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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Battleship: Plays Like A Video Game

The special effects of Battleship look great especially that they had to appear in water.  As a whole though, I'm not surprised that I saw a lot of young boys in the audience since this is a movie that should make them troop to the theater - and yeah, bring along their Moms or Dads with them.  As for me, I just went for the ride, especially that Alexander Skarsgård and Taylor Kitsch are here.  They do have some shirtless scenes so at least, watching the movie was bearable.  It was also a lot of fun watching songstress Rihanna kick some alien ass here.  She's almost unrecognizable here since she has to have that plain military look - so no make-up, no crazy hairstyle - and it's refreshing to see.   

There's a lot of action in the movie and destruction too!  Yeah, you get to see a lot of aliens causing havoc but in the end, well, guess who wins.

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