you could sense it from how the audience reacts to the couple.  Interestingly, I was wondering to myself, what if an actual British actress did this part - perhaps Keira Knightley - how would the chemistry have changed?  Anyhow, that's water under the bridge now.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Fantastic Night With the Cast of Sweet Charity

I'm sure all of you know Beyonce's video for "Get Me Bodied". Remember the fantastic choreography of that song? I do. I remember the first time I saw it, I was just really blown away by its "originality". Turned out the whole choreography in that video was inspired (frame by frame) by a dance sequence in the musical I watched tonight, Sweet Charity - thanks to the legendary choreographer Bob Fosse (who also choreographed Chicago). How did our local cast fare? Well, they did every single move right! From the swaying of the hips to the "Egyptian style" of walking - they nailed it! They wore white though, while in the original, they were all in black. And yes, they smoked!!

Soon as the dancers came out to do the Rich Man's Frug, the oohhs and ahhhs just came and the audience clapped lustily after that lengthy number. They did clap in almost all the songs as this great cast headed by Nikki Gil just really shows we are at par with what Broadway or the West End can offer. It just really amazes me how talented Filipinos are as musical artists! And yes, they did have a live orchestra tonight, which really made the proceedings much much more enjoyable. The sound of a live trumpet is just so different if they just taped the music.

All the classices were well done, "Big Spender", "If They Could See Me Now" and "The Rhythm of Life". Interestingly, I now understand the context of the song The Rhythm of Life. This musical was set in the 60s and hippie religion was the rage. Though the message of the song is really positive, with the rampant drug use that went with hippie religion, the song gets a more full-bodied meaning!

Well, the only celebrities I failed to get a picture of tonight was with Vice Ganda and Jon Avila. Since the normally snooty theatre crowd rarely warms up to them, nahiya na rin me to ask for pictures. Anyhow, the cast was warm enough to pose for pics - and that's what I really like about theater - you really get to say congratulations and thank you to the performers after the show. Instant gratification for them! And instant facebook posting for me! Billy Crawford was of course there to support Nikki Gil. Ciarra Sotto can actually sing and perform! Also, Kris Lawrence who played Nikki's love interest was so different onstage, I only learned now that it was him who did the part! Sayang! Iya who was there to support fellow VJ Nikki, was nice enough to pose for pics too. Sheree Bautista, who played support among the dancers, was also great too! I am not very familiar with the group that staged this show and I heard they did Rent and Legally Blonde last year. Incidentally, one of their support staff is my gym mate in hip hop class, so at least now, she can tell me if they're staging another show.

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