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Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Time at LCCT (Low-Cost Carrier Terminal, Kuala Lumpur)

There are money changers inside the airport near the baggage claim area.  Just change a little bit of money though because they give fairly low rates.  For example, 1000 Philippine pesos in the airport is just 64 ringgit, but in the city, in a money changer near my hotel, Hotel Wira, in Jalan Putra, the same amount is  75 ringgit!

Don't even bother to change at KLCC since it's also low there, but a bit higher than the airport.  They gave me 69 ringgit for the same amount.

One funny incident during this flight happened during the baggage claim.  There was no advise to us, passengers from Clark, as to where we could get our luggage.  I checked all the baggage counters and none said Clark.  I waited for another ten minutes and also observed my co-passengers - who were also nonplussed.  Finally, a girl approached one of the airline staff and asked about our luggage and the guy pointed us to where they were - already downloaded from the plane but no marks saying that these luggages came from Clark.  

In this conversion table, check out the lower amount since that is the one you will get.

 There are many restaurants outside so don't worry about getting hungry.

 It is only airconditioned inside the airport.  Outside it's not, so wear comfortable clothing.

There are many ATMs outside just in case you want to withdraw.  I haven't tried it though, darn!

This airport goes to a lot of places and this photo includes the airlines flying here.

There are shuttle buses to KLIA as well as to the city center.  The airport is pretty organized.
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