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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dinner at Cerchio

Another birthday celebration, another new restaurant!  This time, to celebrate our friend Joan and Honey's birthdays, we decided to treat them at Cerchio.  I have heard of this restaurant before and it does look nice inside.  We were lucky we got a nice table in the end, with a seating for 8 people.  It was perfect since it was near a huge mirror and since we were at the end of the room, we could do all the picture taking we wanted without interfering with the other guests.

I think parking is hard outside so I had to ask Larry, my driver to drop me off.  Parking in Morato is getting harder and harder nowadays.

Well, for the food, we ordered pomelo salad - which was delicious - and a platter meal good for 5-6 persons.  We decided on the combination food - and it was perfect since it both had meat and fish in it! And it was delicious!

I will definitely go back here for a more intimate date hehe!  Maybe even Sunday family dinner with Vic, Mama and the kids.
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